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[Can’t Miss] 13 Ultimate TikTok Tips and Tricks in 2024


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Nowadays, TikTok has gained significant popularity among content generators on social media. No matter how experienced you are, fresh ideas can always assist you in making an impression on TikTok since the growth of your audience is greatly reliant on the tactics you use.

In such a case, whether you're a social media novice or a pro, these 13 TikTok tips and tricks can help you increase your account's followers and engagement. Some wise guidance on how to share your innovative creations can be of great help.

tiktok tips and tricks

In this article:

Part 1: Top 13 TikTok Tips and Tricks

1 Find Your Niche

This is the first thing you’ll hear the time you try to explore the world of TikTok. Finding your niche or what you’re great at and making your account stick to this style to establish your personal brand can better help viewers pinpoint you and attract a more specific audience.

If you don’t find the right place for your account, you may act more like an amateur, which is not helpful for you to quickly become recognizable as the audience doesn’t know you are a content creator for what kind of niche.

find your niche on tiktok

2 Boost Your Account Authority

When discussing effective TikTok tips and tricks, videos from reputable and high-quality accounts are more probable to become viral. And one clever approach to building influence on TikTok is: avoiding repurposing content, typically those reused one that has been recognized and marked as low-quality content.

Furthermore, since TikTok users prefer to view content that is authentic and relevant to the platform's style, which means attempting to replicate content created for other platforms may not yield positive results on TikTok.

3 Keep Up with the Trend

TikTok is famous for its viral fads that have the potential to boost your prominence on the platform. Be mindful of popular TikTok trends and sounds that are gaining momentum through the algorithm, and incorporate them into your content whenever possible.

Also, there are many platforms or apps that organize those trendy things, you can utilize them as well, keep up with them and produce hit topics ahead of others, which can help you go to the first page as well.

tiktok trends

4 Engage More with Your Audience

The next TikTok tips and tricks here is: To gain a group of faithful followers and improve your engagement rate on the platform, interacting with them is not neglectable. Developing content can also aid in understanding your intended audience. Respond more often to the comment left on your section since a real person with a response is preferred to those bots.

5 Post at the Right Time

Posting your TikTok posts at the right moment can significantly impact the number of views and likes your content garners. It is advisable to focus on the analytics and metrics provided by TikTok. These tools can assist you in monitoring the times when your followers are most engaged.

Uploading fresh video content during periods of high activity will encourage greater interaction. And a consistent posting schedule that aligns with analytical insights can be advantageous for both you and your audience.

post tiktok videos at the right time

6 Post TikTok Videos Regularly

Whether you strive to post videos or content once a day or once a week, be sure to post them at a regular frequency. It’s better not to accumulate all your content and try to post them all at a time, this does no good to the exposure of each of your videos. According to the statistics, those who post content regularly tend to harvest more followers than those who post occasionally. Viewers need fresh ideas!

7 Keep the Video Short but Sweet

For most of the time, TikTok viewers prefer short videos with non-boring content, which means continuously presenting them with brief and lively clips may be the best way to keep their attention due to the in-rush attribute of modern people.

Therefore, it may be necessary to cut out redundant content in order to highlight the most cheering and engaging content. While it may be a challenge to condense your piece of work into a brief clip, making such a video has the potential to captivate your audience and win you more favor.

8 Use the Right Hashtags

One effective strategy to expand your videos' exposure and target a larger audience is by incorporating trending hashtags. Be mindful of the popular hashtags on TikTok and try to include them in your videos when appropriate.

A lot of TikTok influencers aspire to make it to the ‘For You page’ by utilizing the #fyp hashtag. The page that displays personalized video recommendations for users upon opening the TikTok app is known as the ‘For You page’. And if you’re introduced to this page will help you gain the popularity easier.

tiktok hashtags

9 Add TikTok Templates

TikTok templates such as font, text options, and audio tracks are renewed often to catch up with the trend. Therefore, adding them to your TikTok creations can enhance the accessibility to viewers and stress the important idea you want to express. If you’re a fashion influencer, incorporating these elements to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your content is regarded as a good way to improve your channel.

tiktok templates

10 Collaborate with Other Creators

Collaborating with other TikTok creators that share the same style can potentially attract more followers. Duets or joint challenges on TikTok templates are available, feel free to choose the one you’re good at. Remember to mention and give credit to the creator who collaborated with you in your video, as it can improve the chances of future collaborations if the partnership turns out to be successful.

11 Emphasize Those Favored Comment

Besides getting to have more interaction with your audience, paying attention to the comment that is favored with more likes is also important. If the comment left on your section points out specifically that wish you to make a targeted video to demonstrate a topic that he is interested in, and more followers follow by giving this comment a like, you should make this video.

favored tiktok comment

12 Don’t be So Serious

If you can’t produce professional or in-depth tutorials, don’t force yourself to be in that place. TikTok users are just seeking something for fun to relax after a long day of work. And if you possess a sense of humor, trying to be a laughter-maker is not a bad idea. However, don’t forget that making something humorous doesn’t equal to cross the boundary, the baseline can’t be tramped at any time.

funny tiktok videos

13 Learn from your Lesson and Success

Don’t worry if your account can’t attract many followers for a short time. You should check the data of your videos and analyze, if you genuinely want to make videos and win more attention, figuring out whether the problems lie in your content or the topic you choose. There is no shortcut if you want to last long and monetize from your account.

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how to compress videos to save storage space
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Hope the ultimate TikTok tips and tricks here can help you win more attention. Don’t be in a rush to make sensational content, take it slow. And if you find it hard to store tons of TikTok videos, be sure to try iMyFone AnySmall, the TikTok video compressor that makes your storage space running at the best situation!

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