How to Access iTunes Backup Files

There are times when you accidentally delete or lose just one important piece of data like a video or a single photo and you want to get it back. If the photo or video was included in your most recent iTunes backup, it is just a matter of getting it from there. There is just one problem with this plan. To restore your device from iTunes, you would lose all of the new data on the device.

So, this begs the question: is it possible to access the data on your iTunes backup files and get just that one video or photo? While iTunes may not be able to let, you do that, there are tools in the market that can help you gain access into an iTunes backup and retrieve the data you need.

access itunes backup files

In this article, we are going to be taking about one of these tools and show you how you can use it to gain access to your iTunes backup files and get just the data you need.

Tool You'll Need to Access iTunes Backup Files

The best tool to help you gain access to an iTunes backup file is none other than iMyFone D-Port iTunes Backup Viewer. It is so much better than all the others in the business because it makes the whole process so quick and easy. once you have the program on your computer, all you have to do is select a backup and get instant access to it. Some of the other features we are certain you will find useful about this program include the following.

imyfone d-port

iMyFone D-Port iTunes Backup Viewer

  • We already said it is easy to use but this is worth repeating since no one wants to learn how to use an iPhone data extractor tool when they could spend that time doing other more important things.
  • It can also be used to extract just about any file type. You can comfortably and easily extract contacts, photos, videos, third-party app data, messages and more in just one click directly from iPhone, iTunes backup or iCloud backup.
  • It is released by reliable iMyFone company, which owns famous iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery tool and iMyFone Umate Pro iPhone data eraser.
  • It comes with a preview function and free trial version that makes it easy to selectively extract data.

download-win download-mac

The following is a simple tutorial to help you gain access to your iTunes backup files and retrieve any file you want.

How to Access iTunes Backup Files

Step 1: Choose Extract from iTunes Backup

Download and install iMyFone D-Port on your computer and then launch it. From the main window, select " Extract from iTunes Backup" and then click "Start" to continue.

extract data from iTunes backup

Step 2: Select File Type You'd Like to Extract

In the next window, select the file type you would like to retrieve. This will make the process that much faster but if you want to see everything, check "Select All".

select the file types

Step 3: Choose iTunes Backup to Scan

Now from the iTunes backup files listed in the next window, select the one you want to gain access to and then click "Scan".

select one iTunes backup

Step 4: Select Data from iTunes Backup

Once the scanning process is complete, you will see all of the data on that iTunes backup file. Select the data you want to retrieve and then click "Export" to save them.

select data you want to extract

Download and try iMyFone D-Port iTunes Backup Viewer now to access your iTunes backup files easily.

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