iPhone Freezes during iOS 12/11.4/11.3 Update? Here Is the Fix!

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"I was updating iOS 11.3 and I saw my iPhone freezes during update. Now, I’m not able to work with my iPhone. I have some important files in my phone that are reqiured for the coming meeting. I urgently need help. Thank you!"

iPhone freezes

People are expecting new features and improvements with the coming of latest operating system for iOS devices. But to their disappointment, many have experienced the issue of iPhone freezing during the updating process of iOS 12/11.4/11.3. This is very disappointing. But it is not a rare case among the iPhone users. Please put your mind at ease since there are some fixes available for the issue which is what we are providing in this article. Keep reading and check them out now!

1 Restart Your iPhone

So your iPhone freezed during update, the first solution that is quite simple and is very effective in most cases is to reboot your iPhone.  To do this, hold down the Sleep/Wake button till the slider comes up. Drag the slider and your device will turn off completely. Turn it back on now and check if the issue is gone or not.

2 Hard Reset Your iPhone

Maybe the soft reboot didn’t work out for you or your device didn’t really rebooted, in such cases when your device isn’t letting you to do anything, try for a hard reset. Here is how to perform a hard reboot:

Press and hold down the “Home” button (if you own iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, hold down Volume Down) and Power button both at the same time till the time the Apple Logo appears again on the screen. Let go the buttons then and most probably, your iPhone should be back to normal.

Rebooting iPhone is a proven way to solve almost 70% of the issues faced by the users including iPhone frozen during update.

Hard Reset Your iPhone

3 Fix iPhone Freezes during iOS 12/11.4/11.3 Update without Data Loss

After trying the above methods, if still your iPhone freezes, then we will suggest you to use iMyFone iOS System Recovery. This is surely going to assist you. Wondering why? Because it comes with extremely impressive features, holds amazing compatibility, offers positive results and most importantly, fixes the issue without any loss of data.

iMyFone iOS System Recovery (iOS 12/11.4/11.3 Supported)

This program is designed by iMyFone that have been recommended by the famous sites like Cult of Mac, Makeuseof, Macworld and more. It is reliable and worth trying.

Key Features:

  • It works for numerous iOS issues, whether it is black screen of death, stuck in recovery mode, or iPhone not turning on etc. Other problems caused by iOS errors can also be fixed by this program, for example, iPhone doesn't ring, iPhone calls not working, iPhone voicemail not working, and more.
  • It completely takes care of your data in the device and avoids its loss when using the Standard Mode.
  • It’s uncomplicated to use and grants 100% security.
  • No need to worry about which iOS device you use, it is completely compatible with all.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Steps to Fix iPhone Freezes during iOS 12/11.4/11.3 Update Problem

Step 1 – Run iMyFone iOS System Recovery

Start the repairing process by downloading the software by visiting its download center. Install it afterwards and launch it on the computer. You will get the interface saying “Fix iOS System”. A “Start” button will also be noticeable below it. Click on it to begin.

Run iMyFone iOS System Recovery

Step 2 – Connect your iPhone to the Computer

After clicking, take a USB cable and connect the iPhone with the computer using it. Let the software recognize the device. Once done, hit the “Start” button again.

Connect your iPhone to the Computer

Step 3 – Download firmware

The next step would be to download the latest firmware. Just click on the “Download” button and the software will download the latest version of OS.

Download firmware

Step 4 – Fix the issue

iMyFone iOS System Recovery will begin fixing the issue once you download the firmware. Wait until the process completes and you’re done.

Fix the iOS issue

Try It FreeTry It Free

4 Restore iPhone with iTunes

Restoring with iTunes is another quick fix you can try to get your issue resolved. This will help you to restore any faulty changes made to the device settings which are, in turn, causing your iPhone freezing during update.

  • Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iOS device to it with the help of a lightning cord.
    Note: If in case, you are asked for your device’s password or to Trust the computer allow it and follow the steps further.
  • Next, select your iOS device when it appears on the iTunes.
  • Push Restore Backup button and select the most relevant one by monitoring the date and size of the earlier backups.
  • Lastly hit Restore and let the process complete.

Restore iPhone with iTunes

5 Tip: Avoid iPhone Freezing during iOS 12/11.4/11.3 Update

In the technical world, different issues come with different updates. To avoid facing technical problems while updating the firmware, some precautions can be very helpful.

  • Make sure not to expose your iOS device to extreme temperatures as it may result your device in malfunctioning. For instance, leaving your iOS device in your car during a hot day outside is not recommended at all.
  • The rule of thumb says that you should monitor your device’s memory and keep 250 MB or more of space free at all times.
  • Most prominently, regularly make backups of your device to keep your data safe.
  • Last but not least, make sure your device’s software is always up to date.

Here is the end of the post and you’ve learnt how you can fix that freezing issue while updating existing iOS to iOS 12/11.4/11.3. There’s no need to be panic when iPhone freezes during update. Instead of running to the service store, you can fix the problem manually and save some penny for not going to the repairmen. Here we provided many solutions that you can perform yourself. We hope that you’ll try them and one of them will help in getting you out of the trouble.