Dreepy, the legendary Pokemon of the 8th generation, is a remarkable update to the Pokedex. The final Dreepy evolution stands out against all the legendary Pokemon of the region. So, how can Pokemon players get their hands on this rare Pokemon?

This guide will spill the beans on everything Dreepy such as how to add Dreepy and how to evolve it to its legendary state.

Part 1: What Is Dreepy Pokemon?

Dreepy Pokemon became part of the franchise in the 8th generation. The monster dates back to prehistoric creatures and was reborn as a ghost. It involves the characteristics of a reptile, a dinosaur, and a missile. The Pokedex entry describes it as follows:

"After being reborn as a ghost Pokémon, Dreepy wanders the areas it used to inhabit back when it was alive in prehistoric seas."

At the time of its birth, Dreepy is an extremely fragile Pokemon, but a little training can transform it into a mighty dragon. To give you an idea of Dreepy's power, here is a look at Dreepy's base stats:

Dreepy Pokemon Base Stats

Moving on to Dreepy evolution, one might wonder what Dreepy evolves into to make it such a sought-after Pokemon. At level 50, Dreepy transforms into Drakloak, which further evolves to Dragapult at level 60. Here's what the evolution looks like:

Dreepy Evolution

The full sprite of Dreepy, including the shiny Dreepy is a part of a series of two dozen 8 Gen sprites. Here is the full sprite set for your consideration:

Shiny Dreepy

Part 2: How Does Dreepy Evolves?

Once you capture Dreepy, the first thing that might cross your mind is, "Is there a quest to evolve Dreepy?”

Thankfully, there are no special items or quests that you need to follow to evolve Dreepy. You just have to continue with the game, and by level 50, your Dreepy Pokémon will evolve into Drakloak, which in turn evolves into Dragapult by level 60. As Dreepy evolves, it starts to learn many powerful moves, for example:

  • At level 48, it gets the Phantom force.
  • At level 63, it gets the Dragon rush.
  • At level 73, it gets the Last resort.

In Pokemon sword and shield, Dreepy becomes one of the most powerful Pokemon as it evolves into Dragapult. Whichever Pokemon you are up against, Dragapult has a definite edge over them. Dragapult is faster than every Pokemon it fights against. This gives an attack bonus which is vital for physical attacks.

Here a few stats of Dragapult to show why it’s the best:

  • HP: 88
  • Attack: 120
  • SP Attack: 100
  • Defense: 75
  • SP Defense: 75
  • Speed: 142

Not to forget;

  • Being a Dragon and Ghost-type, Dragapult's weaknesses include Ice, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, and Dark types.
  • However, it can be especially lethal against Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Poison, Bug, Normal, and Fighting types.
  • If you keep breeding Pokemon Dreepy with Ditto, you are in for a chance to have the best attackers on your side.

Part 3: Where To Find Dreepy In Pokemon Sword And Shield?

Before you head out looking for Dreepy, there is a pre-requisite that you first need to complete.

  • You must have your surf modification for your Rotom Bike unlocked.
  • For that, you need to complete Circhester Gym and explore Route 9.
  • Assuming you have completed the pre-requisite, head straight to the Dreepy location, i.e., the Wild Area, more specifically, the Lake Of Outrage. It's located on the northwest side of Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Arena.
  • Cross the river body, and you will reach an area where a lot of rare Pokémon spawn now and then. Any of these could be Dreepy.

You have reached the correct location, but you still have to be very patient before you can catch a Dreepy Pokemon. There is only a 5% chance that you will come across Dreepy, and mostly it will be hiding in the grassy area. So, there is a thick probability of you missing it out.

catch dreepy pokemon

Moreover, Dreepy only has a 1% chance of spawning as a non-world encounter in Overcast weather and a 2% chance in case there is a heavy fog and thunderstorm.

So, may the odds be in your favor!

Just a bit of news to cheer you up: Drakloak, which is Dreepy's first evolution, can be found in the wild. It has a mere 1% chance in Rain and Overcast and a slightly higher 2% chance in Heavy Fog and Thunderstorm. Yeah, not much, but at least you can look for both simultaneously.

The third way to get a Dreepy is to catch a male Drakloak and a female Drakloak. Drop the pair at the Pokemon nursery, and they can breed a Dreepy together. But, of course, there are not many players who can claim to have done that.

Part 4: More FAQs About Dreepy

Q1. Is Dreepy Rare?

It is an extremely rare Pokemon to catch. There are very specific locations and weather conditions for Dreepy to spawn, making it a very difficult catch. But, if you get it, Dreepy can be a very dangerous addition to your arsenal.

Q2. Is Dreepy A Legendary?

Yes, Dreepy is a pseudo-legendary Dragon-type Pokemon. Similar to Dreepy were Dratini of the first generation and Bagon of the third generation.

Q3. Is Evolving Dreepy Worth It?

Definitely YES! But you will have to be patient and allow it to reach its final evolution. That's when it becomes extremely lethal. The final Dreepy Evolution level has 600 base stats, simply making it one of the best Pokemon. You can expect to see it everywhere in competitive play.

Q4. What Level Should I Evolve Dreepy?

If you are lucky enough to catch a Dreepy, you don't need any special items to make it evolve. You just have to play your game, and it will grow into Drakloak at level 50, followed by Dragapult at level 60.

Q5. How Much Is A Dreepy Worth?

The Dreepy Pokemon card can range from $0.99 to $19. On a sale, you might be able to get it for around $2.

Q6. What Is The Rarest Pokemon In The Swords?

The top 10 rarest Pokemon are given below, with the first being the rarest.

  • Dreepy
  • Antique Sinistea
  • Dhelmise
  • Duraludon
  • Feebas
  • Sizzlipede
  • Super Size Pumpkaboo
  • Trapinch
  • Eiscue
  • Stonjourner

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So, here is all that you need to know about Pokemon Dreepy.