How to Recover Deleted iMessages on iPad

Data loss is a fact of life for every iPhone user and if you send and receive a lot of iMessages on your device, it is almost inevitable that you will lose some of them. The reasons for data loss are often varied. They can be anywhere from data loss to virus attacks and even an iOS upgrade that didn’t quite go as planned.

Whatever the reason for the loss, you need to be sure that you can recover the iMessages from iPad. If you have an iTunes or iCloud backup, recovery may be as easy as restoring one of the backup files. But there is a downside to restoring an iTunes or iCloud backup. It often results in the loss of all your account settings and data. This could mean that some of the data on your device that was yet to be included in the backup will be lost.

But don’t be so quick to write off your lost iMessages for good, this article will help you get them back without having to worry about altering the makeup of your device in any way.

Recover Deleted iMessages from iPad using iMyfone D-back

To recover your missing iMessages without altering the make-up of your iPad, you need a special kind of program. This special program is one that allows you to easily get all your iMessages restored to your device without further data loss. This program is known as iMyfone D-Back iPad data recovery for Win or iPad data recovery for Mac and the following are just some of the reasons why it is the best.

imyfone d-back iphone data recovery

iMyfone D-Back iPad Data Recovery

  • It is very easy to use. As we shall see very shortly, the program is quick, efficient and very easy to operate.
  • You can use it to recover data regardless of how you lost the data in the first place. You can even recover data from a damaged or broken device or a software operation gone wrong.
  • Aside from iMessages, you can recover all other types of data including music, photos, call history, videos and many more.
  • It is compatible with all iOS devices and all versions of the iOS operating system.

download-win download-mac


You can recover your missing iMessages in one of three ways; directly from your iPad, from an iTunes backup file or an iCloud backup file. The following tutorial will cover all three.

1 Recover Deleted iMessages Directly from iPad

Step 1: Download and install iMyfone D-Back to your computer and then launch the program. From the primary window, click on “Recover from iOS device” and then click on “Start.”
Recover imessages from iOS device

Step 2: Step 2: You will be required to choose the type of data you want to recover (in our case, choose “Message” under “Message & Call log”)

choose the type of data

Step 3: Connect the device to the computer using USB cables and once the program detects the iPad, click on “Scan”. When the scan is complete, preview the recovered data and select the missing iMessages. Click “Recover” and select a file path in the popup that appears.

preview the imessages

2 Recover Deleted iMessages from iPad via iTunes Backup

Step 1: From the main window, select “Recover from iTunes Backup” and then click on “Start.”

Recover from iTunes Backup

Step 2: Select “Message” as the file type you would like to recover.

select messages as the file type

Step 3: Select the iTunes backup file that likely contains the missing iMessages and then click “Scan.”

 Select the iTunes backup file

Step 4: Once the scanning process is complete, browse the recovered data to select the missing iMessages and then click “Recover.”

preview imessages in ipad

3 Recover Deleted iMessages from iPad via iCloud Backup

Step 1: From the main window, click on “Recover from iCloud Backup” and then click on “Start.”

Recover from iCloud Backup

Step 2: Select “Message” since this is the file type we want to recover.

Recover from iCloud Backup

Step 3: The next step is to sign in to your iCloud account. Enter your log in information to do so.

select icloud backup

Step 4: The program will detect all of the iCloud backup files on that account. Click on the one that may contain the deleted iMessages and then click “Next” to download the file.

preview messages on icloud

Step 5: Once the download and scanning process are complete. Select the missing iMessages and then click “Recover.”

Download iMyfone D-Back iPad data recovery for Win/iPad data recovery for Mac now to recover your deleted iMessages from iPad.

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