How to Transfer MP4 Video to iPhone – 2 Ways!

Do you have MP4 video on your computer or other devices and you want to be able to watch them anytime you want on your iPhone? With the right tools, you can easily transfer MP4 video to your iPhone, but some methods of doing this are better than others. For example, using a third-party device manager will often be easier than doing it manually, as you will see.

How to Transfer MP4 to iPhone

You can transfer MP4’s either with a good third-party device manager or with iTunes. Let’s look at each of them:

1 Professional Way: Transfer MP4 to iPhone without iTunes

If you need an application to transfer videos, iMyFone iPhone Transfer is by far the best one. It can transfer MP4 video from your computer to your iPhone, or even from your iPhone to your computer or other iOS devices.

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  • It can handle many different formats.
  • It will not delete your existing videos on iPhone when transferring.
  • It gives you chance to add MP4 videos to iPhone from different computers or iTunes libraries.

Here is how to transfer video to your iPhone with this application:

Step 1: Install iMyFone iPhone Transfer on your PC or Mac. Plug in your iPhone via USB.

Step 2: On TunesMate, click on the “Video” tab at the top. You will be in the “Movies” window by default.

transfer mp4 to iPhone

Note: If you want to add videos in other formats which are not supported by iPhone, iMyFone iPhone Transfer will automatically convert them to the supported one. So you can play the videos once done.

Step 3 Click “Add,” then “Add File.” Choose where you locate the MP4 videos and select the files to transfer.

transfer mp4 to iPhone

Besides, iMyFone iPhone Transfer helps you to enrich your iTunes library without losing any data, which allows you to share purchased or free music/videos among different Apple IDs.

  1. You can use the “Transfer iDevice Media to iTunes” to add media to your iTunes library from different iOS devices.
  2. Then apply the “Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice” to transfer all the media files to your different iPhone.

It can transfer and manage all kinds of media on your iPhone, not just video. You can transfer music, photos, playlists, and more. You can also transfer media between devices and detect duplicate content for deletion. It has many functions that will help keep your media organized.

2 Traditional Way: Put MP4 to iPhone with iTunes

Of course, you can still use iTunes for this if you want. Here is how you do it:

Step 1: Move MP4 Videos to iTunes Library

  1. Launch iTunes. Hit the “Music” library from the top left corner and change it to “Movies”.
  2. Go to “File > Add File to Library”.
  3. Choose where you locate the MP4 videos and select them to transfer.

Step 2: Sync MP4 to Your iPhone

  1. Plug in your iPhone.
  2. Hit the device icon from the top left corner on iTunes.
  3. Click on “Movies” from the left menu.
  4. Check “Sync Movies” at the right panel and select MP4 videos.
  5. Hit “Sync” button at the bottom.
mp4 to iphone

Once done, you can use iPhone default videos player or any other third-party videos player to enjoy the MP4 you add.


  • If your iPhone is already synced to another iTunes library, it will erasing everything on your iPhone when you continue the syncing.
  • If it is the first time your iPhone synced to this iTunes library, every media files will be removed if you want to sync MP4 to your iPhone.

transfer mp4 video to iphone

TunesMate VS iTunes

Let’s take a quick look at these two methods and compare:

TunesMate iTunes
It supports all video formats. It only supports specific videos formats, like MP4 and MOV.
It will automatically transfer the format supported by iPhone; it will convert video if it is not in a compatible iPhone format. You may find yourself having to convert videos manually before you transfer.
You can add MP4 video to iPhone from different computers. You can add MP4 to iPhone only from 1 computer.Or you will lose the existing videos.
You won’t lose any data transferring. The previous videos on iPhone will be covered.
The quality of the MP4 videos or other media will not be damaged. The added MP4 may be displayable on iPhone.
To add MP4 to iPhone, just drag, drop and done. You can’t transfer directly in one step. You need to add mp4 to iTunes first, then sync them to iPhone.
You can also put MP4 to iPhone from different iTunes libraries. It only supports syncing with one computer at a time. You can’t sync with multiple libraries.

As you can see, TunesMate is much more flexible and gives you more convenient options than iTunes.

What to Do When You Can't Play Videos from iTunes on iPhone

To get certain videos to play on your iPhone, you’re going to have to convert them first if they are not purchased from iTunes Store. If you’re using iTunes, this is what you do:

  1. Launch iTunes.
  2. Pick which video you want to convert from your files. If they’re not already on your playlist, then add them (drag and drop).
  3. Go to File, then Convert, then "Create iPod or iPhone Version."

After this, the new version of your video should appear in your playlist and be ready to use.