One of the dreadful experiences a modern-day individual may experience is losing his or her mobile device. Due to one reason or another, you may lose your iPhone anywhere, anytime. Things can become scarier if you have lost the phone and it is switched off. If you have faced such annoying experience and wonder how to find your lost iPhone, then you are reading the right kind of article.

Losing your iPhone can be really stressful due to two obvious reasons:

  • iPhones are generally expensive. 
  • Someone can get hold of your sensitive personal information stored in the device.

Although there can be several ways to cover the cost of your lost iPhone, the damage that others can do using your personal information is hardly recoverable. That is why you should know how to find lost iphone as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can rely on Find My iPhone, the most efficient and reliable software tool that can find your lost iPhone.

From this point onwards, we explain how to use Find My iPhone and get hold of your beloved device quicker. Apart from that, this specific software tool can necessarily find other Apple devices too. With the assistance of this respective software, you will be able to track down the last known location of your iPhone even it is switched off or not connected to the internet. In addition to that, if your iPhone is stolen, this software can help you locking down it and wiping off all the data. Such approach can ensure that your privacy is not compromised.

How to Set up Find My iPhone on Your iPhone/iPad

Before you learn how to use Find My iPhone software, you should get it properly set up on your iPhone or iPad device.

How to Set up Find My iPhone on Your iPhone/iPad

  1. Go to the settings menu of your device and tap your iCloud account listed under your name. However, if you are using an older version (iOS 10.2 or earlier), you can go to Settings and select iCloud straightaway.
  2. You will be able to see the Find My iPhone app under the iCloud, then just tap it.
  3. Then, sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  4. Now, you will need to switch on the options called “Find My iPhone” and “Send Last Location”.


Tip: The other Apple devices such as Apple Watch and AirPod that are paired to your iPhone or iPad, will be configured automatically at the completion of the above setup.

How to Use Find My iPhone to Locate The Lost iPhone

With An iOS Device

1. Get hold onto another iOS device.

2. Tap on the Find My iPhone app located in the Apps.

3. Enter your device’s Apple ID and password.

4. On the screen, you will be able to notice a compass. In addition to that, you can see the term “Locating”. It means that the tracking process is started. A couple of notifications will appear; these notifications will let you allow Find My iPhone app to turn on the option called “Send Last Location”.

5. You will be directed to a map by now. This map will show the locations of all the devices you own.

6. Identify your lost device and zoom in.

7. After locating your iPhone, you have a couple of options to consider.

  • Play a sound if you are really close to the device.
  • Switch it into “Lost Mode” and make it send its location.
  • If you cannot accomplish any of the above, go to Erase iPhone (so your data will not be misused by a third party).

8. After selecting the appropriate option, sign out from Find my iPhone.



  1. Use a web browser and type in
  2. Enter the credentials to log into your iCloud account.
  3. Go to Find iPhone (which is located in the main menu).
  4. You will be required to enter Apple ID and password to sign in.
  5. Select “All Devices” and go to the device you need to locate.
  6. Now, you can zoom in the map and locate your device closely. Now can simply choose an option from the upper right corner.
  7. Play a sound (if the device is left on silent mode and it is somewhere in the house, this can be useful).
  8. Lost mode (you can enter a contact number which will be displayed on the screen of the lost device together with a notification sound).
  9. Erase mode (if you are unable to get your device back, erase all the data).


What If Find My iPhone Isn’t Working

Common reasons that Find My iPhone may not work

After a successful configuration of Find My iPhone app, your iOS device may not show up due to three reasons.

  • The device’s battery is dead or it is switched off
  • The device doesn’t have access to internet
  • The device’s Location Service is turned off

Available Options When Find My iPhone Doesn’t Work

  1. Enable “Notify Me When Found” option to let the Find My iPhone app notify you as soon as it is connected to internet.
  2. Select any of three options (Play Sound, Lost Mode or Erase); the selected option will get activated as soon as the device is connected to internet.
  3. Select “Remove from Account” (if you have purposely got rid of the device and you don’t need to track it any more).

Quick Quiz about Find My iPhone & Your iPhone Data

Can I find my iPhone /iPad if the SIM card is removed?

As long as your device is turned on and connected to internet, you can do it. When connected to internet, Find My iPhone app can locate your device’s current location.

Can I locate my iPhone /iPad if I had Location Services turned off, or Airplane Mode turned on?

You cannot. There is no way for your device to send its location with such configuration.

Can I locate my iPhone /iPad if it’s been erased or restored?

There is no way to track your iPhone if it is restored or erased.

Can I start using iCloud after my iPhone is stolen to wipe the phone?

No. You must have iCloud configured with Find My iPhone app before losing the device.

How to find a lost iPhone that is turned off or offline?

As long as your iPhone is turned off, you cannot track it. However, you can keep the “Notify Me When Found” option activated in order to get a notification as soon as your device goes online.

How can I get my data back from my lost iPhone?

You cannot acquire data from a lost physical device. But, you can restore data available in your iTunes or iCloud backup using a software tool like iMyFone D-Back. You can use their trial version and get a clear idea about its functionality and usefulness.

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If you have lost your iPhone or iPad, you don’t need to feel helpless anymore thanks to Find My iPhone. Just follow the steps we have mentioned above and get hold on to your precious iOS device again. We really appreciate it if you can leave a comment below and share the experience you have with Find My iPhone.