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Discover a new dimension in Pokemon Go with Lucky Pokemon! Unlike Shinies and Forms, Lucky Pokemon not only contribute to your Pokedex but also offer a practical advantage by reducing the cost of powering them up.

The introduction of Lucky Friends adds another layer to this feature, providing an additional method to exchange and acquire Lucky Pokemon. It's an exciting development in Pokemon Go, giving you a fresh challenge to catch 'em all!

pokemon go lucky pokemon

In our guide, we'll quickly outline the distinctions between Lucky and regular Pokemon, and share insights on how to capture these intriguing creatures.

In this article:

Part 1: What are Lucky Pokémon?

Trading Pokémon with friends brings the exciting prospect of obtaining Lucky Pokémon, marked by a distinctive shimmer effect and a note under their name.

what are lucky pokemon

These special creatures are favored for their formidable battle prowess and reduced Stardust requirements for power-ups, making them beloved by trainers worldwide. The longer you keep a Pokémon, the higher the chance it becomes Lucky, with guaranteed strong stats.

Due to their cost-effective power-ups, trainers often prioritize Lucky Pokémon, particularly for enhancing the CP of Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. Their unique traits make them a sought-after choice, and some trainers exclusively focus on powering up Lucky Pokémon.

Part 2: How Do I Catch a Lucky Pokémon?

Quick tips about maximizing Pokémon luck in Pokémon Go trading to catch lucky Pokemons.

  • Proximity: Trade within 100 meters, except during special events.
  • Daily Limit: Up to 100 trades per day, one trade per Pokémon (excluding Mythicals).
  • IV Changes: Focus on Pokemon IV by Pokemons IV checker. Friendship level impacts IV changes, so build strong bonds for better stats.
  • Stardust Economy: Costs range from 100 to 100,000 Stardust based on rarity and registration status.

how to get lucky pokemon

In the Pokémon trading realm, a Pokémon's likelihood of becoming Lucky during a trade hinges on how much time has passed since its capture, as per community research.

Time You Caught The Pokemon Odds Of Getting A Lucky Trade
Less Than 1 Year Ago 5%
Between 1 And 2 Years Ago 10%
More Than 2 Years Ago 25%

when does lucky pokemon appear

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Part 3: Hot FAQs about Lucky Pokémon

1 Can a Pokémon be Both Lucky & Shiny?

Effortlessly locate your Lucky Pokémon by searching 'Lucky' in your Pokémon collection. Keep in mind that Lucky Pokémon can also boast Shiny and Purified variants for an added touch of uniqueness.

2 How to Get Lucky Friends?

Becoming Best Friends in Pokémon Go opens up the possibility of becoming Lucky Friends, triggered by any action that would typically increase friendship levels.

Once achieved, your next trade with that friend guarantees both traded Pokémon become Lucky. Although Niantic hasn't disclosed the exact odds, players speculate it's slightly below 2% per exchange.

how to get lucky friends

Lucky Pokémon, with their Stardust requirements halved for power-ups, offer resource-saving benefits.

However, be cautious about potential shifts in Individual Values (IVs) during trades, as your high-IV Pokémon may see some reduction in stats. Despite this, Lucky Pokémon ensure a minimum of 12 in all three main stats, equating to an 80% IV or higher.

3 What is a Lucky Trade in Pokemon Go?

Trade Pokémon with friends in Pokémon Go for a chance to get Lucky Pokémon. These special creatures not only have a captivating shimmery effect but also boast advantages like being strong in battles and requiring less Stardust for power-ups.

Final Words

Now that you've mastered the art of making lucky trades in Pokémon GO with friends, completing tasks and trading Pokémon repetitively ensures success. And I also list several tips for you to catch more lucky Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

If you encounter challenges or aim for further adventures in Pokémon GO, iMyFone AnyTo is your solution. We trust this post has been helpful, feel free to share it with fellow Pokémon GO enthusiasts. Happy trading!

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