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    [Solved] Can I Mirror iPhone to PC without Software?


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    Would you consider viewing your iPhone on a larger screen, such as on a desktop/laptop or a smart television? There are several reasons why iPhone users might want to mirror their iPhone screen to a Mac or a Windows PC: giving presentations in front of a large screen is more productive, playing video games is much more enjoyable, sharing photos and videos with friends and family can be a pleasure, and watching movies on a big screen is relaxing.

    mirror iphone to windows pc laptop

    We all know that we can mirror our iPhones to a Mac with AirPlay built-in Apple devices. So is it possible to cast iPhone screen on a Windows PC without any Apps? Read on to find the answer and we have compiled a list of some of the best iPhone and iPad apps that you can use to cast your iPhone or iPad screen to your PC or Mac.

    In this article:

    Part 1. Is It Possible to Screen Mirror iPhone to PC without Software

    No! Screen mirroring is a method of viewing all the content from your smartphone on any large screen such as a television, tablet, or PC. You can mirror iPhone to a Mac without any apps with AirPlay. However, it is not possible to cast iPhone screen onto a Windows PC without any apps. Therefor, you will need to download a tool for help. 

    Part 2. Top 4 Softwares to Mirror iPhone to Windows PC

    The following section provides examples of four Apps and tutorials of how you can emulate AirPlay on your computer by mirroring the iPhone to your PC. 

    1 iMyFone MirrorTo

    iMyFone MirrorTo brings a sense of vivacity to PC gaming that may not be experienced with other mirroring applications. We like iMyFone MirrorTo most because it allows us to mirror screen on both Windows and Mac computers. And it also supports Andorid & iOS devices too. What's more, you don't need to download any software on your iPhone, you just need to download it on your PC, then you can cast your iPhone screen to your Windows PC/Mac freely.

    mirrortoiconMirror iPhone to PC without Downloading Software on iPhone
    • iMyFone MirrorTo stands out among other screen mirroring options because it provides high definition fluent mirroring with stable connection and easy operation.
    • The easiest way to screen share most iOS and Android devices with your computer.
    • Easily manage social apps like Snapchat, Whatsapp or mobile games likePUBG Mobile on your PC without any lag.
    • You can stream the audio and display from in-app presentations to conferencing software. 

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    Video Tutorial on How to Mirror iPhone to Windows PC:


    Steps to Follow:

    1. Download and open the app on your PC. Connect your iPhone and PC with the same Wi-Fi connection.
    2. Go to "Control Center" and click "Screen Mirroring".

      screen mirroring iphone to pc

    3. Go to "Settings", then enter "Bluetooth" and pair the bluetooth between your phone and computer.
    4. bluetooth pairing your device and computer



      Please confirm whether your computer's Bluetooth supports screen casting, if not, you can purchase a Mini USB Bluetooth Dongle 5.0 Adaptor for PC. And check out here: How to fix Bluetooth pairing failure after iOS screen mirroring?

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    2 Lonely Screen

    In the list of our top four, Lonely Screen was ranked second. This software allows you to mirror your iPhone on your desktop or laptop. Your PC becomes an AirPlay-compatible device with just a single click. Upon enabling AirPlay on Windows PCs, you will be able to mirror the contents of your phone onto the screen. AirPlay receiver LonelyScreen is available for both Windows and Mac computers. Just like an Apple TV, you are able to cast content from your iPhone to your computer screen.


  • Your iPhone/iPad will not require any extra installation. Just download and install LonelyScreen on your PC or Mac.
  • Airplay mirroring is supported by Lonely Screen. With Lonely Screen, you can cast the screen from your iPhone or iPad to your computer.

  • 3 LetsView

    Screen sharing software Let'sView can be used on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Users have the option of viewing photos, watching videos, and playing mobile games on a larger display screen. Screen mirroring users will be able to utilize features such as full-screen, whiteboard, and screenshots. 

    apowermirror app

    4 ApowerMirror

    In this case, ApowerMirror is an app which utilizes mainstream mirroring technologies to provide high-quality screen mirroring and streaming. Through Wi-Fi or USB, you can mirror a user's Android or iOS device to their PC, and even cast it to a TV without any lag issues. In this way, you are able to enjoy seamless screen mirroring, along with audio sharing.  

    apowermirror app

    Mirroring 4 devices simultaneously to your PC is possible with ApowerMirror. A mouse can be used to move around the screen, and a keyboard can be used to type. Emulators are no longer required to play mobile games on a PC because you can screen mirror and play efficiently on your computer. In addition to pre-set virtual keys and customizable options, you will be able to adapt to it in a matter of minutes.

    In addition to presentations and home entertainment, this app can also be used for gaming sessions, live streaming, intelligent education, and much more.

