It’s not uncommon for users to lose WhatsApp data such as videos or photos. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to recover lost them on your iPhone whenever you need it.


So, the question we want to answer first is: Can you retrieve deleted videos from WhatsApp? But first, let’s understand what happens to deleted files.

Your iPhone saves all your data on a database called SQLite. When you delete files, the data just change from “Allocated” to “Unallocated”, but it’s still on the database. If you create new files, they will occupy that empty space and overwrite it.

Therefore, the good news is that your WhatsApp video is not really lost. There are many different ways to recover deleted WhatsApp videos. One of those ways is using reliable and trustworthy software to help you.

The reason why third-party iPhone data recovery software comes in handy is that it is able to access the SQLite database and retrieve the deleted data which official iTunes and iCloud cannot make it.

1. Most Effective Way for iPhone WhatsApp Video Recovery

Now that we’ve taken a look at all the recovery methods available, you might be wondering what’s the best option. Even though all the other methods mentioned above have their advantages and they’re all useful, here’s the most effective method for iPhone WhatsApp video recovery. Just follow the step-by-step guide!

The iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery tool is an incredible piece of software that will allow you to recover lost or deleted data on all your Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. What’s the great thing about this tool is that it provides a simple and easy method to recover WhatsApp videos without backup. iMyFone D-Back makes use of advanced technology and it’s compatible with all iOS versions, including iOS 14/13/12 and even iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, etc.

  • It has been recommended by CNETtechradarPCWorld, and other professional websites.
  • D-Back applies advanced technology to search for the deleted WhatsApp videos in the SQLite database in the most thorough way, which makes it the best WhatsApp video recovery tool with the highest recovery rate in the market.
  • It supports to recover WhatsApp videos without backup.
  • It supports viewing the WhatsApp videos within iPhone backups which cannot be done with iTunes and iCloud. Viewing all the content of iTunes or iCloud backups before recovering or restoring means you will not restore a wrong backup with unnecessary data.
  • Extract and recover WhatsApp videos you need from iTunes or iCloud without having to restore the whole backup which will replace all the current data on the device.
  • It supports other 18 file types from iPhone such as call logs, contacts, voice memos, notes and etc.
  • It is easy for non-tech users to handle with clear instructions and interface.

Windows version      Mac version

Option 1. Perform iPhone WhatsApp Video Recovery without Backup

If you want to recover videos from WhatsApp but you don’t have a backup, here’s what you’ll need to do:

Step 1.Launch the iMyFone D-Back, go to the “Recover from iOS Device” and click on “Start”. Connect your device to your computer and click on “Next” when the program detects your device.

connect your device

Step 2.Select the WhatsApp data type and click on “Scan”.

select data types

Step 3.Once the scan is done, it will show you an organized list of recoverable WhatsApp data. Select the files you need and then click on “Recover”. Select the location for the files you want to recover and that’s it!

preview WhatsApp

Option 2. Perform iPhone WhatsApp Video Recovery from iTunes Backup

If you have an iTunes Backup and you do not want to restore the whole backup via official iTunes, then just follow these easy steps with D-Back:

Step 1.Open D-Back, go to the “Recover from iTunes Backup” tab, and click on “Start”. Choose the iTunes backup that your WhatsApp data is stored in and then click on “Next”. If your backup is encrypted, you will have to provide the password to continue.

Choose an iTunes backup

Step 2.Choose the WhatsApp data type and then click on “Scan”.

select file types

Step 3.Once the scan is done, you will see a list of recoverable files. Browse them to select the ones you want to recover, then click on “Recover”. Select or create a folder for your recovered WhatsApp videos.

Preview and Recover WhatsApp Photos

Option 3. Perform iPhone WhatsApp Video Recovery from iCloud Backup

If you’ve made an iCloud backup and do not want to erase your device to restore an uncertain backup, you can follow these simple steps below:

Step 1.Launch D-Back, go to the “Recover from iCloud Backup” tab, and click on “Start”. Provide all your iCloud account details, and rest assured! This app won’t keep a record of any of your information.

