How to Cancel The Auto-Subscription from Shareit?


Shareit is a legal purchase platform which has an auto-subscription after the first purchase of the 1-month or 1-year plan. If you do not want an auto-subscription you can cancel it.

Step 1: Login Your Shareit Account

Go to to login your Shareit account. You will need to sign in as “Customer”, and enter your registered email in the User ID box. The password is the one when you set up the Shareit account. If you don’t know the password, click “Request Login/Password”, which will bring you to the password reset page. Follow the instructions to reset the password and then login your account.

login my commerce

Step 2: Select The Subscription You Want to Cancel

After the login, you can see all auto-renewal orders. Just click on the reference number of the order you want to cancel, and then click on the “Cancel Subscription” button.

select order to cancel

cancel subscription

Step 3: Confirm And Finish The Canceling Process

Once you click “Cancel subscription”, a pop-up reminder will ask if you are sure to cancel the subscription. Click “Yes” to confirm it. Now you’ve canceled the subscription successfully. A notification of the subscription cancellation from Shareit will be sent to your registered email as well.

click yes to cancel

confirm subscription

subscription cancellation notification

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