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A whole lot of people use WhatsApp voice messages on iPhone in their day to day communication with friends and loved ones. In fact, it is popular among iPhone users especially in today’s world.

However, it is important to note that these voice messages are stored in your iPhone device and the implication is that it could occupy a large chunk of space on your device causing it to become sluggish and having other performance issues.

For this reason, it is not out of place to delete WhatsApp voice messages from iPhone in order to free up space on your device. Another reason could be for security reasons and maintain privacy. This article will look at how these messages can be deleted.

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How to Delete Individual WhatsApp Voice Message on iPhone

Like said earlier, WhatsApp voice messages can be deleted for so many reasons either individually or all at once. The following are the steps to take to delete them individually.

Step 1: Open the conversation that contains the voice messages on your device.
Step 2: Find the edit button and tap on it.
Step 3: Select the voice message you would like to delete by clicking on it.
Step 4: Find the “Trash icon”, tap on it and remove the message on your iPhone.

How to Delete All Chat History iPhone in WhatsApp

But if you would like to delete all chat history on your device, the following steps will be helpful.

Step 1: Go to the application on your device and go to the chat section.
Step 2: Then go to chat history.
Step 3: Scroll down and find the “Clear all Chats”.
Step 4: Tap it so as to delete all the chat history on your device.

With this all chat history iPhone will be deleted immediately.

1-Click to Permanently Erase All Voice Message iPhone in WhatsApp

One important thing no note about deleting WhatsApp voice messages on iPhone through the means above is that it can be recovered by some other recovery tools and because of this, it is not a good way to delete some confidential voice messages.

Having said that, iMyfone Umate Pro or iMyfone Umate Pro for Mac is what you need to permanently erase WhatsApp voice message from iPhone to ensure it cannot be recovered by any recovery software. There are 3 erase modes that can make this possible and all you need to do is to select the correct mode according to your needs.

Windows version Mac version

1 Erase All Data

Compared with iPhone “Factory Reset”, Umate Pro will not require the activation of the iPhone again. Even though deleting your WhatsApp voice messages iPhone can be done by just a factory reset, but remember that it can be retrieved and therefore Umate “erase all” is a better choice. With “erase All”, you are guaranteed of deleting your WhatsApp voice messages without the fear of being retrieved by a third party even if you selloff the device.

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2 Erase Deleted Files

Do you know that deleted files can be recovered? Do you know that those deleted WhatsApp voice messages can be searched found and deleted permanently? This is what the “Erase deleted files” mode of the iMyfone Umate Pro does on your device. It possesses the ability to show all deleted files where you will have an option of erasing messages with no chance of recovery even with the latest recovery software.

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3 Erase Private Files

Private files or messages are no longer private if it can be assessed by another party. Of what use is a private message when the same message can be retrieved and viewed by an unauthorized person? When people sell their iPhones, there is a risk of having private messages fall into wrong hand and it is high.

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iMyfone Umate Pro“Erase Private Files” mode is the best solution to solve this problem. It makes sure that the private information on your iPhone is completely removed and making it 100% unrecoverable by anyone or software. Therefore, whether you sell off the device or it falls into the wrong hand, your private information will be secure.

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