These days, relationships are often forged, maintained and ruined through technology. Why? Well, phones are where ninety-nine percent of communication takes place, whether that is text messages, social apps or calling. But, if someone has blocked your number, there's no crystal-clear way to confirm that.

So, here are some things you can try to see if someone has blocked you from calling them:

1. Call the Person Directly

The first thing you should try is calling the contact directly on your iPhone and see what happens as it tries to connect. If you haven't been blocked, then the ringtone will just be normal until they either answer or voicemail kicks in. But, if there is a problem, then one of two things will happen:

calling on iphone

  • The call will just get diverted to voicemail straight away. If this happens, then you might think that nothing is untoward as it's allowing you to leave a voicemail. But, don't be fooled, because they'll never receive the voicemail either. It's actually a common sign of your number being blocked.
  • The call will cut off and you'll hear a busy tone. Again, this is a common indication that your number has been blocked by the other person.

It's important to remember not to instantly assume that you've been blocked. Yes, these are strong signs, but these two can also happen when the phone is turned off, there's no signal or the battery is dead.

2. Send the Person an iMessage

A great strategy to attempt is sending them an iMessage, that's if you both have an iPhone with the feature enabled of course. By doing this, you'll get a better idea of whether you can communicate with their phone or not. When you send an iMessage, a sending bar will appear at the top, and then if all is well, a 'delivered' tag will show up underneath the text.

send imessages

However, if the sending bar gets stuck, and it doesn't end up delivering, then that highlights an issue. Either their phone is off, or they have no service. In that case, continue trying to ring them throughout the next 24-48 hours – if they message still doesn't deliver and you still can't get through to them, then you've probably been blocked.

3. Turn Off Caller ID

With this one, you'll want to ring the person first, and see what happens. If your call is just being diverted to voicemail, or it's being cut off abruptly, then that's when you want to adopt this method.

Go to your iPhone settings, select 'Phone', and then toggle the button on the 'Show My Caller ID' so that it's off.

show my caller id

Now that you've turned off Caller ID, when you ring the person, it will bypass any block if there's one in place as the phone won't have any number to assess. So, if a second ago your call wasn't going through, but now it's ringing, then you may assume that you've been blocked.

Although, with this technique, the person could possibly answer the phone as they won't know it's you. In that case, you'll be able to ask them if they've blocked you and find out for sure what the situation is.

4. Remove the Person from Your Contact List

If you're trying to call someone that is in your contact list, but you're having no luck with it, then go ahead and delete that contact. Before you delete the contact, make a note of the number, so that you still have access to it.

delete contact iphone

Once you've deleted it, go to your messages, select new message and type the number into the recipient box.

If the phone recognizes the number, then it will come up as a suggested contact after you've typed in a few of the numbers. On the contrary, if you've been blocked, the number or contact won't show whatsoever as a suggested recipient.

5. Tip: How to Recover Your Deleted Call History

In some instances, you may need to recover your deleted call history, which requires a piece of external software. If you do need to go down this route, then check out this article for further guidance, just click here.

select the missing call history

Like we've already mentioned, you'll never fully guarantee if someone has blocked you from calling unless they admit it to you themselves. So, try out some of our tips, and hopefully you find out for certain.