We have been receiving a lot of requests from our users about the deleted Snapchat photos on the iPhone.聽If you鈥檙e reading this article, you are most likely looking for the best ways to recover Snapchat photos on iPhone. Worry no more! This article depicts the unbiased tutorial to recover Snapchat photos from iPhone.聽Let鈥檚 dive it right in!

When does Snapchat delete the files?

The question is, why does the Snapchat delete the files? Being a Snapchat user, you must be well aware of the fact that Snapchat automatically deletes the sent photos and chats after the recipient has viewed or seen the content. Here is how Snapchat servers deal with the photos deletion process.

  • When the receipt views the snaps, Snapchat servers automatically delete it without any notice.
  • If you haven鈥檛 seen the snaps, they will still be deleted after 30 days.
  • Unopened snaps sent to a group are deleted by Snapchat servers after 24 hours.

Part 1. Recover Snapchat Photos from iPhone Manually

If your Snapchat photos are deleted, stop using the iPhone and do not save any more data on it 鈥 especially Snapchat. Note that using the iPhone after accidental data deletion can overwrite the deleted data and will make it impossible to recover it. Follow the listed steps to recover snapchat photos manually from the iPhone with the temporary folder.

  1. Download any file manager application like iExplorer.
  2. Connect your iPhone with the computer and open the file manager.
  3. Browse through the available folders of the iPhone and locate the Snapchat folder.
  4. Here you can find all the shared photos via Snapchat stored in the temp folder.
  5. Recover and save them to your computer.


Note: Make sure to perform the above solution within 24 hours of the photos deletion.

Question: Can I Recover Snapchat Photos on iPhone with Software?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to recover Snapchat photos deleted by the Snapchat servers by default. This is because Snapchat is developed with聽advanced technology servers designed to permanently delete its content depending upon several conditions. Therefore, it is impossible for any paid or free data recovery software for iPhone to recover Snapchat contents. However, you can still find the deleted contents in the iPhone temporary folder as discussed above 鈥 only works within the first 24 hours.

Part 2. Recover Other 18+ Data Types on iPhone with Software - D-Back (iOS 14 Supported)

If you are looking to recover other data types from iPhone without restoring or data loss, then using a third-party data recovery software is certainly the best choice.

When it comes to the perfect iPhone data recovery software, the first name that comes in the mind is iMyFone D-Back. The extensive features, user-friendly interface, easy installation聽make it the best of its kind. Learn more about how to recover deleted iPhone data with D-Back聽in the coming parts.

iMyFone D Back1,000,000+ Downloads

Key Features:

  • It can聽selectively or fully聽recover聽data from iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • It can recover聽data聽without affecting your current data聽on the iPhone.
  • You can recover data聽without installing and uninstalling apps.
  • It will recover data聽without restoring the whole backup.
  • You can view them whenever you want.
  • Compatible with almost all iOS devices and versions including iPhone 11, XR, XS, XS Max, and iOS 14/13/12.
  • Can recover 18+聽data types like contacts, call logs, notes, photos, videos, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.
  • Comes with several data recovery modes including iTunes Backup, iCloud Backup, and iOS device.
  • D-Back features the utmost data security and keeps the user information and content safer.
  • There are no data loss risks.

Windows version Mac version

Option 1. How to Recover Other 18+ Types of Data from iPhone (iOS 14 Supported)

Here is how you can recover other 18+ types of data from iPhone with iMyFone D-Back:

Step 1. Launch iMyFone D-Back and click 鈥淪tart鈥 after selecting the 鈥淩ecover from iOS Device鈥 tab.

Recover from iOS Device Tab

Step 2. Connect the iPhone with the computer and click 鈥淣ext鈥 after a few seconds.

connect your device

Step 3. Select the file types you need聽and click 鈥淪can鈥.

select data types

Step 4. After the scan completes, view the recoverable files. Then choose the one you want聽and click 鈥淩ecover鈥澛爐o save them locally.

Preview File from iOS Tab

Windows version Mac version

Option 2. How to Recover Other 18+ Types of Data from iTunes Backup

Following is the step-by-step guide to recover 18+ types of data from iTunes Backup via D-Back:

Step 1. Go to the 鈥淩ecover from iTunes Backup鈥 tab and click 鈥淪tart鈥.

Recover from iTunes

Step 2. Sign into the iTunes account and enter the password if it is encrypted.聽Select the most recent backup by looking at the date and time of each backup and click 鈥淣ext鈥.

Select iTunes Backup

Step 3. Select the data types of your lost data and click 鈥淪can鈥 to proceed.

select file types

Step 4. After scanning, select the files you want to recover from the preview.聽Click 鈥淩ecover鈥 to complete the process.

Preview File from iTunes Tab

Windows version Mac version

Option 3. How to Recover Other 18+ Types of Data from iCloud Backup

Following is the step-by-step guide to recover 18+ types of data from iCloud Backup via D-Back:

Step 1. Launch iMyFone D-Back and click 鈥淪tart鈥 under the 鈥淩ecover from iCloud Backup鈥 option.

Recover from iCloud

Step 2. Enter the iCloud login details to continue.

Fill in your iCloud account

Step 3. Select the most relevant iCloud backup. Click 鈥淣ext鈥.

Select iCloud Backup

Step 4. Choose聽the data types, for instance, video and photos聽to start scanning.

Select the files you wish to recover

Step 5.聽After scanning, you can聽preview the list of recoverable聽files.聽All you need to do now is to select what you need and tap 鈥淩ecover鈥澛爐o complete.

Preview File from iCloud Tab

Windows version Mac version


Unless you want to restore your iPhone, lose all data, and recover data with iPhone backups from scratch, using iMyFone D-Back to recover data is the best option. Not only you will be able to preview the recoverable聽data with聽the free version, but you can also fully or selectively recover it.

Note that data previewed with the free version is the same with which can be recovered from the paid version. Make sure to follow the above solutions step-by-step and you are most likely to recover 18+ data easily.

Of course, we will try our best to make our program recover Snapchat photos as soon as possible聽to solve the issue of recovering Snapchat photos from the iPhone.聽In case of further questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a reply below.