You Should Consider Your iPhone Photo Size!

Each time you press the screen catch on an iPhone 5S or more current, there's a chance programming calculations will advise the camera to take two pictures rather than one. It is important to know the iPhone photo size.

One will be a typical photograph, and the other HDR. Fundamentally, the HDR photograph consolidates various lighter and darker pictures into a solitary picture that can get out more points of interest the brilliant and dull locales of a scene.

You can set the iPhone to consequently erase the non-HDR picture, or turn HDR off. However, once more, as a matter of course the iPhone will regularly spare two photographs rather than one.


Steps to Check iPhone Photo Size

This will give you the careful measure of space devoured by photos and recordings brought with the iPhone camera in iOS. Following are steps you can consider iPhone photo size:

Step 1: Go to "Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage" on your iPhone.
Step 2: All apps will be listed there with the occupied space. You can find your iPhone photo size beside "Photos & Camera".

You may not choose how large of each photos. But you can set up the photo settings to avoid saving duplicate photos on your iPhone.

Step 1: Go to "Settings > Photos & Camera".
Step 2: Turn "Keep Normal Photo" off. Then your iPhone will only save the HDR version without the normal version.

However, you can also rezie iPhone photos then.

How to Resize Photos on iPhone

1 Manually Resize Photos on iPhone

This would be complicated or not user-friendly method. But I suppose you may want to know. You need the help of the mail app.

Step 1: Open Photo app on your iPhone and check the photos you want to resize.
Step 2: Tap the Action button and choose "Mail".
Step 3: It will turn to Mail app. Fill the "To" and "Subject".
Step 4: Tap "Send" button and choose the photo size according to your needs. The compressed photos will be sent to your email.
Step 5: Delete the original photos on your iPhone and download the resized ones from email.

Note that you can only resize 5 photos for each email.

resize photo iphone

2 1-Click to Resize iPhone Photo wihout Quality Loss

The manual way to resize iPhone photo is not easy and convenient for most iPhone users. Luckily, you have a much easier method from iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. It is an iOS space saver, not only to free up space but also to boost iOS performance. All your iPhone photos can be compressed once to save 75% photo space. No visible quality will be damaged. Besides, you will have a photo backuo on computer before photo compression.

Windows version Mac version

So how can we do so?

  1. Launch iMyFone Umate Pro and connect your iPhone to computer
  2. Tap "Photos" tab at the bottom of home interface and choose "Backup & Compress".
  3. Then the all your photos will be backed up to computer and photos will be resized then.

resize photo iphone

Compressing iPhone photos is not the only what iMyFone Umate Pro can do for your iPhone photos. It still has other amazing features to manage your iPhone photo storage.

So how iMyFone Umate Pro can resize your iPhone photo?

  • It helps thoroughly clean photo cache to free up space and optimize iOS performance. Not only photo cache, but also iTunes cache, app cache, corrupted files, crash logs, etc. will be cleaned once. It is for free trial. Have a shot!
  • It helps back up your iPhone photos to computer and simply delete them from your iPhone. It is not permanent and deleted photos can be recovered.
  • It helps permanently delete photos from your iPhone. Once done, deleted photos are 100% unrecoverable. No trace of recovery will be left.
  • It helps find out previously deleted photos which are still under the risk of recovery and permanently destroy them. Even the best recovery tool cannot access them again.

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