WhatsApp might have a sort of bugs that prevent it from getting messages until the application is opened. Many people complain of not receiving WhatsApp messages unless they open the app. The blunder can happen because of issues from some telephone settings like the battery saving capacity.

In this article, you'll discover all information and procedures to tackle the WhatsApp issue of only getting messages when the application is opened. You can check for certain solutions to adjust cell phone settings, which ought to be sufficient to fix the problem. Our editor recommends iMyFone WhatsApp data management solutions iTransor for WhatsApp transfer. You can try it free now.

Part 1. Why WhatsApp Messages Not Coming Through Unless I Open App?

The reasons for why WhatsApp messages not coming through unless open the app can be summarize as followings:

    1 Restricted Background Data

    This element can obstruct some telephone capacities, for example, background application activities or disable the internet connection. At the point when WhatsApp quits working in the background, it won't be capable of sending notifications when it is shut, so that is the major reason that you are not receiving WhatsApp Notifications.

    2 Wi-Fi or Cellular Connections Disconnected

    In case you are not receiving messages, you should check for your Wi-Fi or Cellular Connections if they are impaired. If connections are off you'll not get any messages even if you open the application.

    3 "Do not Disturb" Mode

    The Do not Disturb option is useful when you would prefer not to be intruded. Any calls, alarms and notifications won't make any clamor when the phone is locked. In any cases, the Do Not Disturb element might be turned on unconsciously sometimes and in this way cause your WhatsApp notifications not working.

    4 Notifications Turn off

    Both Android and iOS clients have a function in their telephones to turn off notifications. If you are not receiving WhatsApp Notifications it might be possible that you have turned off the notifications so that you'll only get messages when you open the WhatsApp application.

    5 Settings and System Crash

    Assuming you don't receive your WhatsApp messages except if you open the application, then there might be an issue with your telephone's settings. Besides, you should also check for any setting problems or crashes.

    6 Outdated WhatsApp

    This is the most widely recognized problem in case you are not receiving WhatsApp notifications. When WhatsApp in your telephone is outdated it quits working regularly as the outdated form isn't upheld by authorities any longer.

Part 2. General Methods to Fix Not Receiving WhatsApp Notification Problem

Did you check the above situation but still stuck in not receiving WhatsApp messages unless apen the app? Don't worry, here are more methods that can help you solve the problems

Here is a little content that you can quick scan for what you need:

1 Enable Notifications Inside the WhatsApp

You may check whether the "Permit Notifications" option has been turned on assuming that you can typically get notifications from other applications instead of WhatsApp.

2 Check If You Block Users or Groups

Sometimes in case you are not receiving messages from a particular individual, regardless of the fact you open the application, it is possible that you have blocked the person.

You can fix this issue by going to Settings. Click the Account option and another menu will show up. Next click on the Security option and afterward click on Blocked Contacts option. Find the number of that specific person in the rundown and unblock it.

3 Update the WhatsApp App

In some cases an outdated version of the WhatsApp application can cause you a problem of not receiving WhatsApp messages unless you open the app on iOS/Android.

As referenced over the outdated form isn't supported by authorities so your WhatsApp won't work typically. On the off chance that you would prefer not to erase and yet again introduce the application, you can do an application update to fix the problem.

WhatsApp update

4 Uninstall and Reinstall WhatsApp

WhatsApp data might consume an extra large room and forestall the application from running appropriately. Mostly the WhatsApp Notifications won't work or be postponed because of the cache documents.

The simplest and generally quick technique to fix the notifications issue is to erase and reinstall the WhatsApp application. Continue to press the WhatsApp symbol until the application waggles, then click X to uninstall the application and search WhatsApp on Play Store/Apple Store and reinstall it on Android/iPhone.

Make sure to back up significant WhatsApp conversations from settings before the uninstallation otherwise you will lose all of your significant messages, media and voice notes.

WhatsApp uninstall

5 Reset App Preferences

Basically, this option is there to reset all default applications. Thus, in the event that you, for instance, need to reestablish all settings applications to be your default program, telephone, or display, this option permits that. Additionally, it will reestablish default connection tasks for applications. The method is fairly straightforward.

In spite of the fact that it is different from various gadgets or various OEMs, it shouldn't be an issue to finding it. You can ordinarily find it under the 3-dots menu in the All applications list. When you tap on it, the dialog box will advise you about changes that will be made in the event that you proceed with it.

