How Much Space Does iOS 11 take Up?

Every update on iOS is worth downloading and installing because of the assurance that there is something new and interesting. Just as iOS 10 came with so many mind-blowing features, so is iOS 11. However, before upgrading to iOS 11, we should make one thing clear: how much space does iOS 11 take up?

If you’re an ardent iPhone user who uses their device heavily for activities such as to listen to podcast, play heavy games, take photos regularly, then you may have encounted the much dreaded “Not Enough Storage” prompt. This article will show you stress-free ways to free up huge space on your iOS 11 device.

Part 1: How Much Storage Do I Need for iOS 11?

It is not certain how much storage space one have to possess in his iOS device before installing iOS 11. However, the update shows 1.7GB size and would require about 1.5GB of temporal space in order to completely install the iOS.

Hence, you are expected to have at least 4GB of storage space before upgrading. You can follow some convenient guides to create higher memory space on your iPhone, in order to have enough storage space for this upgrade.

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Part 2: Correctly Manage iOS 10/11 Media Files to Get Enough Space

Media files, without any doubt, take a lot of space in your iPhone’s memory. Wouldn’t it be great if there were an easy way to transfer all of these large media files from your iPhone/iPad/iPod to some other platform? After having backed up them, now you can delete them to gain more storage spave without any worry!

iMyFone TunesMate is a robust, easy-to-use iPhone transferring tool that lets you easily transfer media files to and from iDevices and iTunes/PC.

  • It lets you freely transfer media files between iOS and iTunes/PC. You can therefore transfer music files to your PC from different iDevices.
  • You can create a large collection of music by transferring as many files as you want to iTunes Library. Such media files include both purchased and non-purchased music.
  • You can sync as many music files as you wish on your iTunes back to your iDevice ever so conveniently.
  • It's also a flexible iOS manager which enables you to freely preview and delete iPhone media music, photos, videos.
  • Trusted by thousands of users (every year) and reported by well-known media around the world

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To transfer iPhone files to PC/iTunes - taking trnasferring Music for eample, just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Click “Music” icon on the top bar and you will be in the “Music” window by default

Step 2: Tick the songs you want to export and click “Export > Export to PC” from the top menu.

Step 3: Browse and select the target folder on your computer to export. Then tap”OK”.

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It is quite common for iPhone users to immediately think of iTunes whenever they need to transfer their media files between their iDevice and PC. Although iTunes is a viable option, it is however, not without its faults.

  • ITunes has a lot of restrictions that you need to go through before you can do anything at all, such as, only transfer purchased songs, cannot transfer music to PC etc.
  • The program has been known to perform very poorly, especially on a Windows PC, it does waste a lot of time.
  • When using iTunes to restore, the original songs, videos and other files will be overwritten, you cannot choose to restore only several files instead of restoring all!

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Part 3: 3 Little Tricks to Optimize iOS 10/11 Storage Space

If you’re still struggling for space on your iOS 10/11 devices, then this part of the article is for you. These are three simple tricks you can follow to recover more storage space:

1. Delete & Reinstall Your Social Media Apps

Social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat and the likes are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to storage space clogging. They utilize a lot of caching to provide the user experience. Deleting them will clear all the files associated with the app.

2. Turn of automatic download on Whatsapp

Turn off automatic downloads from your Whatsapp by going to the settings in the Whatsapp app > “Data and Storage Usage” > turn off auto-download for video, music, and photos. You’ll be amazed how much space you’ll be saving with this little act.

3. Delete Old messages

You’ll be surprised the amount of dross stuck in your message app especially from old messages you probably will never need again. To delete old messages from your device without deleting them one after the other by doing this: Settings > Messages > Message History > Keep Messages > select 30 days. Tap “Delete” on the prompt to delete all messags and file attachment older than 30 days.

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