    Part 3. Top 4 Softwares to Mirror iPhone to Mac

    We have attempted to highlight the four best methods to mirror the iPhone to Mac. AirPlay is one of the most popular ways to mirror the iPhone to a Windows PC.

    1 iMyFone MirrorTo

    Not only Windows, iMyFone MirrorTo also support Mac.

    iMyFone MirrorTo

    Key Features:

    • You can also easily save screenshots and share the pictures with your friends.
    • Easily record your fantastic gaming moments with just one click.
    • It provides a consistent and most reliable connection between your smartphone and Mac.
    • You can record mobile screen and better manage the social media apps like Snapchat, Linkedin, Whatsapp

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    Steps to Follow

    Step 1. Download the iMyFone MirrorTo app and install it on your PC.

    Step 2. Connect the two devices with the same Wi-Fi connection.

    Step 3. Go to "Control Center" and click "Screen Mirroring". Now you can see your phone screen on PC.

    screen mirroring iphone to pc

    Step 4. Now you can see your phone screen on PC.

    mirror iphone to mac using mirrorto

    Step 5. Go to "Settings", then enter "Bluetooth" and pair the bluetooth between your phone and computer.

    bluetooth pairing your device and computer

    Is your phone screen successfully mirrored to the PC? Now, you can control your phone from your PC.

    text iphone on mac

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    2 Connect iPhone to Mac via Bluetooth

    An important reason for Apple's popularity is their ability to connect their devices to one another. Apple users should be aware of the feature of mirroring your iPhone to the MacBook without using a cable. In addition to displaying photo albums, syncing iTunes, viewing videos, participating in conference calls and playing content directly from streaming services via the MacBook, this feature will assist in improving your experience.

    The following guide will walk you through the process of mirroring the iPhone to MacBook Bluetooth in case you are unaware of how to do so.

    (1) Settings for iPhone

    Follow the below-mentioned steps exactly on your iPhone:

    1. Open Settings > General > Bluetooth.

    2. Move the slider to the right to the Bluetooth of your iPhone.

    mirror iphone to mac bluetooth settings

    (2) Settings For MacBook

    Follow the below-mentioned steps exactly on your MacBook to enable its Bluetooth

    1. Navigate to the menu bar at the top of your screen.

    2. Find Bluetooth Icon in the Menu bar and click it.

    • If the Bluetooth icon can not be found there, choose the Apple menu from the menu bar and click on System Preferences.
    • Click on Bluetooth, then select show Bluetooth in Menu Bar.

    mac system preferences bluetooth

    3. Click on Turn on the Bluetooth Button to enable MacBook's Bluetooth.

    • All Bluetooth enabled devices near your MacBook should now be visible under the Devices Menu.

    mac setting bluetooth on

    4. Find and click on your iPhone name from the Devices, and a connection request from your iPhone will be received.

    5. Click on Connect to Make a Connection.

    click on connenct

    3 Connect iPhone to Mac via QuickTime

    Here is the detailed tutorial on how to share iPhone screen to Mac with QuickTime;

    quicktime player

    Step 1. The very first thing you need to do is to connect your iPhone to your MacBook using a USB cable.

    Step 2. Then launch the QuickTime player on your MacBook.

    Step 3. After that, go to the menu and click “file” and then select “New Movie Recording”.

    Step 4. Then from the “New Movie Recording” section, you will see a drop-down menu which when you click, you will see your iPhone's device name from the list. Click it.

    Step 5. Once that's done, then your device should start mirroring on your Mac right away. And as we already mentioned, you will be able to record the screen, and to do so, you just need to tap the red circle in the player bar for it to start recording.

    4 Connect iPhone to Mac via AirPlay

    Apple's AirPlay technology allows you to wirelessly transfer content from one device to another. Apple TV and Airplay compatible smart TVs are supported. It is designed to allow streaming from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

    Follow these simple steps to use Airplay for mirroring your iPhone into MacBook:

    • Go to the Control Center of the iPhone by swiping down.
    • Select the 'Screen Mirroring' Button from the menu.
    • If your MacBook shows in the list, it means you can stream on it.
    • click on connenct

    • If your MacBook shows in the list, it means you can stream on it.
    • Play the video using your iPhone that you want to mirror in MacBook. The Airplay symbol will now appear at the right of your iPhone.
    • tap the airplay symbol

    Final Thoughts

    Being a game geek, we have analyzed multiple options for mirroring iPhone to Windows & Mac including various third part apps. We have concluded that iMyFone MirrorTo is the best option because it has unique features. You can enjoy high definition, high quality videos with pleasure without interruption on any big screen of your choice.

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