2 Good Ways to Transfer MP4 to iPad

It is much more convenient to watch videos on iPad instead of computer. iPad delivers cinema-standard colors, which means you can have a better viewing experience. Most of iPad users would like to add MP4 videos to iPad to enjoy at anytime or anywhere. But it is not easy for you to make it especially when you have free videos to add. But you can find the best way to make it as below.

Note: iPad only supports limited videos formats, including MP4, MOV, and certain AVI extension. But MP4 is comparatively small in size but maintain better video quality.

How to Transfer MP4 to iPad

1 Traditional Way to Transfer MP4 to iPad: with iTunes

For the ones who never tried before may find it difficult to make it with iTunes as it is complicated. You can follow the steps below to easily make it.

Step 1: Using a USB cable, connect your iPad to your computer and launch iTunes. (Note: If it is the first time you need to log in with your Apple ID.)
Step 2: Click the “File” tab on the upper left corner and select the “Add File to Library” option.
Step 3: Select the folder where you locate MP4 and choose the MP4 files you want to add. Then click on the “Open” button.
Step 4: Click the device icon on iTunes and tap on “Movies” in the library navigation pane. Check “Sync Music” and select the MP4 file you imported.
Step 5: Click “Apply” button to sync the selected MP4 to your iPad.
transfer mp4 to ipad

If you have already synced your iPad to another computer, you would see the following info:

transfer mp4 to ipad

iTunes only allows you to sync your iPad with one iTunes library. In other words, you can only add MP4 to iPad from one computer with iTunes. Or you may lose everything on iPad.

2 Professional Way to Add MP4 to iPad: Not Limits of iTunes

Lots of people have found using iTunes to transfer Mp4 video to iPad to be restrictive, and have considered third-party iPad transfer software instead in order to have a lot more freedom. A more professional one is the iMyFone TunesMate.

It gives you all-in-one media transfer solution. When downloading MP4 to iPad, you do not need to worry about any data will be lost. Besides, it gives you chance to transfer MP4 video to iPad from different computers. It is not limited to iTunes sync.

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Here is how you can freely add MP4 video to your iPad at will:

Step 1: Download and install TunesMate on your computer, and then plug in your iPad using a USB cable.

Step 2: Click “Videos” tab at the top menu of TunesMate and you will be in the “Movies” window.

Step 3: Click “Add” and select “Add File” or “Add Folder”. Select the folder where you locate the MP4 videos and select the ones you want to add.

That’s it!

Note: If you want to transfer videos which are not supported by iPad, TunesMate will automatically convert its format to the one supported by iPad when transferring. It is quite useful.

TunesMate’s Abilities about iPad Videos:

  • It supports videos with any format even those are not supported by iPad.
  • You can also back up your movies to computer in clicks.
  • You can transfer movies from all your iOS devices (unlimited) to iTunes library and export all the videos in iTunes library back to device. (It means you can easily share your movies with your friends.)
  • You can also manage your iPad video library by adding or deleting in bulk.

iTunes Versus TunesMate

Apps & Metrics
Limits to Sync
Loss of Data
Limited to 1 Computer
Direct Way to Transfer
Limits to Video Format

TIP: What to do when you can’t play videos from iTunes on your iPad (/iPhone/iPod)?

Before you can play videos from iTunes on your iPad, you need to first convert them to a playable format as highlighted below:

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Select the video that you want to convert.
  3. From the menu bar at the top of the iTunes window or computer screen, choose “File > Convert > Create iPad or Apple TV Version.” (Choose "Create iPod or iPhone Version" if you are using iPod or iPhone.)

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