iMessage is a free instant messaging service provided by Apple to their users having iOS 5 to the latest iOS 15. iMessages enables them to send free text and picture messages among other Apple users. IOS devices simply use Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to send unlimited messages globally for free. It is important to all the users as it helps them connect with their friends and family living all over the world, allowing more frequent business communication internationally due to its free service. Hence, it can be really inconvenient for users if the iMessages gets deleted on purpose or accidentally as it may contain important and private messages.

This article introduces different ways to recover deleted iMessages on iPhone whether you have a backup or not, and they work even your device runs on iOS 15/14.

How to Recover Deleted or Old iPhone iMessages from iCloud

All your messages would be synced to your iCloud if the sync function has been enabled. And the iCloud will store all your messages including iMessages. These iMessages are synced across all the iOS and Mac devices that use the same Apple ID. Here're the steps to recover deleted iMessages from iCloud:

    1. Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone.
    2. Click the "General" then the "Reset", choose "Erase all Contents and Settings," enter your password to confirm you want to erase the device, and tap "Yes" to proceed.
    3. Your device will reboot once erased. Connect to WiFi and set up your device. Choose "Restore from iCloud Backup."

recover deleted imessages from icloud backup

  1. Sign in to iCloud, agree the terms and conditions.
  2. Tap on "Show All Backups", then choose a backup that contains your deleted iMessages, your iMessages and other data will be recovered.
  1. You have to make a backup for your data before starting the process, or you'll lose all your content and settings.
  2. All the backup contents will be restored on your iPhone, which may cause the current data on your iPhone overwritten.
  3. Before recovering, you have to make sure the backup file you select contains the deleted iMessages you want to get back.

How to Recover Deleted iMessages on iPhone via D-Back (iOS 15/14 Supported)

Since recovering deleted iMessages from iCloud comes with limitations and risks, it's better to opt for another method that's safe and risk-free. With numerous ways to recover deleted iMessages on iPhone, the most reliable, fastest, and easiest way for that is using a third-party tool. Since the deleted iMessages won't be immediately erased once get deleted, you can recover deleted iMessages from your device directly. Or, recovering from iCloud or iTunes backup. Using a tool like iMyFone D-Back, you are employing cutting-edge technology that accesses your database and restores every recoverable data including iMessages.

iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery

iMyFone D Back

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Key Features:

  • Helps to recover your iMessages by deep scanning.
  • Capable of recovering deleted iMessages with or without backup.
  • Freely preview the recoverable or extractable iMessages before recovery, you are able to selectively recover the specific iMessages.
  • Featuring a high success rate of recovery, get your deleted iMessages back within minutes.
  • Compatible with all iOS devices and iOS versions including iPhone 13/12 and iOS 15/14.

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1 Recover deleted iMessages on iPhone Directly

Step 1: From "Recover from iOS Device" click on the option "Start" button. Connect your iPhone with your computer using a USB cable. Once the device is detected, click on the 'Next' option.

connect your device

Step 2: On the next screen, click on the checkbox adjacent to the option 'Message', and then click on the option 'Scan'. The program will start to scan your iPhone.

select data types

Step 3: Once, the scanning has been completed, the new window shows the preview of all the deleted messages. After the preview, select the iMessages you want to restore by clicking on the checkbox next to it. Finally, click on the 'Recover' option.

preview the messages

Step 4: A new pop up window appears, asking you the location where you want to save the recovered iMessages. Select the desired destination to start the recovery process. It takes a few minutes for the recovery process to complete.

2 Retrieve Deleted iMessages from iTunes Backup

Step 1: From the option "Recover from iTunes Backup", click on option "Start".

select message from itunes

Then the program will show you all the iTunes backups detected on your computer. You can choose the iTunes backup which you would like to recover your deleted iMessages from, and click "Next". The backup made for iOS 15 is also supported.

Select iTunes Backup

Step 2: A new menu appears which asks you for the type of files you want to recover. To select imessages, click on the checkbox adjacent to the option 'Message'. Then click on the option 'Scan'.

select file types

Step 3: After the scanning has been completed, the new window shows the preview of all the messages including the deleted imessages. Preview the specific content of them, and check the iMessages which you want to recover.


Step 4: After you click the "Recover" button, a new popup window appears asking you to select a location for the recovered iMessages. select a destination folder and then wait a few minutes for the recovery process to be completed.

3 Undelete iMessages from iCloud Backup

Step 1: From "Recover from iCloud", click on option "Start".

select to recover from iCloud

Step 2: The program will prompt you to enter your iCloud account details.

log in to iCloud account

Step 3: Select "iCloud Backup" and click "Scan". The program also supports to recover iMessages from the iCloud backup.

Select iCloud data type

Step 4: The program will find all iCloud backup files in your account; then, select the iCloud backup you would like to recover data from. Click "Next" on the lower right corner.

Select backup file

Step 5: Now you need to choose the data type to recover. Choose "Messages" and then click "Scan". The program will download the iCloud back and scan all the messages including iMessages in the backup file.

preview messages on icloud

Step 6: Click "Recover" to start the recovery process and a new popup window will appear. Select a location to save the recovered iMessages and then wait for the process to be completed.

Final Words

iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery makes the recovery of iMessages that much easier no matter you use iOS 15 or previous iOS versions. The user interface is extremely user-friendly and a few simple steps are all you need to recover the messages. It is also very useful when you need to recover deleted photos,  recover iPhone contacts, and more.