3 ways to delete all photos from iPad

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Photos and selfies are nothing but memories, and we take a lot of photos on a regular basis in our everyday life. But iPad or different smartphone have some limitations. When the storage gets full, iPads run slower. Thus, we feel the need of deleting photos from our iPads. Moreover, it is considered that the tabloid is not permanent. Thus, the photos need to be transferred into some permanent storage and then must be deleted from the iPads. Sometimes, photos are deleted from an iPad for safety reasons. If you are also the one who wish to delete all the photos from your iPad then you can perform it by two particular ways- deleting directly from the iPad or using iTunes.

3 ways to delete all photos from iPad

1. How to delete > recovry > remove permanently iPad photos

Managing photos on an iPad is important and it includes the deleting of photos, recovering and deleting them permanently. For deleting the photos from the trashcan, the following steps are to be followed.

• First of all, launch the photos app on the iPad. Then tap on the photos tab at the bottom.

• The tab will let you go through the collection and to the moments as well. Now, go to the moments section.

• Then tap select which is on the right top side of the screen.

• Then tap the select option that is next to photos and don’t select single photo.

• On the bottom right, the Trash Can button is available. Select it and confirm the deletion of photos. These steps can be used for deleting both single photos and all photos form iPad.

ipad photos

When you delete all photos from iPad, there are chances that you did it accidentally and thus you need to recover the photos. Follow the steps mentioned below for recovering the photos.

• Select the photos app in the iPad and select the albums tab.

• Then select the Recently Deleted album

• On the top right side, tap the select button.

• Select the photos that you wish to recover and then tap on the bottom left button Recover.

ipad photo recovery

If you wish to delete the photos permanently then it is also possible.

• Choose the photos app in your iPad and then select the albums tab.

• Choose the recently deleted album and tap on the select button.

• Select all the images that you wish to delete permanently and then select the Delete button.

ipad itunes

2. Delete iPad photos via iTunes

Another way that can be used to delete all photos iPad is through the iTunes.

• First of all, connect the iPad with a computer. The photos synced with the computer need to be un-synced and only then they can be deleted. If you try to delete them directly from iPad then the delete option will not be available.

• Then open iTunes and manage the photos in your iPad. Select iPad from devices and click the photos tab. It will show the number of albums that are synced and then you can either sync or un-sync all the albums.

• Uncheck all the albums that are not needed by you anymore.

• If you wish to remove individual images then you need to remove them from the album and then sync the iPad.

ipad itunes

3. Managing photos on iPad with a cleaner

Unnecessary photos and apps need to be deleted from your iPad so that it can function at proper speed. The iMyfone Umate iPhone Cleaner is the app that is the best storage cleaner for iPads. It identifies all the apps and files in an iPad and deletes all the temporary files, cookies, cache, etc. It can sense the unnecessary things in the iPad. The corrupted files are also deleted by it. Moreover, the images stored in the iPad are also checked and deleted. They are compressed properly so that they occupy less amount of space. For using the app, follow the steps mentioned below.

Windows version Mac version

Step 1. Connect the iPad with the machine

Then the iPhone cleaner will show up the interface and you will be able to perform the required task.

connect ipad to umate

Step 2. Click “QuickScan” to scan your iPad, and it will show the results, like what amount of space is occupied at which place.

scan ipad

Step 3. You can choose to compress the photos. Thus, the photos will look same but the space occupied will be less.

Then click on the “Backup & Compress” option. As a result, The original photos will be backed up and the photos will be compressed. Almost 75% of the storage space will be freed up through this process.

compress ipad photos

You can also choose “Backup & Delete” option, and delete the photos. The app will also show how much space has been reclaimed.

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