The new iOS 12 should be with us very soon and if memories of the iOS 11 release are anything to go by, iOS 12 will have some issues. In fact, those who have already installed the beta build have already experienced some issues. The following are just some of the issues iOS 12 beta users have faced so far. We expect that Apple will fix most of them before the public release.

Common iOS 12 Beta Issues

1. Diminished Battery Life

Those running the iOS 12 beta have reported a diminished battery life for both iPhone s and iPads. It is already clear that iOS 12 doesn’t provide a great battery life.

2. Sluggish Performance

It is also quite a bit slower when scrolling through content especially for third-party apps. Scrolling through lists of data was especially slow.

3. Apps Go into “Wiggle” mode Unexpectedly

There is a bug in iOS 12 that puts all the app icons in “wiggle” mode as soon as a user leaves the apps folder or the home screen. While this bug may not be too stressful, it may become annoying at time.

4. Bluetooth Problems

Some users have even experienced issues with Bluetooth connectivity where some devices simply won’t connect to the device’s Bluetooth. This problem can simply be fixed by “Forgetting the Device” and then reconnecting it.

5. App Store no Longer Refreshes

Tapping the App Store tab multiple times no longer refreshes the App Store. This isn’t a huge problem and we expect that it will be fixed before the public release.

6. Spotlight Search Issue

If you pull down on the Home Screen you should access the Spotlight Search. There is a bug in iOS 12 beta that disables this function and you can no longer access Spotlight in this way.

7. Cellular Data Problems

In iOS 12 you may experience issues with cellular data problems where connectivity speeds can either be slower than normal or the connection is unstable. Sometimes this may be a coverage issue. So, before you seek more drastic solutions, check with your carrier to determine if there is coverage in your area.

8. Wi-Fi Issues

In much the same way, users have also experienced problems with Wi-Fi; either slow speeds or lack of connectivity. Check that the router is working correctly before trying any drastic solutions.

9. App Icons Disappearing

It is a minor issue but an annoying one nonetheless. A bug causes the app icons to disappear briefly only to reappear when navigating in or out of folders.

10. Wallpaper Issue

iOS 12 Beta users are also experiencing problems with the wallpapers where the lock screen sometimes shows the home screen wallpaper instead of the lock screen wallpaper. Restarting your iPhone should fix the problem.

11. AirPod Problems

Users have also experienced issues with AirPods where they either fail to connect or only one connects. If this happens, take both AirPods out and then put them both inside the case, close the case and wait for 5-10 seconds. Take them out with the case next to the phone.

12. Touchscreen Issues

Users have also reported unresponsive screens or a screen that is slow to respond. Restarting the device should fix this issue.

13. Random Reboots

Beta users who experience lag, random reboots and lockups have reported that a simple restart of the device fixes the issue quickly. If a restart doesn’t work you may need to reset the speed of the home button. You can do that by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home button.

14. App Problems

App downloads and app updates are also quite problematic with iOS 12 beta. Restarting the device and retrying the download seems to work. If the issues you are facing have to do with performance simply updating the app or reinstalling it should work.

15. Sound Problems

Some iOS 12 Beta users have reported that the sound can suddenly just cut out on the home screen while using an app. Restarting the iPhone or iPad should fix the problem. Toggling the Bluetooth off and on should also fix the problem. If the sound issues are coming from a specific app, updating the app should help.

16. 3D issues

3D also has a few issues with the iOS 12 Beta. 3D gestures don’t always work as expected. Again, simply restarting the device will fix the problem.

17. Inactive “Send” Button

Sometimes the “Send” button can simply become inactive when composing and sending emails in the “Mail” app. A few minutes of waiting usually solves the problem though.

18. iPhone Freezes when Charging

Your iPhone can also simply freeze during charging. This issue is quite common and a simple restart should fix it once and for all.

19. Drag and Drop Problems

The Drag and drop feature in iPhone and iPad is supposed to be system-wide, yet come users have reported that it fails to work within some apps.

20. Home App Issues

The home app is also experiencing some user interface issues and may fail to work as expected. Apple should fix the problem before the public build is released.