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[5 Tips] How to Shrink Video for WhatsApp Easily?


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Thanks to the advanced world, sharing videos on WhatsApp is now a possibility. However, due to the platform's limit of 16MB, sending bigger video files can pose a challenge. The skill of video compression becomes useful in this case, as it permits the reduction of video size for WhatsApp while maintaining its original quality.

And here you are! Today we’ll introduce 5 uncomplicated tips, through which you can effortlessly shrink video for WhatsApp and ensure they are more manageable for sharing videos with those who matter to you via WhatsApp applications.

how to compress videos for whatsapp

In this article:

Part 1: Why Shrink Videos for WhatsApp?

There are a multitude of reasons that can explain why you should and why it’s good for you to shrink videos for WhatsApp. The first point is that WhatsApp has a maximum video size limit of 16MB, which may pose a difficulty when attempting to send larger files unless they undergo compression. Additionally, videos with bigger sizes can consume more storage space on your device, causing potential storage problems that may require you to decrease the video file size.

Moreover, individuals with slow internet connections may face difficulties due to prolonged upload and transmission times of bigger video files. With three major reasons listed here, it is essential to reduce the size of videos in order to achieve seamless communication on WhatsApp.

Part 2: How to Shrink Videos for WhatsApp? -Windows

If you’re a Windows user, this part is ready for you. The puzzle of how to shrink video for WhatsApp will disappear because this problem can be solved with the right tool here – iMyFone AnySmall. Why it’s recommended? Is it more suitable than any other desktop tools?

The answer is: its pre-built feature of making you able to directly reduce the video size for WhatsApp wins it the reputation. Moreover, you can customize the video size further, which is also a great choice if the compressed result can’t meet your precise need. In simple clicks, sharing videos on WhatsApp freely is not a fantasy.

iMyFone AnySmall

Key Features:

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Steps to use iMyFone AnySmall:

Step 1: Click to download and install iMyFone AnySmall, launch it then click to add videos you want to shrink for WhatsApp.

anysmall launch software to upload videos

Step 2: The ‘For WhatsApp’ section will show up on the interface. And it’s the most direct way for you to shrink videos for WhatsApp. Or, you can choose the compression degree or customize size, all of these methods can help you out.

choose to compress videos for whatsapp

Step 3: Click the Start button and the program will begin to process your videos.

compressing videos for whatsapp

Step 4: Videos are compressed and saved to your destination folder. You can go get them and share on WhatsApp.

compress videos for whatsapp successfully

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Part 3: How to Shrink Videos for WhatsApp? - Mac

If you're a Mac user and are seeking to shrink video for WhatsApp, HandBrake is worth considering. It's a robust open-source video transcoder suitable for Mac users and more. With this tool, you can easily compress and convert your videos to different formats, allowing you to share them on WhatsApp without encountering any problems caused by their size.

What’s more, it allows you to make precise modifications to your videos by customizing factors such as the resolution, bit rate and frame rate to attain your preferred outcome. Therefore, it is advisable to give HandBrake a try to facilitate the video compression.

Steps to use Handbrake:

Step 1:  Download and install Handbrake from the official website to your Mac.

Step 2: Launch Handbrake and choose to either upload the whole folder with multiple video files or simply open one video file only.

handbrake import video file

Step 3: Once the video is imported, you can choose the output format you like. Moreover, you can adjust aspects like framerate, constant quality, average bitrate, etc.

handbrake adjust video settings

Step 4: Click the Save As section if you have the preferred place where you want to keep the compressed videos.

Step 5: Finally, click the Start Encode button from the upper part to begin the compression process.

handbrake start encode

Part 4: How to Shrink a Video for WhatsApp? - Online

Looking for a hassle-free way to shrink videos for WhatsApp without downloading any software? Then you should notice Clideo Video Compressor. This nifty tool lets you easily shrink your video files to a desired size without losing any quality and leaving all the technical troubles behind. And the major reason why it’s liked by many users is that it only takes you one simple step to shrink a video. And let’s see how it works and whether is it truly simple to use.

Steps to use Clideo:

Step 1: Go to the website and upload one video.

clideo upload video

Step 2: Remove the watermark on the compressed video or download it directly to where you like.

clideo compress video

Step 3: For further needs, choose to continue editing.

clideo download compressed video

Part 5: How to Shrink a Video for WhatsApp? - Android

For users looking for a straightforward way to shrink video for WhatsApp on Android gadgets, the Compress Video Size Compressor app is your option recommended on the market. With this app, compressing videos via a mobile device but not a PC is not difficult, decreasing the video size and making them simple to share is at your fingertip. In spite of the fact that there exist a few advertisements, the total process is still simple to operate.

Steps to use Compress Video Size Compressor:

Step 1: Download the app to your Android device, launch it and choose Import.

compress video size compressor import video

Step 2: Select the video and adjust the settings accordingly since there are many choices.

compress video size compressor adjust video settings

Step 3: Click to compress and start the process after naming the video.

compress video size compressor name video

Step 4: The video is saved automatically; you can take other actions if needed.

compress video size compressor compress successfully

Part 6: How to Shrink a Video for WhatsApp? - iPhone

Gone are the days of battling with huge video records that won't transfer or share. With the Easy Video Compressor app, you'll easily shrink a video for WhatsApp without many taps and make it simple to share your favorite minutes on WhatsApp.

This app's natural interface makes it simple to explore and utilize, indeed in case you're not tech-savvy. Whether you are a traveler, social media influencer, or basically somebody who needs to share their recollections with cherished ones, this app is the idealize arrangement for hassle-free video compression on your portable gadget.

Steps to use Easy Video Compressor:

Step 1: Download the app to your iPhone and launch it.

Step 2: From the middle of the interface, click the Files/iCloud button to choose the video.

easy video compressor upload video

Step 3: You’ll be led to the main interface. Adjust the dimension, bitrate or output format if you like, then click to compress.

easy video compressor adjust video settings

Step 4: Click to save or share the compressed video, if you need further services, you may have to purchase the pro version.

easy video compressor save compressed-video


All platforms are covered! Hope tools introduced here can meet your need to shrink video for WhatsApp on different platforms. Since online and mobile products have certain limitations, the desktop tools here should be more easy to use. And make sure to try on iMyFone AnySmall, which can solve your problem with the built-in feature!

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