One-Click iOS 10 Cleaner for Regular Cleaning on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Do you know that those entire download that stops before completion (99% usually hurts the most), all those apps you have downloaded and deleted, all the websites you visited and permitted to use cookies? Do you remember?

Well, all these add up over time, and cause your iOS device to become less efficient in terms of performance and user experience. These additions are like cobwebs and dust that blocks the performance of the iOS device. They need to be cleaned regularly, to keep the iOS running like it was when the device was brand new. Since iOS 10 is the latest release, you’d better know how to do so on iOS 10.


Part 1 What Should be Cleaned on iOS 10?

1 Junk Files

Junk files, like caches, crash logs, corrupted files, etc., pile up over the lifetime usage of the iOS devices, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. They are produced by third party apps, interrupted downloads, and data stored by web browsers to make visiting a prior visited site faster.

For Safari history on iOS 10 devices, just do as below.

  1. Go to Settings > Safari, select Clear History and Website Data.
  2. Click Clear History and Data from the next prompt to confirm.
clean junk files

For third app caches, you can uninstall the app to clean them. But for stock app caches, there is no option to clean them on iDevice.

2 Templorary Files

Temporary files are created during the creation of new files. It holds information temporarily to make sure when anything happens, the loss of data is minimal. Recovery is then possible from the temporary files. To delete temporary files on your iOS 10, you will have to delete the app and reinstall it (A better solution will be treated later).

3 Unwanted Photos

Photos you took yourself, saved via social media, or received via chatting application can be overwhelming eventually. There will always be the need to delete some photos. To delete unwanted photos, do the actions below.

  1. Navigate Photo app on your iOS 10 device and go to Photos tab at the low bar. (If you want to remove unwanted photos according to different albums, go to Albums tab.)
  2. Photos will be shown by Years > Months > Collections. Go to Collections.
  3. Click Select option at the top right corner.
  4. Then you can check unwanted photos and click trash icon at the bottom right corner.
delete ios photo

4 Unknown Large Files

Sometimes there are large files stored on iOS 10 that have been forgotten by the user. These files are upwards from 5MB, and are classified as large files. Large files are mostly in the form of audio and video files. Here are the steps to delete videos on iOS 10.

  1. Launch Photo app on your iOS device and hit Albums tab at the low bar.
  2. Go to the Videos album, hit Select button at the top right corner.
  3. Select the videos you don’t want or hit Select All button at the top left corner and hit trash icon at the bottom right corner.

5 Unused Apps

The lifespan of apps on iOS devices is very little. Very often, iOS 10 users stop using apps after a while, but still leave the apps on their devices, which occupy space. To delete unused apps, navigate to the said app on home screen, making sure it’s the right app. Hold on the app for 3 seconds till it starts to vibrate and show an “X” at the top left corner on the app. Tap on the “X” to delete the app.

remove apps

Part 2 1-Click iOS 10 Cleaner for Regular Cleaning

Performing all the cleaning activities on iOS 10 manually can be tiring and also time-consuming. What if you can do all the aforementioned cleaning processes by one click of Clean button? Well, iMyFone iOS 10 Cleaner or iMyFone iOS 10 Cleaner for Mac makes this possible with aplomb.

Cleaning junk files, temporary files, photos, unwanted videos and unused apps is the key feature of iMyFone iOS 10 Cleaner. It is also regarded as one of the best iOS 10 cleaners with its easy use and powerful performance. With iMyFone iOS 10 cleaner, you will not waste much time in cleaning. You should enjoy it!

ios space saver

iMyFone iOS 10 Cleaner

  • Thoroughly clean as much as 30+ junk files and temporary files.
  • Backup first, losslessly compress photos but save 75% photo space or mass delete photos.
  • Remove massive large files and unwanted apps.
  • Erase everything on your iDevice with no chance of recovery.
  • Find out and permanently erase existing private data and previously deleted files.
  • Preview first before deleting or erasing avoiding mistaken deletion.

download-win download-mac

3 Steps for Regular Cleaning on iMyFone iOS 10 Cleaner

The home interface of iMyFone iOS 10 Cleaner is user-friendly. It is easy to use and you can just follow its instruction step by step, and your iOS 10 device will be cleaned for much space. 3 simple steps are as below.

Step 1: Download and install iMyFone iOS 10 Cleaner to your PC. Launch the software and connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to it with USB cable.

connect iPod touch to pc

Step 2: Go to 1-Click Free Up Space tab and click Quick Scan button. When it finishes, it will show you how much storage can be freed up on your device.


Step 3: You can clean junk files, temporary files, photos, unwanted videos and unused apps here with one click on the Clean button.

clean storage space


  • Manually cleaning on iOS 10 devices may not be difficult, but regular cleaning done manually should be frustration for most iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch users since time is gold in this era. Junk files and temporary files cannot be cleaned on the iDevice without uninstalling the apps. Besides, you may not be quite sure how much storage is freed up.
  • iMyFone iOS 10 Cleaner does what manual cleaning cannot do. Junk files and temporary files can be easily cleaned on it. None of the important files will be deleted after cleaning. You can preview first before cleaning so you can avoid mistaken deletion. You will clearly know that how much storage space can be cleaned or has been deleted.

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