Everyone wants to make sure the data is safe. Bitlocker Drive Encryption is a tool that allows the user to encrypt the drive that holds important data for them. Its sole purpose is to protect the data from unauthorized access and theft. In this article, we will discuss how a user can open a Bitlocker encrypted drive on Mac/Windows/Linux. Moreover, we will also discuss some FAQs.

Part 1. How to Open Bitlocker Encrypted Drive on Another Mac

In the first part of the article, let us discuss how we can open a Bitlocker encrypted drive on another Mac. For this, we will need a third-party tool that is strong enough to decrypt or mount the drive and allow the user to read and write on it.

For Mac users, there is such a tool, and it is iMyFone BitLockerGoMac. This tool is available for all Mac users, and anyone can download it from the website without any problem.

It is a reliable tool that users can use, and it keeps the data completely safe. With the help of this tool, the user can mount and unmount the Bitlocker encrypted drive, read and write on it, and also share files between the Mac and Bitlocker encrypted drive.

Beginners can also use this software as it does not require any experience and expertise. By following a few simple steps, you can easily do the task without any hassle.

Let us see how to open a Bitlocker encrypted drive on Mac using iMyFone BitLockerGoMac.

Step 1: The first step is to download the tool. After downloading, open the setup and follow instructions to complete the installation process.

Step 2: After installation, open the tool. It will ask for a username and password. Enter it as it is asking for administrative rights to access the system's storage.

imyfone bitlockergomac

Step 3: Now, connect the Bitlocker drive to the Mac. As you connect it, it will pop up an error that it is unreadable. Click on "Ignore" and follow the next steps.

imyfone bitlockergomac insert drive

Step 4: The user will see three different options in the tool, namely decrypt, mount, and eject. If you want to decrypt or mount the Bitlocker encrypted drive, then the user needs to enter the passcode or import the recovery key file. For both options, a passcode or recovery key file is essential.

imyfone bitlockergomac passcode

Step 5: If you have mounted the Bitlocker encrypted drive, then you can read all the files in the drive just like any drive on Mac.

But if you want to decrypted the file, the user can delete, add files, import, export or rename the files on the Bitlocker encrypted drive.

imyfone bitlockergomac access files

Step 6: Now that you are done with reading/writing data on Bitlocker encrypted drive, securely eject the drive. Unplugging the drive directly from the computer may hurt the drive.

Part 2. How to Open Bitlocker Encrypted Drive on Windows 10

If you are a Windows user, then there are multiple methods to open a Bitlocker encrypted drive. The user can use File Explorer, CMD Prompt, and other available tools as well. But why download and install a tool when you can access Bitlocker encrypted drive using the default features of Windows?

Let us discuss a few methods to open a Bitlocker encrypted drive on Windows 10.

2.1. Open Bitlocker Encrypted Drive with Password

If you know the password for Bitlocker encrypted drive, then it is very easy to open it on Windows 10. It is important to keep encryption on drives to protect them so that no one can breach the encryption and get access to important data. In Windows 10, the user can open a Bitlocker encrypted drive with the password with the help of File Explorer.

Step 1: On your Windows, open File Explorer. You will see all the drives connected to the computer. Connect your Bitlocker encrypted drive and wait for the computer to detect it. Once it is detected, you will see a yellow logo with it. Right-click on it, and you will see an option of "Unlock Drive". Click on it.

Step 2: As you click on it, you will see a Bitlocker window pop up asking for a password. The user can either enter the Bitlocker password or the recovery key to unlock the drive. Enter the password and click on "Unlock". The Bitlocker encrypted drive will be unlocked and accessible by the user.

2.2. Open Bitlocker Encrypted Drive from CMD

Another method to open a Bitlocker encrypted drive is by using the Command Prompt. Most people have no idea how strong the CMD prompt is. It can also help the user to open or unlock the Bitlocker encrypted drive. Here are the steps to do it.

Step 1: You can write CMD in the search bar or press "Windows + R" to open the run command and write CMD on it. Make sure to run CMD Prompt as an administrator.

Step 2: Once CMD Prompt opens, type 'manage-bde -unlock E: -password' and hit enter. Then enter the password to your Bitlocker encrypted drive. The drive will be unlocked successfully.

Replace 'E' with the drive letter that appears to be the drive for Bitlocker encrypted drive.

Part 3. How to Open Bitlocker Encrypted Drive on Linux

Step 1:First of all, download Dislocker on your Linux. It will help the user to access the Bitlocker encrypted drive.

Step 2:Open Terminal and type “sudo apt-get install dislocker”. Then, to create a folder type “sudo mkdir /media/bitlocker” and to mount the drive type “sudo mkdir /media/mount”.  

Step 3:Now, to check which drive has encryption, type “sudo fdisk -l”. To unlock the drive, make sure to type in “sudo dislocker -r -V /dev/sde1 -uYourPassword – /media/bitlocker”. Replace -uYourPassword with the password and sde1 with the drive letter on your encrypted drive.

Step 4:Finally, to mount the device, type “sudo mount -r -o loop /media/bitlocker/dislocker-file /media/mount”. Now, you can access the files on the Bitlocker encrypted drive on Linux.  

Part 4. FAQs

1) Can I open Bitlocker on Mac free?

No. You cannot open Bitlocker on Mac for free. iMyFone BitLockerGoMac is a great tool that allows the user to open a Bitlocker encrypted drive, but it is not free. It is mostly a yearly subscription that users can buy and open a Bitlocker encrypted drive on Mac for unlimited times. There is a trial version available, but it does not work like the premium tool.

2) How can I open Bitlocker without password and recovery key?

Yes. There are three ways in which the user can open a Bitlocker encrypted drive. First, the user can reset the Bitlocker password and enter a new password. Second, the user can reset the recovery key and open the Bitlocker drive. Lastly, the user can format the drive and then open the Bitlocker drive, but in this case, all the data will be lost.

3) How do I access files on Bitlocker drive?

To access the files on Bitlocker Drive, the user needs to unlock the drive. It can be done with a password or recovery key. On Mac, the user can use iMyFone BitLockerGoMac, and on Windows, the Bitlocker drive can be unlocked with File Explorer and CMD Prompt as well.

4) Can Microsoft unlock Bitlocker?

Yes. Microsoft can unlock Bitlocker as it is a tool of Microsoft. The user can use PowerShell and use a list of codes that can unlock Bitlocker. However, it is a complex method and makes it hard for the user to unlock the Bitlocker drive.


In this article, we have discussed different methods to open Bitlocker encrypted drives. In Windows, it is very easy to unlock the Bitlocker encrypted drive, but on Mac, the user requires a third-party tool. iMyFone has introduced a new tool for this purpose, and it is iMyFone BitLockerGoMac.

It allows the user to decrypt, mount and eject the Bitlocker encrypted drive. We know that Mac tools are not free, and iMyFone BitLockerGoMac also has a price. The user can first test out the trial version and then go for the premium version.