How to Connect to iTunes When iPhone 6 Is Disabled

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How to Connect to iTunes When iPhone 6 Is Disabled

If someone attempts to unlock your iPhone 6, 7, 8 or X and ends up putting the wrong passcode for too many times, your iPhone will be disabled and a notification that “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes” will be shown on your lock screen.

When you see such notification, you mind maybe that once you connect to iTunes, the lock screen will be automatically removed; that’s not true! The truth is that you’ll go through many steps and navigate through multiple iTunes windows before you can fix your disabled iPhone.

Here are the steps to connect to iTunes when iPhone is disabled:

  1. If you’ve synced your iPhone 6 with iTunes in time past, then connect your iPhone to the computer you synced with. If you haven’t synced your device on iTunes before, try the way in the next part.
  2. Launch iTunes on your PC while connecting your iPhone.
  3. iTunes will make a backup of your iPhone, wait for it to finish. After the sync, click “Restore iPhone”.
  4. From the Set-Up page, click “Restore from iTunes backup” to lift a backup from your library.
  5. Select your iPhone in iTunes, and choose a relevant backup to restore your iPhone with. Consider backup date and size when choosing.

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If iTunes says your iPhone is locked, this way to connect to iTunes is ineffective for you. You should try the next solution.

What If iTunes Failed to Connect iPhone 6, Try This!

If iTunes fails to recognize your device, can’t restore your iPhone, or isn’t responding to clicks, then you can use an iPhone unlocking tool called iMyFone LockWiper. This tool is being hyped by many tech and software review website because it’s the best option and method of restoring a disabled iPhone.

LockWiper has made a great wave in the software industry as a superior alternative to iTunes especially in restoring disabled iOS devices. You can use LockWiper tool to unlock your disabled iPhone in few clicks. Try it now!

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Be the Pro to Fix Your Disabled iPhone 6

  • Easily get you into iPhone when it’s disabled, without going through iTunes
  • Quickly remove any iPhone lock such as 4-digit and 6-digit passcodes, Touch ID, and Face ID
  • Support locked, disabled, broken screen and faulty button iPhones
  • An advanced solution for iCloud account unlocking on all activated iDevices
  • Shining points: easy to use (simple clicks), quick to run (a few minutes), high success rate (over 98%)

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Steps to Fix iPhone 6 Disabled Connect to iTunes

Step 1. Download and install iMyFone LockWiper on your Windows PC or Mac. Then, launch LockWiper and click the “Start” tab to begin the process of fixing your disabled iPhone. Connect your iPhone 6 to your PC.
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Step 2. Put your iPhone 6 in DFU mode (i.e. Hold down the Home and lock buttons at the same time for 8-10 seconds. Release the Lock button while continuing to hold down the Home button until the iPhone screen goes blank).

iMyFone LockWiper screenshot

Step 3. Download your iPhone 6 firmware package, but before you proceed, ensure that the package you’re about to download matches your iPhone 6. Click the “Download” tab, and after the firmware package has been downloaded, click “Start to Verify”.

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Step 4. Unlock your iPhone screen by clicking “Start Unlock”. Read the notice carefully and enter “000000” to double confirm that you’re agreeing to unlock your iPhone6. If you’re done with confirmation, click “Unlock”.

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LockWiper has been proved by its users to successfully fix disabled iPhone. It also works well to unlock second-hand or used iPhone easily. Here are some reviews left by its real users.

iMyFone LockWiper review

iMyFone LockWiper Review: Does It Work >>

Why Is iPhone Disabled? Can You Avoid It

The reason why your iPhone 6 screen is displaying “iPhone Disabled, connect to iTunes” may be caused by any of the following factors.

  • Your kid may have playfully entered the wrong passcode multiple times. If he or she has exceeded the limit set by Apple, your iPhone will be disabled.
  • Maybe one of your friends or classmate who came to your home actually tried to open your iPhone. If he or she exceeded the limit set by Apple, your iPhone will show the notification “iPhone disabled, connect to iTunes”.
  • You may have mistyped or entered the incorrect passcode for many times, hereby forcing iOS to disable your iPhone.
  • You may try to update your iPhone to the latest iOS, but to find that iPhone is disabled after update.
  • It would also happen for no reason, especially when you didn’t use the device for a long time.

For all these reasons, iMyFone LockWiper is able to unlock your iPhone without any glitch. So, download this software now to remove “iPhone is disabled” notification from your iPhone lock screen.

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