BitLocker is an excellent tool for the extra security of hard drives. No one can access the hard drive if it is encrypted with BitLocker. The user will need to enter a password or recovery key, and the hard drive will be accessible only then. However, forgetting passwords is a common thing. If you don't remember the password hard drive, you will be locked out.

This article will discuss how to access a BitLocker encrypted drive without a password.

Part 1. How to Access BitLocker Encrypted Drive without Password

If you have forgotten your BitLocker password and cannot access your drive, then there are different solutions that you can try. First of all, try to remember the password. If you are lucky, you might get it after a few trials. But if you do not, you must have the 48-digit recovery key that Bitlocker assigned to you while creating the account. If you don't remember the password and do not have a recovery key, you can try resetting the password. There are many tools available that allow the user to reset the password.

If there is no critical data in your BitLocker encrypted drive, then the fastest way to access the drive is by formatting the drive. There are different ways in which the user can erase or format the hard drive without entering the password. 

These were common approaches to accessing a BitLocker encrypted hard drive without a password.

Part 2. [Fixed] BitLocker USB Access Denied BitLocker Drive Not Accessible

It is difficult for a Mac user to access a BitLocker encrypted hard drive. If you are facing an error that USB access is denied or BitLocker drives are not accessible, then AnyRecover BitLockerGoMac can help you to get through. This tool has a specialty that allows the user to decrypt or mount the BitLocker encrypted drive on Mac. It is a reliable, safe, and professional tool that works efficiently on Mac. 

Here are the steps a user can follow to access a BitLocker encrypted hard drive on Mac.

Step 1. On your Mac, download iMyFone BitLockerGoMac and install it. When you start the installation, make sure to follow all the instructions.

imyfone bitlockergomac

Step 2. Open the tool and enter your username and password to authorize administrative rights and access to the device's storage device.

Step 3. Now, connect a BitLocker encrypted drive to our Mac. It will be detected in a few seconds. Ignore the message if you see an error saying it is not readable.

Step 4. Choose the option of what you want to do with the BitLocker encrypted drive: Mount or Decrypt. After choosing an option, enter the password or import the recovery key to access the hard drive.

imyfone bitlockergomac passcode

Step 5. You now have access to all the data on the BitLocker hard drive. The user can now read or even write on the hard drive. When making changes, eject the drive before taking it out.

read move delete the data

Part 3. FAQs

3.1 How Do I Disable BitLocker without a Recovery Key

The easiest way to disable Bitlocker without a recovery key is through settings. Go to "Control Panel > System and Security." Here, you will see "BitLocker Drive Encryption." Click on "Manage BitLocker." When the interface opens, click "Turn Off BitLocker" and confirm your selection to disable BitLocker.

3.2 How Do I Unlock BitLocker If I Forgot My Password and Recovery Key

If the user forgot the password and the recovery key, then there is only one solution that he can do. A BitLocker encrypted drive can be unlocked, but there will be no data. The user will have to format the hard drive to access and unlock the hard drive. However, different third-party tools can help the user to recover the data from BitLocker encrypted hard drive without a password and recovery key.

3.3 What If I Lost the BitLocker Recovery Key

If you have lost the BitLocker recovery key, you can get it back quickly. If the user has the BitLocker recovery password, then the recovery key can be accessed easily without any trouble. But if there is a password, the user might need help from a domain administrator or a data recovery agent to get the BitLocker recovery key.


BitLocker is a great tool to keep a hard drive safe and away from unusual access. Thousands of BitLocker users hold BitLocker in suitable regard. However, there are two ways in which the user can access a BitLocker encrypted hard drive. The first way is by using a password and the second way is through the recovery key. Both can be an alternative to one another. But if the user wants to access the data on a BitLocker hard drive on Mac, then there is the third-party tool iMyFone BitLockerGoMac. The user can download this tool and access the BitLocker encrypted hard drive on Mac.