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iPhone Microphone Not Working? Here are the solutions

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Francisco Spearman

May 9, 2018 (Updated: May 9, 2018)• Filed to: iPhone Issues

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Microphone plays a major role in the iPhone. The entire sound system will be affected if there is an issue with the microphone. You have to sort it out as soon as possible. You will face a lot of inconveniences due to damaged microphones. The major issue is that you may not hear the voice during your phone call. It sounds really troublesome, am I right? Yes, of course you need a microphone for a call, chat, while recording videos and connecting with the social network etc. Fix the issue with the microphone if you want to work with the sounds. It serves as a key factor related to the sound system in your device. In case, if your iPhone microphone is not working then read through this article carefully in order to fix the issue within a short period.

Test microphone before further trying

Initially you have to test your microphone before deciding with the trouble shooting techniques. You can make use of three different methods to test your microphone in your device. These methods will give a clear picture about the current state of the microphone. Is it working good or not? Let us learn to test the state of microphone by following the below given steps.

Via Voice Memos: Try out voice memos to test the microphone. Just do it step by step.

Step 1: Unlock your device and click on the ‘Voice memos’ icon in the home screen of your device.

Step 2: Make sure to speak closer to the microphone. Press the ‘Record’ button which is displayed as a red icon and speak up closer to the microphone.

Step 3: Press the red icon again to stop the recording activity.

Step 4: Now tap the ‘Play’ button in order to hear the recorded voice.

Step 5: If you are able to hear the voice without any interruptions then your microphone is in proper working condition.

Step 6: In case, if there is no sound then it is high time to fix the issue.

Via Siri: The next method to test the microphone is to get connected with the Siri app. Press and hold the ‘Home’ button. Siri pops up and listen to your queries. Talk to Siri and wait for the response. You will receive the right answer from Siri if the microphone works well,  else you may end up with the wrong answer. You can also talk a little louder and test your microphone.

Via Camera or Face time: Make use of the video feature built-in the camera and Facetime app. Open the camera app and select the video mode. Now tap the record button for a while and stop it by pressing the red icon again. Click the ‘Play’ button to view the recorded file. If the audio is clear then there is no issue with the microphone. Suppose, if there is no audio in the recorded file then you have to identify right solution to fix the issue with the microphone.

How to fix microphone not working on iPhone

Note down the tips listed below to fix the issue related to microphone. Follow the simple steps to restore the audio issue in your device.

1. Remove iPhone case

Try to remove the cover in your device. Remove the case, screen protector etc. You have to make sure the outlet of the speakers and mic in your device are free from external disturbances.

2. Keep Microphone Clean

Clean your microphone. Remove the dirt and dusts in the path where the sound travels. These dust particles may reduce the quality of the sound. Clean the microphone with the help of dust blowers and tooth picks. Be careful while cleaning the microphone. Do not damage it during the cleaning process.

Keep Microphone Clean

3. Turn off noise cancellation

Noise disrupts the flow of quality sound signal. Turn off the noise on your device to improve the sound quality. Look up the steps to turn off the noise cancellation feature.

Step 1: Unlock your device and go to the ‘Settings’.

Step 2: Click the ‘General’ option and navigate to ‘Accessibility’.

Step 3: You have to scroll down to reach the necessary feature.

Step 4: Search for ‘Phone Noise cancellation’ and if you notice a green button then tap it to turn off this feature.

Turn off noise cancellation

Carry out the above steps to turn off noise cancellation feature in your iPhone.

4. Check Headphone Jack

Remove the dusts and dirt in the headphone jack. Disconnect the headphone jack from your device. Use the dust blower and tooth pick to clean the headphone jack. Remove the unnecessary dust particles in order to increase the quality of the sound signal in your iPhone.

5. Fix microphone not working without data loss

Resolve the issue with one tap by making use of iMyFone iOS System Recovery,  a reliable tool with mind the core feature to fix various iPhone issues with ease. Download this software at a reasonable rate. Fix all the iOS issues in no time using this awesome software. It sounds cool! Yeah, surf through the steps listed below to fix the microphone issue without losing any data in your iPhone.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Step 1: Install this program on your computer, then launch it and repair your device by choosing the ‘Standard mode’.

Step 2: Follow the instructions on the interface to put your iPhone into recovery mode or DFU mode.

Step 3: Your device will enter into the DFU mode by carrying out this process. Next step is to download the appropriate firmware based on your device.

Step 4: Tap the ‘Start to Fix’ button to trigger the resolving process soon after the completion of firmware download. Wait for few minutes to fix the iOS issues in your device.

fix ios system

iMyFone iOS System Recovery software is the right choice when it comes to fixing the iOS issues. Go ahead and purchase this tool to sort out any type of iOS concerns in your device. It is reliable software. Hurry up and download now by visiting the official website of iMyFone Data recovery tool. While making use of this app you will not lose any data and your iPhone issues will be restored in no time. Recover your iPhone data through effective tool. 

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