Test and Improve the Speed of Your iPad: Internet, Wifi, iOS Slow

How is your iPad speed lately? We have had people complaining about their iPad slow speed. Knowing how to test the speed of your iPad is a great way to troubleshoot performance issues with your device. If you have many apps on your device, a slow iPad will equate to a slow app. How then do you improve your iPad speed?

Part 1: How to Improve Your Internet Speed

The first thing is to free your hardware. The problem of slow speed could be with your iPad hardware. Your internet cache could affect its performance. So, clear the cache to improve speed.

Also, the DNS servers from most ISPs are not fast and can thus reduce your internet speed. The solution is to find a fast DNS server to improve your speed.

ipad speed slow

Part 2: How to Improve Your Wifi Speed

Testing your Wifi speed involves the use of the software. There are free software online to help you check for speed.

When you are experiencing slow Wifi speed, the best way to improve the speed is through rebooting. Just restart everything including your router is the sure fast way to improve the speed. You might also need to restart Wi-fi on your iPad.

Part 3: How to Improve iOS Running Speed on iPad

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is the software that you can use to improve running speed of your device without much trouble. This is the ultimate software that is incomparable to others regarding efficiency and reliability. How can Umate Pro help to improve the running speed of your iPad? Let us first look at what Umate Pro can do.

Windows version Mac version

  • Clear Up Useless Files: Umate Pro can help to clear your iPad files that are no longer useful. Junks on your iPad can impede its internet speed, and this software will help clear them up. Not only that, temporary data and caches are also cleared when using Umate Pro. ( Note: Junk files cleanup is the free function of this program, you do not need to pay for it.)
  • Remove iOS Trash: You can permanently delete trash on your device - using Umate Pro to permanently erase your previously deleted files. If files deleted in normal ways, one can use recovery tools to retrieve these trash files, but Umate Pro ensures permanent deletion with no chance of recovery with any recovery tool.
  • Optimize Storage: You can create more space on your iPad if you use Umate Pro. The software optimizes storage by compressing photos and bulk deleting unwanted photos on your iPad. It does more. Managing apps, photos, and videos is one of the functions of this remarkable software. The ability of the software to create space without losing your vital data and media is one that is unrivaled by any other software.

With Umate Pro, improving the speed of your iPad is damn easy. All you need to do it to follow the steps below and your device will be up and running fast again.

Using steps of Umate Pro

Step 1:If you have got a PC, install Umate Pro on it. Connect your iPad to the PC with a cable.

Windows version

Step 2:From the different erase modes, select your preference and apply. Upon selecting an erase mode, your iPad device will be scanned.

how to test speed for ipad

Step 3:Now, click on Erase/Clean button and you are done.

how to improve speed for ipad

That is it. With the above steps, you will not only delete junk files, cache, etc. but also improve your iPad performance.

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