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Supposing I have a legal case and have texts on my iPhone. I have to transfer to my electronic mail for evidence. Need to print out texts from your iPhones? Due to different “how to crack into someone’s mobile phone text messages” reasons, you might want to print out your phone's text messages as a type of memory or signs. The answer is undoubtedly YES.

iMyfone D-Back or iMyfone D-Back for Mac gives you the ability to extract the messages in detail so that you could just and precisely select the information you need to export from iPhone or iPhone backup file. With thorough preview, you may astonishingly locate the data that you will be unexpected but eager to extract, which frees you from seeking the needed documents.

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Professional iPhone Data Extractor Software

  • Recover 22+ File types such as deleted messages, photos, notes, contacts etc;
  • Preview and extract data selectively and directly from iPhone or from iTunes/iCloud backup file;
  • Support almost all iOS device such as iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPod Touch and more.

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In order to print text messages from iPhone, you need to move them from your phone, of which iMyfone D-Back can be your ideal tool to do this job. This write up will explain to you the information about printing text messages from iPhone.

1 Print Text Messages Directly from iOS Device

Step 1. Run iMyfone D-Back

Download and install iMyfone D-Back to your own computer. Then connect your iOS device to the computer and run the software. Shortly, your device will be recognized by the computer.

Run iMyfone D-Back

Step 2. Scan your iPhone

Should you be using iPhone 4, iphone 5 or the later variants, you can directly check your system, simply click “Scan” to check the text messages on your iPhone;

Scan iPhone

Step 3. Print text messages from iPhone

Finally, after the check, all information on your iPhone will be shown in the result, it is possible to preview texts. Simply choose the ones you desire to print, and hit the Recover button to save them to your computer. Now, you can print the text message(s) from your iPhone effortlessly.

 Print text messages from iPhone

2 Print iPhone Messages from iCloud Backup

Once you have setup your iCloud properly from the first boot of your device, iCloud automatically stores a duplicate copy of your important files and documents on the cloud storage given to you by Apple. By default, Apple gives 5GB of cloud storage. You can choose to purchase more space depending on your usage and the files you choose to backup. This process however, takes message(s) stored on your iCloud backup, and exports it in a format that can be printed. Read on!

Step 1: Launch iMyfone D-Back software and click on the “Recover from iCloud Backup” tab. Click the “Start” option that will appear at the center of the software display window

 Launch iMyfone D-Back software

Step 2: The next phase will be to select the option(s) that interest us. In our own case, we want to print out messages. Tick the message option and leave the rest unchecked. By default, the software checks them all. But if you don’t want to restore or make use of other content in your iCloud backup, then just select messages as your option.

 Tick the message option

Step 3: You’ll be prompted to login to your iCloud account. As mentioned earlier, this process makes use of your already-stored iCloud backup. At this stage, you’ll see the backup files in your account. Select the one that contains the message(s) you want to print. If you are not sure of the file, there’s a “last backup time” column that shows the last time your device saved a backup file on that partition. Click on the respective backup file and then click “Next” at the bottom right corner of the screen.

login to your iCloud account

Step 4: After ticking the “Messages” option, the software will start download messages from iCloud backup file. Please wait for some seconds. Then the messages will be previewed at the center of the software preview window. Click on the “Recover” button and wait for the process to complete

 preview and recover text messages from iPhone

Locate the exported file in the directory chosen by you within the computer. Note that the exported file will be saved in an HTML format which can then be opened by any web browser and then printed from there, just like any other web page.

3 Print iPhone Messages from iTunes Backup

Just like the iCloud backup mentioned earlier, iTunes also has a backup storage where important files from our iOS devices are kept. With the right setup, iTunes will automatically be keeping a duplicate of all the files we choose to backup as well. Here’s how to achieve it:

Step 1: Click “Start” and then click on the “Recover from iTunes Backup” tab.

 Recover from iTunes Backup

Step 2: Tick/Check the “Messages” option (since we want to print out messages). Leave the rest unchecked or uncheck them manually if you have to. Note that the higher the files selected, the longer it takes to finish exporting the files.

 choose messages

Step 3: A list of the backup files you’ve saved will be displayed, where you get to choose the one that contains the message(s) you are looking for and then click “Next”.

 choose itunes backup file

Step 4: Click “Recover” and wait for the process to complete. After the recovery process has completed, go to the location on your computer where the file was exported to. You’ll observe that it will be saved in an HTML format. Double click on the exported file to open it with your default web browser. Press Ctrl + P and print the message(s) using any connected printer

 export text messages from itunes backup

Overall, iMyfone D-Back or iMyfone D-Back for Mac takes off the stress that you were supposed to pass through while trying to print text messages out from your iPhone or any other iOS device.

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