Five Tips to Fix “Not Enough Storage” on iPhone

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My iPhone says "not enough storage" even though I have only 11 pictures, 102 songs, and 8 apps (use little storage, social media) ... it won’t let me take photos or videos on Snapchat. Also when I try to solve the problem in Usage, it never loads where my storage is going. ---Mark

This is not an exception for iPhone users to encounter iPhone not enough storage even if you don’t install many apps or store big files. You check folders and apps one by one, but still, can't make it clear what eat up you storage. So, when you shout it out: “iPhone says no storage space but there is?!” What should you do? Don't worry. There are five potent tips, which we shall discuss in this write-up that will help you to acquire more storage space on your iPhone.

Five Tips to Get More Storage for iPhone

1 Common Solutions According to Usage

In order to be sure that "iPhone says no storage"is stemming from low storage space on your iPhone, launch the Settings App, go to General > Storage & iCloud. You will see the available storage space on the storage section. If the remaining storage is less than a GB, then it is evident that your storage is full, check to see the apps that are taking the highest amount of storage by clicking on Manage Storage.

  • iMessages App: If the message app is taking a huge chunk of your storage space, delete the conversations, related videos and pictures in the iMessage App to free up your iPhone storage space.
  • Photos App: If photos are taking the bigger share of your iPhone storage space, you can backup such photos on your PC and delete all photos from your iPhone to create more space. You can also backup the higher resolution photos to iCloud and leave the lower resolution on your device by enabling the iCloud Photo Library (go to Settings > iCloud >Photos).
  • Other Apps: If other apps like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are occupying your iPhone storage space, you can delete the ones you no longer use to create more space for your important files.
delete iphone imessage

2 Delete Your Old iPhone Backups

iCloud storage only offers 5GB of backup storage space. However, if your iPhone is plugged to a power source, connected to a Wi-Fi network and locked, it will automatically start backing up files.

Hence, when your iCloud has no storage space left to contain your files, you will start getting the famous "Not Enough Storage on iPhone". To avoid this and put an end to this alert, follow the underlying steps:

  1. Launch your iPhone Settings App.
  2. Click on General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage.
  3. If there are old iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 files that are still backed up in your iCloud account, click on them and tap on Delete Backup from the pop-up menu.

3 Deal with Huge App Caches

App cache accumulates as time going by, it affects the overall performance of the iPhone, makes the iOS to lag and be sluggish, and can occupy precious storage space. Hence, all app caches on your iPhone should be cleared to restore your iPhone to its optimal performance. iPhone says not enough storage but there is, you just need to is remove all these invisible app caches. To clear app caches from your Safari, follow the underlying steps:

  1. Launch the Settings app and Click on Safari.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and click Clear History and Website Data.
clear safari caches

By doing this, your iPhone Safari history, caches, cookies, pre-set credentials will be wiped away. This method can be used for most apps in iPhone, but may not work for some that did not provide options in Settings on how to delete app caches. You can prefer to this step by steps guide to clear app cache on iPhone!

4 Purchase More iCloud Storage

iCloud storage space can easily add up when you have more than one iOS device associated to the account. It can also add up when you synchronize photos, videos, documents, music and other important files to the iCloud.

Hence, 5GB may not be enough to contain your files and you may need to buy more iCloud Space. To stop iPhone keep saying no storage by purchasing more storage space, follow the underlying steps:

iCloud storage
  1. Launch the Settings app and click on iCloud.
  2. Click on storage and select Buy More Storage.
  3. Choose a plan that is most suitable for you. After which the money will be deducted from your iTunes account periodically until you cancel of change your plan.


The solutions to fixing iPhone not enough storage that we have discoursed above have several disadvantages. Some of these limitations are listed below:

  • Manually deleting message and photos on iPhone is tedious, and does not offer a one-way option through which you can delete the messages in just one click.
  • When it is only your current device that is synchronized to your iCloud account, it will leave you with no other option than to buy more iCloud storage space.
  • There is no option for preview and selectively deleting files and contents from your iPhone Settings. You may end up by deleting important data.
  • The initial upgrade from 5GB to 50GB for $0.99/month may seem like no cost, but as time goes, that 50GB will be occupied with files, and you may change your plan to 200GB or 1TB for $2.99/month and $9.99/month respectively, and it will start becoming a cost to consider.

5 All-in-One Solution for iPhone Space Saving

iMyfone Umate Pro or iMyfone Umate Pro for Mac is the perfect PC-based software that can be used to fix "iPhone says not enough storage" just in one click. iMyfone Umate is a well designed iPhone cleaner that employs more than 25 analysis technology to analyze your iPhone device data.

It presents the result in a way for you to know the highest storage space hog on your iPhone; it presents a list on how your iPhone space is being used and offer options on how to delete these files and apps selectively or just in one click.

Windows version Mac version

  • Clean up 30+ Junk Files for your iPhone by one click, including app logs and caches.
  • Clear hidden Temporary Files thoroughly to regain massive storage.
  • Compress losslessly & mass delete photos to reclaim at least 75% of Photo Space.
  • Auto detect & selectively delete all large files over 5MB to release space for iPhone.
  • List all Apps accrding to size for previewing and selectivelt removing unused Apps to manage iPhone Space.
  • Back up automaticly all the orginal photos and videos on PC before compression and deletion.
  • Permanently erase private iOS data - erase not only current personal files but also deleted sensitive files, all iOS file types supported, and the erased data is 100% unrecoverable.

not enough storage

And if you would like to experience iMyfone Umate, the free trial version is available for both Windows and Mac now, which offers space-saving analysis, once junk files clean-up, latest 5 photos’ compression and one app’s uninstallation. With Umate, you won't wonder any more "iPhone says i have no storage but i do"! Umate will make every KB of your iPhone storage be maximize used.

To save iPhone space with Umate, all you need to do is run the program > connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch > Scan your device > click clean to start space saving.
fix iPhone not enough storage

By the foregoing 5 tips, I believe you have learned how to clear iPhone to get enough storage. You think which one is the best? And if you know other useful methods, please leave a comment to share it!

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  • So I have an iphone and I’m trying to download the nightmare before christmas album it says I have enough data like 10.3 but it’s still not enough and i’m pissed that apple did that to me. They’re saying “You have enough space…,but just not enough to download the full album.”

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    I had to go back to the photo library, look under albums, and then go to the “recently deleted” album. Then, I had to “delete all.” This did the data dump that was necessary. It freed up 2 GB of space.

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