Here's the way to reset application preferences on Android:

1. Open Settings.

2. Tap Apps and Notifications.

3. Tap All Apps (App chief or Manage applications).

4. Presently, tap on the 3-dots menu and select Reset Application Preferences.

You can restart your phone after this methodology and check for improvements as you will utilize this strategy to fix the issue of not receiving WhatsApp messages unless you open the app.

reset app references android

6 Log out of WhatsApp on Other Devices

In the event that you're not receiving WhatsApp messages unless you open the app, it might be possible that you've signed in WhatsApp on numerous phones and you might get the WhatsApp Notifications on another phone and afterward have no cautions on your iPhone.

You can attempt to log out of your WhatsApp on any other phones and continue to sign in on your iPhone only. It's not too much trouble but note that there is no option of Log Out in WhatsApp, you need to sign out by straightforwardly erasing the application on all other phones.

WhatsApp logout

7 Force Stop and Clear Cache

When everything is working without any errors, an application will progress starting with one action state then onto the next and will either in the long run be killed off by Android (subsequent to moving to the stopped state) or it will simply hang in the background until you return it to the forefront once more.

In any cases, if things begin to turn out badly the application can get in trouble. It may quit reacting to specific occasions, it may stall out in some sort of loops or it may begin doing unusual things. In such cases, the application may be killed off and afterward restarted. That is the thing that force stop and clear store for. In the wake of doing this, restart your telephone and afterward check if the notifications are working typically or not.

WhatsApp clear cache

Part 3. How to Fix iPhone's Not Receiving WhatsApp Notifications Problem

We had concluded some basic methods for both android and iPhone before. And now let's see some methods that is especially for iPhone.

Here is a little content that you can quick scan what method do you need:

1 Manage WhatsApp Notifications on iPhone

To do this to check the iOS WhatsApp Notification Settings.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap on WhatsApp.

3. Tap on Notifications on iPhone App.

allow notifications for WhatsApp

2 Enable Background App Refresh and Mobile Data

Feature of Background application Refresh and Mobile data is available on both iOS and Android.

To disable this:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap on WhatsApp on iPhone and check that Background App Refresh and Mobile Data are enabled.

3. Now, guarantee that Restrict background data is not chosen.

WhatsApp enable background app refresh iphone

3 Manage “Do not Disturb” Mode on iPhone

The Do Not Disturb option on the iPhone stops all notifications and also creates a problem of not receiving WhatsApp messages unless you open the app.

To disable this:

1. Hit the Settings symbol on your home screen.

2. Select Do Not Disturb.

3. Now, toggle the option off.

WhatsApp setting do not disturb

4 Power Saving Mode

At the point when Low Power Mode is on, your iPhone will last for a longer time before you need to charge it.

To disable this:

1. Access the Control Center.

2. If Low Power Mode is empowered, the battery symbol will be highlighted.

3. Tap on it to turn off Power Saving Mode.

low power mode

4. How to Fix Android's Not Receiving WhatsApp Notifications Problem

We also conclude some methods that is especially for Android. If you use Android phone and you also stuck in not receiving WhatsApp notificationproblem, please continue reading. Hope it can help you.

Here is a little content that you can quick scan what method do you need:

1 Manage Notifications on Android

On most cell phones, the Settings Application resembles a gear or a wrench symbol on your applications menu.

To manage Notifications:

1. Open your Android's Settings Application.

2. Now, click on Application Manager in Settings.

3. Look down and tap WhatsApp.

4. Tap Notifications.

On the off chance that you've recently wound down WhatsApp notifications, the Notifications choice might specify Blocked or Off." Tapping on it will allow you to change your notification settings.

2 Disable Mobile Data Limitations

Most Android cell phones provide a data utilization area that permits you to indicate a limit to the measure of data your cell phone can utilize.

To disable this:

1. On your Android telephone, open settings and tap on Network and Internet.

2. Tap Mobile Data Limit.

3. Tap Turn off Mobile Data limit.

3 Free Up Some Storage Space

Sometimes, WhatsApp quit running ordinarily when there is low space on your telephone.

To let loose some space:

1. Go to settings and tap on the option of storage.

2. Click on the option of Free up space.

3. Now, tap on the WhatsApp application and free some space.

WhatsApp free up space

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WhatsApp is a great app to communicate with companions, family, and associates on Android phones, iPhones and Windows devices. As a large number of individuals utilize this application as a fundamental means of communication, updates are made by authorities from time to time.

In case WhatsApp messages do not come through unless you open the app on iOS or Android, you should continue to check for new updates so that your WhatsApp will work ordinarily and you won't confront any inconvenience.