“Hi, there’s a query. My iPhone 6S’s touch ID is not working properly since I updated my iPhone to iOS 11.3. What’s the matter? Anyone has the same problem? How will I get out of the trouble? Please help if anyone can! Thank you!

iPhone  touch ID not working

Some of the iOS device users are not lucky enough to get the latest iOS 12/11.4/11.3 smoothly. They encounter one or the other problem while updating or after the installation of the iOS 11.3. If you are also one of those unlucky users whose iPhone touch ID is not working, try the following fixes and get rid of the problem.

6 Tips to Fix iPhone Touch ID Not Working after iOS 11.3 Update (iOS 12 supported)

Clean the Home Button

A primary and basic thing to do is to make sure that your Home button is clean. Check if it has any kind of moisture. Also, check your hands as well for any sweat. Take a clean cloth and wipe both your hands and the Home button. Dry them and now use touch ID and see if it starts working or not.

Clean the Home Button

Force Restart Your Device

If cleaning didn’t support you, force restart is the another option to try. Keep pressing the “Sleep/Wake” and “Home” buttons simultaneously for nearly 10 seconds and release when you see the Apple logo. These instructions are for the owners of iPhone 6s and previous models. For the owners of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, make sure to press “Sleep/Wake” and “Volume Down” button. The rest process is same.

Force Restart Your Device

Delete Fingerprint and Add a New One

Here is the next thing you should try to fix the problem that iPhone touch ID is not working after iOS 12/11.4/11.3. Deleting the existing fingerprint and adding a new one can help you. Follow the instructions to execute this.

To delete a fingerprint:

  • Start with going to “Settings” and scrolling down to “Touch ID & Passcode. Tap on it.
  • Put your passcode and delete the fingerprints one at a time. Just tap on each and then select “Delete Fingerprint”. Proceed to next instructions once all the fingerprints are deleted.

To add a fingerprint:

  • Begin again with “Settings” > “Touch ID & Passcode” > enter the passcode.
  • Choose “Add a Fingerprint”.
  • Press the “Home” button using the same finger that you want to get as a new fingerprint scanner. Wait for vibration and release the finger from the Home button. Make sure to press the Home button from every angle perfectly.

delete or add a fingerprint

Following are some points you need to be careful about to get the new fingerprint working perfectly:

Make sure to have a moisture-free finger and screen:

A moisturized finger or screen will double the trouble. Therefore, in order to avoid any such problem again, make sure your hands and screen are not having any kind of dampness or wetness while adding a new fingerprint.

Avoid too much pressure:

When you’re adding a new fingerprint, always make sure to press the button slightly instead of pressing it too tightly. This will help in scanning the finger from every position.

A perfect touch is necessary while registering:

Last thing you need to keep in mind is, touch the Home button correctly. A precise touch will help easily in adding a new fingerprint. Also, keep the finger at one angle until it is verified.

Turn Touch ID Off and Back On

This is a next fix to solve iPhone touch ID not working problem after iOS 12/11.4/11.3 when the others didn’t work. The steps are:

  • Tap “Settings” > “Touch ID and Passcode” and enter your passcode.
  • Toggle off iPhone Unlock, App Pay and iTunes & App Store.
  • Reboot your iOS deivce and repeat first step.
  • Now toggle on the same you turned off in step 2.
  • Tap on “Add a Fingerprint” now and insert a new finger.

Turn Touch ID Off and Back On

Fix iPhone Touch ID Not Working after iOS 11.3 Update without Data Loss (iOS 12 supported)

When your iPhone touch ID is not working and you’ve tried the above solutions, but they are all of no help. There could be a software issue with your iPhone. You need a system recovery tool to do the job. Try this method iMyFone D-Back , which is a fantastic tool that can help to fix various iOS problems using the feature “Fix iOS System”. It is also a powerful data recovery tool, and enables you to recovery data from your iOS devices and iTunes/iCloud backup files. Let’s get the detailed view of this program.

iMyFone D-Back iOS Data Reccovery

  • iMyFone D-Back is a strong tool that can recovery more than 20 types of data like contacts, Viber data, call history, notes and so on.
  • Its features “Fix iOS System” can help in getting various iOS problems fixed. For instance, when iPhone gets stuck with DFU mode, black screen or the device restarts endlessly, iTunes error 9, and more.
  • “Fix iOS System” comes with 3 different options to fix iOS which are “Standard Mode”, “Exit Recovery Mode” and “Advanced Mode”. You can fix the problems without losing any data on your device by choosing “Standard Mode”.
  • iMyFone D-Back is fully secure and and easy to use.
  • All iOS devices and iOS versions are supported, including the latest iPhone X running iOS 12/11.4/11.3.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Use iMyFone D-Back to Fix iPhone Touch ID Not Working after iOS 11.3 Update (iOS 12 supported)

Step 1 – Run iMyFone D-Back

First of all, launch the program after downloading and installing it. Click on “Fix iOS System” and plug you iPhone to the PC.

Launch the Program

Step 2 – Select “Standard Mode”

When you click on “Fix iOS System” the three modes will come on the screen. Choose “Standard Mode” and you will receive the instructions of how you can put your device in DFU mode. If it doesn't work, try Recovery mode. Follow them and proceed to the next step.

Put the Device in DFU Mode

Step 3 – Download Suitable Firmware

Now, the program will automatically identify your iOS device and help in downloading the suitable firmware. You just have to click on “Download” button. Also, when the program is not able to recognize, you can manually put the device’s information and get the latest firmware.

Download Suitable Firmware

Step 4 – Fix the Problem

The last step is to fix the system issue. Just click on “Start to Fix”. Once done, the program gets the problem fixed automatically.
Hope your iPhone touch ID not working issue after iOS 12/11.4/11.3 update is gone now.

Fix the Problem

Try It FreeTry It Free

Restore with iTunes

A last resort when your iPhone touch ID is not working is putting the iPhone in DFU mode and restoring the device with the help of iTunes. Here is how you can perform this method.

  • Launch iTunes and plug your iPhone (off or on) to the computer.
  • Hold down “Home” and “Sleep/Wake” buttons for almost 8 seconds.
  • After 8 seconds, let go of the “Sleep/Wake” button and continue pressing the “Home” button till the notification comes saying, ‘iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode’.
  • Release the “Home” button as well and you iPhone screen will turn fully black implying that the device is in DFU mode.
  • Now to restore it with iTunes, click the iPhone icon appearing in iTunes.
  • Select “Summary” and click on “Restore iPhone” in it.
  • Confirm by clicking on “Restore” again.
  • Now, the iPhone will restart.

Restore with iTunes

If the above solutions don't work, you may have a hardware glitch in your iPhone. In this case, find the nearest Apple service center and take your device there. Make sure that you have backed up your data before giving your phone to the expert.

You may need to know: how to Restore iPhone from Previous Backup.

Whenever we use an iPhone or any other device, there are always some basic things that we should try. Like in this case, if we keep our device’s Home button clean, we will hopefully not encounter problem like this. However, when your iPhone touch ID is not working for various reasons, for example iOS 12/11.4/11.3 update, there are still some solutions available to repair the issue. Hope you are now out of trouble with the tips and fixes. We appreciate your time. Thank you for reading!