The Best 2 Ways to Permanently Delete Photos from iCloud

Usually, when the iPhone’s memory is nearing capacity, users opt for deleting their photos and videos. The pictures in iPhone take up a lot of space which is why this seems like the most viable option to many. When people delete their pictures off the iPhone, they back them up on iCloud or on the computer. However, free iCloud storage is also limited. So some times, we may need to delete photos from iCloud too.

Two Ways to Permanently Delete Photos from iCloud

How to Delete Photos from iCloud via Photo Library

Sometimes, people do not want to keep pictures on their iCloud accounts. This could either be for storage purposes or simply because the user doesn’t need those any more. In any case, if you want to delete pictures from iCloud via photo library, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Open the photos app on your iPhone.
Step 2. Tap on the bottom, at Photos.
Step 3. You will see all the pictures and videos in moments.
Step 4. Tap on one or more items and select them.
Step 5. Press delete.

delete photos

You can also try deleting these photos on your Mac through the same app. If you sign in via iCloud, you will find that options which will enable you to delete these pictures easily from there.

Remember that all the pictures that you delete are going to remain in the recently deleted album on your devices which have iCloud signed in. They will automatically be removed from everywhere after a period of thirty days, hence if you want to get back something, just go to the folder of “recently deleted”.

Permanently Delete iPhone Photos for Privacy Protection

Many people are aware that despite deleting pictures and videos, they still run the risk of their private files being recovered even after having deleted these files from iCloud or iPhone. You will find that even after deleting picture and videos, they are not completely gone. This is why there have been so many incidents where sensitive data and pictures get leaked on the internet and soon enough everyone has seen them.

If you want avoid such a situation and make sure that your files are not recovered by any data recovery program, then you have to opt for iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. This is one of the best data erasing programs available in the market and can remove all your private data within minutes, and the data erased cannot be recovered even with the most modern recovery software.

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iMyFone is highly spoken of by hundreds of users and well-known media like MacWorld, iPhoneinCanada, APPKED, etc.

There are four data erasing modes that users can choose from: erase all data, erase private data, erase deleted files and a quick clean up. When it comes to keeping information private and safe from hackers, the most viable choices for data erasing are erase deleted files and erase private data. You can choose either of these modes and ensure that nobody ever gets to your private information. It will remain safe no matter what.

To delete permanently personal data from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, please follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Run the program and connect your device with the computer.

delete photos from icloud

Step 2. Just choose the data erasing mode before initiating a cleanup.

how to delete photos from icloud

Step 3. If you have opted for erase private or deleted data, you will be able to preview and select all the files that you want gone. iMyFone Umate Pro allows users to run a scan before starting with the removal of files.

icloud delete photos

The data is permanently deleted and no external recovery program can find the files that have been removed. Hence, you can be assured that your confidential data will be protected against prying eyes


If you want to keep your photos on your computer, but permanently delete them from your iOS device:
Firstly, choose the mode "1-click free up" > Photos >Delete & Back up, so all photos will be deleted from your iPhone and backed up on your PC.
Secondly, choose the mode "Erase deleted files" and select "Photos", so you will be able to permanently erass all your deleted photos from your iPhone.


If you want to clear up or delete music on your iPhone, please try this iPhone music transfer, which can freely transfer iPhone music between iPhone and iTunes/PC, as well as delete and export iPhone music.

Issues Related to Deleting Photos from iCloud

1. Things you need to know before deleting photos from iCloud

Once you delete a photo from iCloud, it will be removed from all the devices that the account is enabled on. Those pictures which are deleted from iCloud can never be recovered unless an external recovery program is initiated. Hence, you have to be careful and make sure that all those pictures that are important for you have been backed up and stored somewhere.

2. If I delete photos from my iPad, will they be deleted from iCloud?

If your data is not backed up and you delete the picture or video from the iPad, then chances are that it will be not be found in iCloud as well. The pictures in the photo stream or library are synced as one, which means that you are shown all of them collectively.

If you want to make sure that they remain in iCloud, you have to back up your camera roll. Then you can safely delete anything off your iPad.