TestDisk is one of the most reliable and free data recovery tools. It was mainly designed to help users recover the lost partitions and non-booting discs. The best thing about this recovery software is that it can be used across various operating systems and is loaded with features that help repair damaged parts and recover the files. However, if you have the partition reading error or the partition not found error, there are some solutions that you can try!

Part 1. [Fixed] What Causes "TestDisk Partition Read Error" and How to Fix It

In most cases, the read error is caused by a damaged hard drive. In addition, the incorrect boot order and BIOS issue can lead to this error. However, failure of IDE cables and incorrect MBR configuration can also cause the TestDesk partition read error. The issue with the TestDisk recover partition has to be fixed by repairing the hard disk, or you could try replacing the hard disk. If you cannot resolve it using these options, then you should try the methods we've mentioned in the article. These methods are easy to follow. Using these methods, you can resolve the testdisk partition read error issue in a few simple steps. 

Part 2. [Solved] TestDisk No Partition Found

TestDisk is a free recovery tool designed for Windows and helps recover lost partitions. However, many users get the TestDisk no partition found error. It can be caused by improper resizing of the partition, running the CHKDSK after defragmenting the disk, and sudden deletion. So, if you have the TestDisk no partition found or selected for recovery error, you can follow the below-mentioned steps;

Step 1. Create

To start the TestDisk recover partition, you've first to open the TestDisk, tap the create button, and hit the enter button. 

tap the create button

Step 2. Detection

Then, choose the hard drive with a partition and press the enter button. Now, please wait for the software to detect the partition and display it. 

choose the hard drive with a partition and press the enter button

Step 3. Analyze

Now, press the analyze button and press the enter button. The next step is to choose the quick search button and press the enter button again. As a result, there will be on-screen prompts that you've to follow, and the no partition issue will be resolved. 

Part 3. Tips - How to Recover Data from Deleted Partition Using D-Back If "TestDisk No Partition Found

The easiest way of recovering the lost data from the deleted partition is to use the iMyFone D-Back. It's a complex drive recovery tool that has the following features:

  • Recovered the deleted data from USB flash drives, SD cards, hard drives, and other external drives
  • Supports more than 1000 formats and types of files
  • Previews the recoverable data before conducting the final recovery process
  • Allows partition recovery
  • It allows you to restore your files in three simple steps. You can select, scan, and restore your important files.
  • You don't have to worry about the data lost during the recovery process.

These are some of the features offered by the recovery software. So, if you want to start the testdisk no partition found the process, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1. Installing

First, you've to install iMyFone D-Back on the PC and select the location where you want to recover the data. 


Step 2. Scanning

When you choose the location, the in-depth scanning will start, and the recoverable files will be shown on the screen. 

scan selected location

Step 3. Recovering

When the files are listed, you can double-click them to preview them or select them and press the recover button. When you press the recover button, the files will be saved to the selected location. 

scanned files preview

This is the perfect solution for testdisk no partition found issue. 

Part 4. FAQs about Partition Recovery

4.1 What Does Lost Partition Mean

The lost partition means you cannot write or read the data. You'll have to use any tool or repairing method to resolve this issue. 

4.2 How Can I Recover My Lost Partition for Free

To recover the lost partition for free, you can depend on iMyFone D-Back, as it has a free version that you can try out!


The lost partition or no partition found are some common issues that people struggle with when it comes down to TestDisk. However, these issues can be easily fixed by using the iMyFone D-Back. There is a free version that you can try to recover the lost data. In addition, it works on every operating system, promising easier access for everyone!