iPhone Keeps Saying Storage Almost Full? Here Is The Solution!

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As iPhone users, encountering the alert “iPhone storage almost full” is pretty familiar. And you may ask: "why? I don’t think I have overused it? I just have several third party apps and less than 50 songs! Why iPhone says storage almost full when it's not? " Well, let us analyze the reasons and discuss the solutions to fix it.

Common Reasons Leading to iPhone Storage Full Error

1. Too much use traces, such as app caches, temporary files, download logs, user storage files and more.
2. Shoot or download too many photos and videos.
3. Too many previously deleted files still exist on your iPhone.

So in the course of using iPhone, more and more data is piled up on iPhone, visibly and invisibly, especially for these 16GB iPhone 5S/5C/SE. iPhone storage full error lead to not only can not take more photos /videos, it may even lead to black screen or iPhone freezing!

iPhone Storage Full

How to Fix iPhone Storage Almost Full Problem

Is there any easy and effective method to solve the issue when iPhone keeps saying storage is almost full? Let's check the solutions one by one.

1 Clear up Junk & Temporary Files, App Caches

There is no option within iPhone to view and delete all junk and temporary files, and for App caches, only Safari provides the function of removing cookies and history. So we need the help of a professional iPhone space cleaner. iMyFone Umate Free can do this well, it's a freeware but have the powerful function of deleting all junk & temporary files on iPhone, including App caches.

Windows version

No need to open each app and browser, no need to search junk files in different pages/apps, and no need to worry about deleting important files, Umate Free offers you an handy solution to clean all types of junk & temporary files by one-click.

iPhone Storage Full

2 Bulk Delete Photos and Videos

Media files like photos and videos always eat up too much iPhone space. So delete all the unwanted and useless photos and videos can save massive storage for iPhone. You can delete these files in the Setting app on iPhone. Or directly remove them in the App itself.

However, if you'are looking for a more effective way to bulk delete multiple photos and videos, then, you can try the pro version of Umate Free. iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac can reclaim at least 75 % of photo space and give the optoin to mass remove all videos over 5 MB in 1-click:

Windows version Mac version

  • Compress Photos: This can release 75% of your photo storage without any deletion. The compression won’t lead to quality loss.
  • Mass Delete Photos: For unwanted photos, this program give you the option to quickly select and mass delete all them in just several seconds.
  • Remove All Large Videos: Umate Pro can find all the videos whose sizes are over 5MB on your iPhone. Now you can filter these videos according to any size you set to delete.

All original photos/videos are backed up automatically on PC before compression and deletion.

iPhone 5s Storage Full error

3 Permanently Erase All Deleted Files

Why we should deal with deleted files? Because normal deletion will not let the files gone forever, they still exist on your iPhone before being completely overwritten. So if you have deleted hundreds of photos, then maybe these photos are still eating up your storage. That's can explain why iPhone keeps saying storage full but its not.

What’s more, if you have deleted some sensitive files, I’m sure you wouldn’t want any other people to see it, but the problem is that these private files may still exist and can be recovered by recovery software. If so, it may lead to privacy leak.

So the best solution is to erase permanently these deleted files, not only for space saving but also for privacy protection. To do this, Umate Pro is still helpful. You can download the free trial version and scan your iPhone in the mode of “Erase Deleted Files”, to confirm if it’s necessary for you to erase your deleted records.

iPhone says Storage Full when it's not


Photos and videos deleted by "1-click free up space" are just normally deleted, they still can be recovered, to make them gone forever, you should choose the 3 following erasing mode.

Steps of Using Umate Pro to Fix Storage Full Error

Step 1: Free download the program and run it, then connect your iPhone.

iPhone says Storage Full when it's not

Step 2: Choose the cleanup mode to use: if just want a normal deletion, choose "1-Click Free Up Space"; if want to permanently erase your data, choose from "Erase All Data","Erase Deleted Files" and "Erase Private Data".

iPhone says Storage Full iphone 6

Step 3: Click "Clean"/"Erase Now" to start iPhone cleanup.

iPhone Storage Full but not

With all these effective features, the problem of iPhone storage almost full will surely be solved! iMyFone Umate iPhone cleaner supports a wide range of iOS devices including iPhone series, iPad series, and iPod Touch series! You can free download it and have a try.

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