What to Do if You Accidentally Deleted Videos on iPhone

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It is not new to iPhone users to experience the accidental deletion of videos. It would be devastating to learn about the loss of the important videos from the device. Nevertheless, the advancement in the technological field is helping iPhone users to recover deleted videos from iPhone in a few simple steps.

Before learning about the process of recovering accidentally deleted videos on iPhone, it is essential for the user to check for the following points:


  • The first checkpoint is to consider the backup file. If the deleted files are present in a recently created backup file using iTunes or iCloud, they can easily restore it back using the particular backup file in a few simple steps.
  • The second checkpoint is valid for users who did not create a backup of their iPhone. This point holds only good until they did not use the device extensively. It is common for iPhone to replace data with newly generated ones depending on the operations carried out. In such cases, iPhone will overwrite deleted content with new data, which makes it impossible to recover. In such instances, it is advisable for the users to locate the next paragraph that talks about recovering deleted videos from iPhone using data recovery tool.

Recover Accidentally Deleted Videos on iPhone via iMyfone D-Back

iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery Win or iPhone data recovery Mac functions as an efficient data recovery tool for all the iOS devices. The reason behind its success is its inability in scanning deeply and retrieving as much deleted content as possible. Users can simply connect the device to the computer and choose an appropriate option to begin scanning for the selected file format. Additionally, the program features the following:

  • It identifies over 22 different file formats along with all the leading instant messenger applications, such as text messages, notes, voice memos, photos, WhatsApp messages and more.
  • It uses 4 recovery modes to determine data by scanning quickly and recovering the same in a few simple steps: Smart recovery, recovery without backup and from iTunes, iCloud backup.
  • Preview the deleted content before performing recovery.
  • Compatible with familiar iOS device and iOS system including iPhone 7 and iOS 10.

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Steps to recover deleted videos from iPhone using iMyfone D-Back

The following guide is useful for people who did not create a backup before losing the videos. For iPhone users with iTunes or iCloud backup, they will have to check the guide on recovering content using iTunes or iCloud backup using iMyfone D-Back.

Step 1: Download iMyfone D-Back trial variant from the official website. Install the application by proceeding with the instructions shown on the screen. After completion, start the software by double-clicking the icon on the desktop. From the iMyfone D-Back window, click "Recover from iOS Device" option.

recover deleted videos from iPhone

Step 2: Upon pressing the start button, iMyfone D-Back will ask you to select the preferred file format for recovery. You can make the selection from the window and press the Next button at the bottom of the screen.

select the preferred file format

Step 3: You then have to connect your iPhone to the computer. iMyfone D-Back will identify the device automatically and displays the following screen.

connect your iPhone to the computer

Step 4: Press the Scan button appearing at the bottom of the image to initiate scanning the device for deleted videos. The program will display the content in its preview screen, where you can select an individual file to look at its content. You can then mark the files according to the requirements and the importance of the video, and hit the Recover green button at the bottom to extract it from the device.

preview deleted videos

Step 5:  iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery Win or iPhone data recovery Mac will pop-up a small window asking you to select the folder or the path where you wish to save the files. You can browse to a folder on your computer or create a new folder. Wait for the program to complete the action before browsing the folder to check for the extracted videos.

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