What is Documents and Data on iPhone iOS 11? Why So Huge?

Don’t have enough free storage space in your iPhone iOS 11 to capture new photos? Does your iPhone get stuck if playing high end games on it? Are you looking forward to sell your iPhone for new iPhone 8 just because you iPhone run slower and slower?

Whіle some smartphone brands have buіlt-іn SD card slots, Apple devіces are known for theіr lack of upgradable hardware storage. You might run out of space on your iPhone iOS 11 after accumulating files and Apps. Even though you are not aware, a lot of free space in your iPhone has been acquired by various files, that is "Documents and Data" on iPhone iOS 11, which you really don’t use. But don't worry, you just need to figure out those files and delete them from your iPhone.

What is “Documents and Data” on iPhone?

If you check on online forums, you would figure out that a lot of free iPhone space has been acquired by iPhone documents and data. What is these Documents and Data on iPhone iOS 11?

When you have a look at your iPhone, you would figure out that some apps in your device are consuming a lot of storage space. Go to Setting > General > Usage, tap on such an application, you would see that “Documents and Data” are the culprits of it.

However, you will not be able to delete these "Documents and Data", because they are highlighted in gray color. You will not even be able to click on them. Then, isn’t there a convenient option available to delete documents and data on iPhone iOS 11?

Delete app documents data iphone

How to Clear “Documents and Data” on iPhone

Method 1 Uninstall & Reinstall Apps

This can be considered as a straight method available to delete document and data on iPhone iOS 11 and get some free space back. In fact, it would be the easiest way available for you to clear up iPhone documents and data.

In order to delete the app, you will need to tap on an icon and press on the “x” mark. Then you can visit the App Store, search for that app and reinstall it on your device.

This method can help you to clear all the data that is associated with it. However, you need to make sure that the data in your app is not backed up to iCloud. Or it might be auto synced to your iPhone iOS 11 later. And if you want to keep some important data of the App, such as business messages, app attachment etc, then this method will not be suitable.

Method 2 Delete Data If Possible

You can also think about deleting data, as some app have the option of deleting document and data within it, such as Safari. In order to do that, you will need to open the applications one by one and tap on delete documents and data option. However, you need to keep in mind that some data files cannot be deleted with this option. In addition, this is a very time consuming process as well.

The following are some documents and data on iPhone iOS 11 that can be deleted:

  • Safari: clear cache, reading list, history, cookies
  • Messages: clear message attachments, old conversations
  • Mail: clearing out old mail and attachments
  • iTunes: Music, Movies & TV Shows, Thumbnail cache
  • Voicemail: Delete all voicemail

Method 3 iMyFone Umate Pro - Delete All Kinds of "Document and Data" from iPhone

The most effective way to delete "Documents and Data" from iPhone iOS 11 is to use a professional iPhone Cleaner. iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac can be considered as a perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact. With this iPhone iOS 11 cleaner, everything become so easy.

  1. It can detect and find out all these useless "Documents and Data", so you don't need to check "Document and Data" from one App to another.
  2. It delete only junk files, won't remove any important files, you won't lost useful data by deleting this "Document and Data" from iPhone iOS 11.
  3. This will be time saving, all will be done in just one click, and you'll know clearly how many storage you can get back by doing this, as the program will show you the space saving results.
  4. Umate can detect and list all large files, so you can preview and mass delete them to save huge iPhone storage.
  5. Except the useless files, Umate also provides the space saving solution for useful files, it can compress photos to reclaim 75% of photo space, also can bulk delete all photos/videos with an auto backup for the original files on your PC.

iMyFone is trusted by thousands of users (every year) and reported by well-known media around the world.

Try It FreeTry It Free

In fact, it would be the most convenient method available for you to clear documents and data on iPhone. You just need to install this application on your desktop computer.

3 Steps to Delete "Documents and Data" on iPhone iOS 11

Step 1: Download and install iMyFone iPhone Cleaner on your PC. Link your iPhone to it with USB cable.

connect iPhone to pc

Step 2: Go to 1-Click Free Up Space tab and hit Quick Scan button. When scan finishes, it will show you how much storage can be cleaned up on your iPhone iOS 11.


Step 3: Hit Clean button of the files that you want to delete.(if you want to delete videos, click Clean button of Large Files; and for photos, you can choose to compress or delete photos. Before deleting or compressing, the selected photos/videos will be backed up to PC firstly.)


This method would assist you to get rid of the files, which cannot be deleted in normal ways as well. Therefore, any iPhone user who is struggling with free storage space can download it without a doubt on mind.

Key Features of iMyFone Umate Pro

  • Scan your iPhone and clean 30+ hidden junk files with a click.
  • Clear all invisible temporary files hidden in each app.
  • Compressing photos losslessly & mass deleting multiple photos, with auto backup for orignal photos on PC.
  • Detect all large files over 5MB, you can preview and selectively bulk delete them.
  • List all apps according to their size, so you can selectively mass remove all unwanted Apps.
  • Privacy protection - permanently erase private iOS data, including current personal files and previously deleted sensitive files. The erased data cannot be recovered by any data recovery software.


If you want to clear up or delete music on your iPhone, please try this iPhone music transfer, which can freely transfer iPhone music between iPhone and iTunes/PC, as well as delete and export iPhone music.

Documents and data will remain one of the main contributors to storage space problems in your iPhone. A quick check on your iPhone will show that it consumes a large chunk of your storage space and requires attention if you must get the maximum benefit out of your iPhone.

  • Joulin

    documents and data really occupy much space on iPhone, should be deleted!

  • Peeny

    Look at my Wechat, occupy 6GB, but the app itself olny 130MB, all the others are document and data.

  • Jefferey

    I get the drift of trying to delete extra data from the iPhone, but hope important files and documents wont be deleted too?

    • That won’t happen! With iMyfone Umate, you can firstly preview all the files, then select the files to delete. Umate will only delete the files selected, and for important files,such as photos and videos, Umate will back up automatically the original files on your PC.

  • Spencer

    I’m always skeptical of tips that are destructive in nature. Why do I have to delete and reinstall when I can use an app to do it without deletion? Makes more sense to me.

    • Yeah. i agree with you, uninstall and reinstall again and again, that’s boring and time wasting.

  • Esabelle

    Hope Apple can provide an option to clear documents and data in the future.

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