iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode? Here is the Quick Fix

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Your iPhone can get stuck in the DFU mode for many reasons. The screen would be black, and it normally happens when the iOS has still not started up but your device can still communicate with Mac or Windows. Sometimes, users may try to get to the DFU mode as it helps in various tasks like jailbreaking, but this can backfire if not done correctly.

Why Your iPhone Gets Stuck in DFU Mode

What is DFU Mode

Point to be noted out here is that most of us are unaware of three different types of iPhone restores: The standard iTunes restoration, Recovery mode restoration and the much vaulted DFU Restore.

The last one is the deepest restore than can happen to your phone. It also, has the greatest potential to permanently restore the problem. The DFU stands for Default Firmware Update, and is Apple’s best kept secret as far as restores are related.

What Is DFU Mode

Why Your iPhone Gets Stuck in DFU Mode

Here are some reasons why you might switch on the DFU mode unintentionally.

  • Jailbreaking or unjailbreaking the device
  • Software glitch
  • Hardware problems
  • Software updates

Hardware issues are usually linked to mishandling the device. You might have dropped it, got it wet, or some way or the other managed to irk its hardware. However, it is mostly a software issue which leads to the device getting perennially stuck in the recovery mode. What do you do if you find your iPhone stuck in the DFU mode? We will introduce a quick way to help your iPhone get out of DFU mode.

Quick Way to Fix iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode

iMyfone iOS system recovery is a professional iPhone iOS system recovery software which fixes your iOS system to normal without data loss from issues such iPhone stuck in black screen, white screen, recovery mode, DFU mode etc easily and safely.

Windows version Mac version

Steps to Get iPhone out of DFU Mode using iMyfone iOS System Recovery

1 Choose Fix iOS System

Open the iMyfone iOS system recovery software. Connect and Scan your Device. Your device should be detected automatically. Click on Start to initiate the process.

choose Fix iOS System

connect iphone to computer

2 Download The Latest Firmware

For abnormal behaviour, you may need to download OS firmware. To do so, select Download. After the download is complete, initiate System Recovery.

download OS firmware

wait for download process

3 Fix Your iOS System

Wait for a while till the software repairs your phone. This normally takes a few minutes.

Fix Your iOS System

Fixing system is done

Your phone is now back to how it was before without any data loss using iMyfone iOS system recovery.

Windows version Mac version

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