Considering how many people are on social media, there is a substantial call for how to make Twitter private and protect yourself from those who don’t want to see your latest updates. Luckily, you can take a few small steps to restrict who and what can view your tweets.

make twitter account private

Make your Twitter private, you can shift your Twitter account from public to private. This action will make all of your previous tweets become protected where they cannot be re-tweeted anymore. Let's see the detailed methods below.

Part 1: Make Your Twitter Account Private on a Desktop

This process is pretty straightforward for how to make your Twitter private on a desktop. Be sure to read any updated text from Twitter when you perform these steps in case something has changed due to an outage or recent policy shift.

Step 1.Open a browser and navigate to your account on

Step 2.Click on the Notifications tab, then click on your Settings page (it looks like a small cog icon).

Step 3.Open the Privacy and Safety menu under your user name to reveal a list of options.

Step 4.Click “Protect your Tweets” and then confirm your decision on the following popup. Be sure to click "Save changes" at the bottom of the page and reenter your password.

protect your twitter

That is it! Now you can post about the latest political mishap, celebrity gossip, or funny thing your baby did. Only those accounts that are followers will be able to see and comment.

Part 2: Make Your Twitter Account Private on Mobile

The steps for the process on how to make your Twitter account private on mobile are similar to the desktop version, just on a smaller scale.

Step 1.Open the Twitter app on your mobile screen.

Step 2.Tap on the account settings cog icon to the right of the Twitter search bar.

Step 3.Tap on “Privacy and safety” and turn on the sliding bar option “Protect your Tweets" .

Step 4.Select “Done,” and you’re finished.

privacy and safety on mobile

Now you can happily post pictures of your latest brunch dessert without having to worry about lurkers or unwanted attention. Always keep in mind that having a Private Twitter account prevents new visitors from seeing your activity, not your current followers. They can still see everything.

Part 3: How to Approve New Followers?

Having a solid following is an excellent way to develop more online clout. This can lead to lucrative business deals or help drive more traffic to your online stores and websites. But it also means you're exposed to the public even you don't know them.

So when you learn how to make Twitter private, you also need to get a method to acquire followers. Like they cannot follow you without first ending a Follow Request that you have to approve.

new follower notification

Every time you get a Follow Request, you’ll also get a notification to your account that you can Accept or Decline based on your personal opinion of the new follower. This is a great way to curate your followership and keep your Twitter account more private.

Bonus Tips: Clear Your Twitter Cache Completely

Another surefire way to improve your security beyond how to make Twitter private is to clear your cache. The cache contains all the content you have read, posted, followed, or liked while on Twitter. Removing this information also removes tracking cookies and relevant private data.

There are some steps you can follow to perform this action specific to the device you are using. The easier solution for iOS users is to use iMyFone Umate Pro.

imyfone umate pro

It can help you erases iOS data permanently from the parts of your device that you select, including third-party apps like Twitter. With only one click, you can delete file fragments safely, private data, hidden junk files, caches, and more.

iMyFone Umate Pro

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Clean up Twitter chache with one-click.

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Erase Data from Any iOS Device

Besides improving your privacy, using iMyFone Umate Pro also can speed up your device. Without tons of data in your cache, your system will operate faster and smoother!

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Whether you’re a public figure trying to control the media attention on your social accounts or a regular person who doesn’t want every Tom, Dick, and Harry carefully inspected your latest tweets, learning how to make your Twitter account private will help secure and regulate your feed.

This is excellent advice for users of every age as privacy concerns become more prevalent in everyday conversation. With just a few simple steps, you too can keep your Twitter account protected.