Fill in your iCloud account

Step 2.Once it shows all your iCloud backups, select the one you need, then click on “Next”.

Select iCloud Backup

Step 3.Select the type of WhatsApp files and click on “Scan”.

Select the files you wish to recover

Step 4.After a few minutes, the app will provide an organized list of results and you will be able to choose the files you want. Then click on “Recover”. Choose a location for the recovered WhatsApp videos and you will successfully get them back.

Preview and Restore photos

The iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery program is trusted by thousands of users around the world, not just because it makes the data recovery process super simple and easy, but because it’s trustworthy and reliable. Here is the feedback from an user.


Windows version      Mac version

2. Other Possible Ways to Perform WhatsApp Video Recovery

Now that you’ve learned how to recover lost or deleted video files from WhatsApp with the best way, here let’s take a brief look at the comparison of the other basic ways to recover WhatsApp videos with the above one.

Methods without Backups Success rate Operability from iTunes backup from iCloud backup Recovery options
iMyFone D-Back Yes High Easy Preview before recovery Preview before recovery Selectively or fully
WhatsApp on Web Yes Low Easy No No Selectively
Other Applications Yes Low Complicated No No Selectively
WhatsApp Restore No Medium Easy No No Fully restore only
iTunes Restore No Medium A little complicated Restore without viewing No Fully restore only
iCloud Restore No Medium A little complicated No Restore without viewing Fully restore only

1. Check WhatsApp on Computer

If you’ve lost or deleted WhatsApp photos on your iPhone, but you’ve synced your data to WhatsApp Web or Desktop, you can still access them and save them to your computer. Just go to the chat on the WhatsApp on the computer, and you’ll find them.


2. Check Other Used Third-Party Applications

According to WhatsApp’s official FAQ, if you have used the same videos via other third-party apps like Facebook and etc, you can also go to that app and get the video you need.


3. Restore Official WhatsApp Backup

Remember you can always make WhatsApp backups at any time. All you need to do is go to WhatsApp Settings, and then go to “Chats” -> “Chat Backup” and then click on “Back Up Now”. Backups can also be scheduled and automatic.

This means that WhatsApp backs up your data to your iCloud account and you can access that whenever you need it. You just have to make sure videos are included in the backup, so access your iCloud account and follow these steps:

Step 1. To recover your chat history from an iCloud backup, first, go to WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.

Step 2. Find the last backup, then uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp from your device.

Step 3. After verifying the phone number, follow the onscreen instructions to restore all messages including videos.


4. Restore iTunes Backup including WhatsApp Videos

Step 1. Launch iTunes on your computer. Connect your device to your computer.

Step 2. Select your device when it appears on iTunes.

Step 3. Click on “Restore Backup in iTunes”.

Step 4. Choose the most relevant backup by checking the date and size of it. Click on “Restore”. Make sure you keep your device connected to the computer even after it restarts. Disconnect it only after the sync is done.

itunes backup

5. Restore iCloud Backup including WhatsApp Videos

If you have accidentally deleted the photos from your iPhone, you can recover by restoring the official iCloud backup with data loss.

Step 1. Please erase all your content and settings first.

Step 2. Then open Settings and go to “Apps & Data”. Tap on “Restore from iCloud Backup”.

Step 3. Sign in to the iCloud account with Apple ID and password. Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Step 4. Select the most appropriate iCloud backup. The restoring process will begin as soon as you select the backup.

Step 5. Sign in to your Apple account again to restore the apps and purchases, if any. The entire data of your iPhone, including photos will get restored after the process is completed.



As you can see, you have a lot of different options to recover your WhatsApp videos on your iPhone. The option you choose should be tailored to your needs and you have to make sure you trust the method you’re using and we hope you don’t have any issues whatsoever. If you have any comments or suggestions, make sure you comment down below and let us know what you think.