How to Store Photos on iCloud and Save More Space on Your iPhone

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For most iPhone users, the greatest concern with storage space is photos. We cannot deny the great cameras that iPhones possess and you can’t resist taking photos of every joyful moment.

When there are so many photos on your iPhone and you wouldn’t want to delete them, you might want to consider backups. Apple’s iCloud offers a backup for all your photos. You can easily store photos on iCloud when it is turned on.


Part 1 Steps to Store Photos on iCloud

Photos are perhaps a big burden to your storage. iCloud Photo Library will have all your photos backed up automatically online. Here is a simple process for storing your photos on iCloud.

  1. Start the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap the Photos & Camera section.
  3. Choose Optimize Storage option.

Once you’ve completed the three simple steps, you’re good to go. iCloud will take over the automatic back up of full resolution older images while storing the most recent photos locally on your device. The process of storing photos in iCloud might take some time for changes to be noticeable. Hence don’t despair should you not see an initial drop in your iCloud storage space.

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Part 2 3 Easy Tricks to Save Space on iPhone

Apart from storing photos on iCloud, there are more tricks you can use to save more of your space on your iPhone.

1 Uninstall Useless Apps

This is one of the most evident trick but also the most forgotten one by many people. Apps that are not needed on your iPhone consume more space as well as your phone memory. If you do not need an app, simply uninstall it to save your precious space.

2 Save the HDR Photos Only

Every new photo captured on iPhone is saved as two images, meaning that your space is consumed twice as fast. iPhone enables you to take 3 different images at different exposures and then combined to the best one. When you take HDR image, the non-HDR image also gets saved automatically. Disabling this feature will let you save more space.

Go to the Settings then Photos & Camera and switch off the Keep Normal Photo option.

3 Clean Junk & Temp Files

There are a lot of junk files and temporary files on your iPhone which consume much of your space. These files may be deleted from apps, videos, photos, eBooks and many more. You can use iMyFone Umate to quickly scan your device for such files and then delete them.

Part 3 1-Click to Free up Photo Space on iPhone

Performing a manual scan of your iPhone to identify junk files isn’t that easy. That’s why iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is specially designed to assist you through the process. Here’s how the software can help you free up your storage space.

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iMyFone Umate Pro

  • 1-click to free up huge storage space.
  • All iOS files are supported to be managed.
  • Erase everything from iOS device and make it as a new one.
  • Discover the private data on iDevice and erase them.
  • Find out and completely erase the deleted files and data.
  • Back up or preview the contents first before cleaning or erasing.

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1 1-Click to Free Up Huge Space on iPhone

Step 1: Once you’ve downloaded and launched iMyFone Umate Pro, go to 1-Click Free Up Space tab.

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Step 2: Click Quick Scan button which enables you to perform a quick scan on your iPhone. When scan finishes, it will show you the space volume that can be freed up on your iPhone.

quick scan iphone storage

Step 3: Hit Clean button of the specific items you want to clean. Then you can clean junk files, clear temporary files, losslessly compress or mass delete photos, delete large files or manage apps.

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2 iPhone Photo Manager

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac also works as an iPhone Photo Manager, letting you delete photos that you no longer need or losslessly compress photos. If you store photos on iCloud for more space, you’d better manage your photos since iCloud only offer you 5GB storage free.

Since the app is available for both Mac and Windows you can also back up your photos on your computer using the respective software on particular platform. Compression of photos by iMyFone Umate Pro is done using the lossless technique, meaning that your photos will still retain their high quality.

Follow the steps below to manage your iPhone photos on iMyFone Umate Pro.

Step 1 and Step 2 are the same the above steps.

Step 3: Hit Clean button of Photos. Then choose Backup & Compress or Backup & Delete button depending on your need. Then you can choose the photos and manage them.

manage photos

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