“Can I Get Contacts Back on iPhone?” is a frequently found question on many online forums and Google search queries. As you may know, the contacts of your iPhone are exceptionally useful to make a telephone call efficiently and easily. In the absence of contacts, you will find it difficult to make a call straightaway. So, as an iPhone user, it is handy to know how to get contacts back on iPhone.

When you have a properly organized list of contacts, you don’t need to remember or note down all the important numbers. Instead, you can simply open the contacts list, and tap on the desired contact to make a phone call. We write this article as an assistance for those who need to know how to get contacts back on iPhone. From this point onwards, we will explain several ways to get it done.

1: Get Contacts Back on iPhone with iCloud (4 options included)

iCloud is a built-in tool that is offered by Apple itself. In fact, iCloud becomes handy in solving various issues related it iPhones. If you are in search of how to get contacts back on iPhone, iCloud can be a handy tool for you. So, we dedicate this section to explain it.

1 Get Contacts back on iPhone via iCloud Sync Setting

As the first option, let’s learn how to get contacts back on iPhone using iCloud Sync Settings.

  1. To synchronize it, you should go to Settings of your iPhone and select iCloud.
  2. Under iCloud, you can find a switch next to “Contacts”. Turn it on to so you can get the contacts loaded on your iPhone.
  3. sync-iphone-contacts-to-icloud

2 Get Contacts back on iPhone via iCloud.com

In this option, lets see how to get contacts back in iPhone using iCloud.com.

  1. Log into iCloud contacts using a PC, you will be able to select all the contacts. You can do so simply by pressing Ctrl + A to do this.
  2. Then, you should click on the cogwheel icon and choose the option called “Export vCard”. Then, your contacts will be saved as a vCard (file format of .vcf) on your computer.
  3. You can send these *.vcf files as email attachments. Now you can download these files on your iPhone through Safari browser.
  4. export-contacts-to-icloud

3 Get Contacts Back on iPhone via Restore Function

Now, let’s see how to get contacts back on iPhone using the restore function available in your iPhone. If none of the above methods don’t work for you, it is worth trying this option.

  1. Go to iCloud.com. If you haven’t signed into your account yet, you should sign in first.
  2. Then, go to Settings and go down to the Advanced option.
  3. You will then find an option called “Restore Contacts” and just select it.
  4. restore-contacts-from-icloud

4 Get Contacts back on iPhone via iCloud Backup

If you have already created an iCloud backup, you will be able to get the contacts restored through it. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Turn your iOS device and you will be able to see the Hello screen. If the iOS device is already being set up, you will have to erase its data before start restoring through iCloud. When everything is in order, you should go to Apps & Data screen.
  2. Then, tap on the Restore from iCloud Backup option and use your credentials to sign in to your iCloud account. Select a backup to restore. You can select the backup you need to restore simply by looking at the date and the size of the backup.
  3. At the completion of this process, you will be able to use the iOS device once again as it was. Other files like apps, photos, videos etc. will get restored in the background gradually.
  4. erase-all-content-and-settings-iphone

Pros and Cons of Using iCloud Sync Setting, iCloud.com and Restore Function

Here are some of the most notable pros and cons associated with the first three methods we have mentioned above.

  Using iCloud
  • All those options are free
  • They are trustworthy options
  • They aren’t the easiest ones to follow (they can be too complicated for novice iOS users)
  • They require substantial amount of time to get restore the contacts
  • iCloud backup overrides the existing backups
  • You cannot selectively restore a specific type of file (for instance, contacts only)

2: Get Contacts back on iPhone with iTunes

Apart from the methods we have mentioned above, you can consider using iTunes to get the contacts back on your iPhone. Let’s see how to do it in step by step method.

  1. Launch iTunes software on the computer (no matter whether it is a Mac or a PC) which you generally use to create iTunes backups. Connect the device to the same computer. Be sure that you use the original USB cable to prevent potential erroneous connections.
  2. If prompted, you will have to provide the passcode of the device or accept the message to “Trust This Computer”. All you need to do is to follow the onscreen steps.
  3. Now, you should select the respective iOS device (iPad, iPod, or iPhone) when it is recognized by iTunes and click on ‘Restore’ option to wait until the restoration process get completed.
  4. restore ipad from itunes backup

Pros and Cons of Using iTunes Backup

Here is a list of pros and cons associated with iTunes backup.

  Using iTunes
  • iTunes is a trusted system that comes with Apple
  • It is a free method
  • iTunes backup overrides the existing backups
  • You cannot selectively restore a specific type of a file using iTunes (you have to restore the entire backup instead of just restoring the contacts file)

3: Get Contacts back on iPhone with a Specialized Restore Tool

If you are not satisfied with any of those methods mentioned above and still wonder how to get contacts back on iPhone, we highly recommend using a special restore tool. We use a specially designed software called iMyFone iTransor backup and restore tool to get this job done easily and effectively without facing any issue.

iMyFone iTransor is a specialized software that works as a better alternative to conventional methods of restoring. Here are some of the most notable features associated with it.

  • It is the best alternatives to iTunes and iCloud when it comes to backing up and restoring iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • You can use it to only backup files such as Contacts, WhatsApp, SMS and  WeChat.
  • It can be used to fully or selectively restore the above-mentioned files from iTunes, iCloud or iMyFone backups.
  • You will not experience data loss when using this software tool. 
  • You can view and export more than 18 types of files using this software. 
  • It is compatible with latest iOS device and iOS versions like iOS 12.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Here’s how to restore the contacts only using iMyFone iTransor:

  1. Go to Restore Backup to Device. All backups on your computer will be listed on the screen, so you need choose one and select Restore Partial Backup. 
  2. 21-restore-full-or-partial-backup

  3. Select the data type you need to restore (select Contacts in this case). You can either choose to preview the files before restoring or just to restore them straightaway.
  4. 28-selectively-restore

  5. After pressing the Restore button, you can select either to Merge or Replace the data. If you select Merge, the contacts will be combined with the existing data. Replace option will make all your current contacts replaced.
  6. preview-contacts-selectively-restore-itransor

Try It FreeTry It Free

Although iCloud and iTunes are good options to restore backups, they overwrite the existing data on your iOS device. The overwritten data will be gone forever in that case. That is exactly why we encourage iOS users to use a comprehensive software tool like iMyFone iTransor. It is a designated iPhone data restore tool that lets you restore backups without affecting existing data. Moreover, it lets you preview the data before restoration.

Pros and Cons of iMyFone iTransor

  Using iTunes
  • Highly user-friendly software with a nice interface
  • Restore backups selectively
  • Previews backups before restoration
  • Restore data with merge option
  • Only backup section is free



If you want get your deleted contacts back, you may need an iPhone data recovery tool.

We strongly believe that this article consists of adequate instructions on how to get contacts back on iPhone. The methods we have mentioned above are tested and verified by expert iOS device users. We hope that iMyFone iTransor will work as the perfect tool to get your contacts back in minutes. Please take a minute to leave us a comment and share the experiences you have when getting contacts back on iPhone.