When you work on the vim editor, it tends to create the swap files for various purposes, and when the purpose gets fulfilled, it automatically deletes the swap files.

However, if you accidentally deleted the swap file from Vim and didn't back up the files, it can waste your hours of struggle.

So, you must be looking to opt for the '' Vim recover deleted swap file,'' and the good news is that you can recover the deleted swap files.

All you need to do is read this post carefully, and you'll be able to be successful in '' Vim recover unsaved file''.

Part 1: Vim Recover Deleted Swap File with Data Recovery Tool [recommended]

If you want to opt for the ''Vim recover deleted swap file,'' opting for iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery might be the decision. It is a versatile tool that makes recovering the data look pretty and effortless.

Using this gigantic tool, you've got the chance to recover about 1000+ data types within a few clicks.

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How to recover VIM unsaved deleted swap file?

Step 1:

Visit the official iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery website and install the latest software version. Next, launch the software to begin the proceedings.


Step 2:

Navigate to the folder where you had stored the deleted VIM files. After reaching there, you must tap on the ''Scan'' icon to start scanning for your data. 

scan the selected location

Step 3:

Once the scanning process gets completed, you'll need to select the deleted files you'd want to get back. Next, press the ''Recover'' icon to retrieve the deleted files.



Part 2: Vim Recover Deleted Swap File with Command

If you've lost the swap file from Vim and are looking to opt for the "Vim recover deleted swap file'' you must opt for the command prompt.

Especially when you didn't create the backup of your Vim swap files, a command prompt is probably the only option left that can help you recover the lost files.

Luckily, the command prompt can recover all types of data, and all you need to do is follow the guide below to opt for the '' Vim recover overwritten file''.

Step 1:

To begin with, you'll need to tap on the ''Start'' icon, or you can click on Windows+X. Next, run Command Prompt as administrator. Type in the following command

chkdsk *: /f. * represents the drive letter of your hard drive from which you lost the Vim swap files. Tap on the Enter icon to finish the command.

Step 2:

Press ''Enter'' icon after typing the attrib -h -r -s /s /d. The process will help you recover the Vim swap files you've been looking for

vim recover deleted swap fil with command

Part 3: FAQs about Recovering a File in Vim

3.1 What is the vim swap file location?

The swap file contains the unsaved changes of your file you must be editing in Vim. The Vim swap file location is such that.

,~/tmp,/var/tmp,/tmp .

3.2 Can I recover the vim file from the undo file?

You can't recover the Vim file from an undo file, but if you intend to get back your Vim files, you might opt for D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert.

3.3 Can overwritten files be recovered in Vim?

If you're looking for the ''Vim recover overwritten file'', acquiring the services of D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert makes. Using this tool, you can restore the overwritten Vim files.

3.4 How to recover unsaved files in Vim?

If you deleted the unsaved file in Vim, you'd need to look for the backup of that file. However, if there is no backup, the D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert might assist you in recovering the data with ease.

Final Words

If you're struggling to opt for the ''Vim recover deleted swap file,'' you shouldn't panic and read this guide instead.

We've mentioned a couple of efficient ways to recover deleted Vim swap files. Of the two methods we've mentioned in this post, opting for the iMyFone D-Back is the best way to go.

It is a sensational tool that can restore data from any situation and storage device. Thus, it is the most recommended tool, and you must go for it.