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How to Hard Reset iPhone 11 and Unlock without Password?

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Josh Levine

December 5, 2019 (Updated: March 9, 2020)• Filed to: Unlock iPhone

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Are you wondering how to factory/hard reset iPhone 11 without password even when there is no Home Button? If you are stuck with the locked iPhone 11 we can help you out here. Hard reset can sometimes work to unlock iPhone 11 but more likely it won’t work to unlock. Follow the guidelines below to get complete ideas of this solution and find a better unlocking method. This step by step guide will help you know more than how to hard reset iPhone 11 series.

Let's first make a brief comparison between hard reset and the other unlocking solution:

Success Rate
Find My iPhone
Phone Security
Hard Reset
May cause issues
100% Safe

Part 1. How to Hard Reset iPhone 11 Correctly When Locked?

A Hard Reset iPhone 11 without iTunes

If your iPhone 11 is locked then you can force restart or hard reset it. Here is the step by step process of how to hard reset iPhone 11 series.

Step 1: Turn off iPhone 11. You need to press and hold the Power button and one of the Volume buttons until the slider “Slide to power off” appears. Then release the buttons and wipe right on the slider.
Step 2: Press Volume Up button and release it. Then quickly press Volume Down button and release it.
Step 3: Press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears. Finally release the button.

hard reset iphone 11

iPhone 11 will be restarted after the above procedure. You will see that the lock is opened and screen control is back. It is not possible in all cases. Most of the time resetting doesn’t work and you feel need to have iTunes for this problem.

B Hard Reset iPhone 11 Using iTunes

Hard reset via recovery mode with iTunes is the official way to unlock. The issue "how to hard reset iPhone 11" can be resolved in this way if you device was synced with iTunes before. Following is the procedure to reset iPhone 11 using iTunes.

Step 1: Attach iPhone with your computer through a data cable.
Step 2: Power off iPhone 11 by following Step 1 in the first procedure.
Step 3: Menu will appear on the left side. Select “Summary” from the menu.
Step 4: Select “Restore iPhone”.

hard reset via iTunes

Step 5: Confirm your option and wait for the process to finish.

You can do a hard reset when you have forgotten password, when you want to sell iPhone and remove all data, when you purchased a locked iPhone, or when your iPhone is not working and factory restore is the only way. But you can lose all your data and personal information like pictures, apps, contacts etc.

Part 2. Why Don't I Recommend to Hard Reset iPhone 11?

There are lot of things happening behind the hard reset. As many processes are working behind, when you hard reset iPhone 11:

  • 1. Hard reset can unlock only when “Find My iPhone” is turned off, if FMI is on, you will be stuck by the activation lock.
  • 2. Your device has to be synced with iTunes before or you cannot use iTunes to restore.
  • 3. Your system interrupts and the hard reset may lead to some serious issues in your mobile set.
  • 4. Your phone system can be heated up or the battery can be drained.
  • 5. It is not sure if you can succeed with iTunes because sometimes your device automatically exits the recovery mode before finishing the process.
  • That is why I don’t recommend to hard reset iPhone 11.

    Part 3. A Better Solution to Unlock than Hard Reset iPhone 11

    Here is a better unlocking solution than hard reset iPhone 11.You may need to know how to factory reset iPhone 11 without password. Using a professional iPhone reset tool is the fastest and the easiest way to factory reset locked iPhone 11. When it comes to such tools, iMyFone LockWiper is a recommended choice. Although this powerful tool is primarily designed to help iOS users unlock their screen lock, it can also factory reset an iPhone 11 without password efficiently.

    lockwiper unlock iphone passcode

    1,000,000+ Downloads

    Factory Reset Locked iPhone 11 with LockWiper

    • 1. Factory Reset iPhone 11/11 Pro Max without password within minutes.
    • 2. Remove all kinds of screen lock from an iPhone quickly and conveniently.
    • 3. Helps to unlock locked, disabled or broken screens by bypassing screen passcode.
    • 4. Can be used to get the whole control of any Apple device without any password.
    • 5. Helps to remove iPhone from iCloud and won't be effected by old Apple ID.
    • 6. Able to support all Apple devices including the new iPhone 11 series with iOS 13.

    Try It FreeTry It Free

    Steps to unlock iPhone 11 series locked screen

    Step 1. Download install and launch iMyFone LockWiper on your computer. Click on "Unlock Screen Passcode".

    remove screen lock

    Connect your iPhone 11 with the computer.


    Step 2. You will need to click on "Download" as here LockWiper has detected your device and is set to download the latest firmware.


    Click on "Start to Extract" to unpack the firmware.


    Step 3. Click on “Start Unlock”. Enter “000000” and click “Unlock” as per on-screen instructions require.

    enter 000000

    LockWiper will immediately start unlocking the screen. It will finish in no more than one minute.

    unlock phone

    The whole process merely takes 1-2 minutes to reset iPhone 11 screen lock password. iMyFone LockWiper is a completely safe and secure unlocking solution for your device. If you’re not sure whether your device is activated, you can also use its free trial version to check, as your device is supported to unlock if it is detected by LockWiper.

    Tips: How to Factory Reset iPhone 11 without Password Through iCloud

    If Find My iPhone feature is enabled on your device, then you can use it to factory reset your iPhone without password through iCloud. This is a remote method to factory reset a locked iPhone which means even if you don’t have your device with you at the moment, you can still factory reset it via iCloud.

    Follow these instructions to reset iPhone 11 through iCloud:

    Step 1: Visit on your favorite web browser.

    Step 2: Login using your Apple ID and then click on All Devices. After that, choose your device from the list.

    erase iphone via icloud

    Step 3: Next, click on the Erase [device] option. The factory reset process will begin.

    erase iphone via icloud


    • This method only works if Find My iPhone feature is enabled in the device that you want to reset.
    • You need Apple ID credentials for the method to work.
    • The device is only reset if it is online.

    The Bottom Line

    We have discussed how to factory/hard reset iPhone 11 and analyse the possible consequences. If we compare all the facts we can easily judge that iMyFone LockWiper is the ultimate solution. iMyFone LockWiper is efficient and instant to unlock, so why not adopt this easy way to bypass the locked screen on iPhone 11?

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