I am a cross-platform user; I usually use Windows, but my preferred operating system is Mac this time. I've set BitLocker encryption on my USB device to protect its data. However, I need to open a BitLocker USB device on my Mac. How can you read a BitLocker disc on a Mac?

if you are facing the same issue, you don't need to worry about it. As BitLocker drive is usually unreadable by a Mac computer since it is a unique feature of the Windows platform, and Mac OS does not support it. To unlock a BitLocker encrypted external hard drive on a MacBook, you must first read this article. Let's get started!

Part 1. Something You Must Know about BitLocker

Before we can learn how to read a BitLocker drive on a Mac, we must first understand what BitLocker is and whether a Mac can open a BitLocker drive or not. Let's look at it more.

1. What does BitLocker do?

BitLocker Drive Encryption, also known as BitLocker, is a security and encryption feature for Microsoft Windows that comes with some more recent versions of Windows. Users may use BitLocker to encrypt all the data on the Windows disc, preventing theft or unwanted access.

2. Can a Mac Open a BitLocker Drive?

If you've been searching for a simple answer for "can a mac open a BitLocker drive," then by default, BitLocker is incompatible with Mac. So, to read BitLocker, you will need a reliable decryption tool, like iMyFone BitLockerGoMac, which can read and write BitLocker-encrypted drives on Mac. Read on to learn more about this BitLocker reader for mac free.

Part 2. How to Read BitLocker Drive on Mac

You can read BitLocker drives on a Mac with the easy-to-use tool iMyFone BitLockerGoMac. Although there isn't any official Mac BitLocker software from Microsoft that supports macOS devices, BitLocker encrypted drives on Mac might now be readily decrypted!

The tool is user-friendly, compatible with many storage devices, and gives full access to the BitLocker drive.

Hence you get it all within this fantastic tool, from transferring folders and files between your BitLocker drive and your Mac computer to decrypting and reading the disc.

Features of iMyFone Bitlocker Mac:

  • It supports multiple storage devices and files. It supports SD cards, memory cards, TF cards, and other external devices.
  • You can easily share your important data between Mac and another encrypted disk.
  • Allows you to read, write and open your files. Also, you can add new folders to your BitLocker encrypted drive.
  • Works on multiple MAC operating systems.
  • 100% safe and secure to use.

Now that you know this tool's features let's move on to the steps.

Step 1: Connect your drive.

Once the tool is installed on your Mac, connect your drive with the Mac.

connect bitlocker drive to mac

Step 2: Decrypt the Drive

Now, click on the Decrypt option. It will ask you to enter the passcode. You can mention it or import it.

enter the passcode

Step 3: Read or Move your Drive Data

Once the passcode is entered, you'll have the list of all the files. You can read, move or delete all the files per your requirements.

read move delete the data

Part 3. FAQs

1. Is BitLocker compatible with mac?

If you want to know is BitLocker compatible with mac or not, then the answer is simple. No, it's not compatible with Mac. It's only compatible with Windows as it is a peculiar feature.

2. Can Mac decrypt BitLocker?

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not created tools or software to decrypt BitLocker on Mac. This can be a bit of an issue if you work from a Mac but need to read or access data on a Windows BitLocker hard drive.

3. How to read a BitLocker drive on a Mac for free?

Installing Windows using Mac's Boot Camp tool is one of the simplest methods to open BitLocker on Mac for free. When you install Windows 10 on your Mac via Boot Camp, you can smoothly switch between these two operating systems, giving you unfettered access to your secured BitLocker drive.

4. What is the Mac equivalent of BitLocker?

Apple's response to Bitlocker is FileVault 2. The Mac-only software, which was first released with OSX Lion, employs an AES-XTS 128-bit method for complete disc encryption. The encryption key is the user's login password. FileVault 2, like Bitlocker, does not allow you to construct encrypted containers.

5. How do I remove BitLocker from my Mac?

The data on the BitLocker USB stick will be deleted if formatted. You might use this method if you only use the BitLocker USB stick to transfer files between your computers or if you have backed up the data.

Step 1: Insert the BitLocker USB stick into your Mac and select the Ignore option from the unreadable disc dialogue.

Step 2: Select the BitLocker USB stick in the left panel of the Disk Utility window. Then, on the main menu of the interface, select Erase.

Step 3: Name the BitLocker USB stick, select MS-DOS(FAT) from the Format drop-down menu, and Master Boot Record from the Scheme bar. Then, hit the Erase button to begin the procedure.

Step 4: After the operation, the USB stick's BitLocker security is disabled, and you may now open and use it.


iMyFone BitLockerGoMac is the best choice if you need to quickly and simply read a BitLocker drive on your Mac. If you have the passcode or recovery key on hand, accessing a BitLocker drive is simple because of its user-friendly interface.

You must ensure that your BitLocker drive is uncorrupted and in good condition to get the most out of the program. In addition to having your recovery key or passcode prepared for decryption, ensure you have the proper connection or adapter to connect the drive to your Mac.