TinyUmbrella is one of the well-known iOS system software in the market. This is because it is very useful when you want to easily downgrade your device’s firmware through iTunes. It allows users to by-pass Apple serves to do this because it saves the “SHSH blobs.” Your device doesn’t even need to be jailbroken for it to work.

Being able to bypass Apple servers to either downgrade or upgrade firmware can also be a great way to fix iOS system problems that include but are not limited to an iOS device stuck in recovery mode, a device stuck on the Apple logo or a device that is stuck on the black or white screen.

TinyUmbrella can be useful for this purpose as well but as we shall see shortly, there is an alternative program that proves more helpful when you suffer these kinds of iOS system errors. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using TinyUmbrella at first.

interface of TinyUmbrella

Pros of using TinyUmbrella

  • It is straightforward and easy to use, making it an ideal program even for beginners.
  • It is useful when you want to downgrade or restore your iOS system when the remote servers are not working correctly.
  • You don’t have to jailbreak the device and hence can avoid all the risks that come with a jailbroken device.

Cons of using TinyUmbrella

  • You can’t always retrieve the SHSH blobs because it is prohibited by Apple and hence you have a very short time frame for a specific update.

The Best Alternative to TinyUmbrella

One of the best programs to help you get your device working normally again is iMyfone iOS System Recovery. It is above all very simple to use and guarantees that your device will be back to normal working order in a matter of minutes. The following are just some of the features that make D-back the ultimate choice.

iMyFone iOS System Recovery

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Key Features:

  • It is very easy to use. In a few simple steps, your malfunctioning iOS system will be restored to normal working order.
  • The program is also completely safe to use. Your device is not at risk of damage and the data on the device will not be altered in any way.
  • You will also not lose any of the data on your device when you use iMyfone iOS system recovery.
  • It is fully compatible with iOS 10, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 as well as the latest iOS 11.
  • It can be used to fix just about any problem with your iOS system including a device that is stuck in recovery mode, a device that is stuck on the Apple Logo or one that is stuck on a black or white screen.

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Comparing iMyFone iOS system Recovery with TinyUmbrella

Let’s stack the two programs against each other and see how they compare.

  • To begin with, TinyUmbrella is a program that is mostly useful when you want to downgrade the iOS system. In contrast iMyFone iOS system recovery is designed to fix any problems you may be having with your device without necessarily having to downgrade the firmware.
  • While downgrading the firmware using TinyUmbrella may work to fix the problem, unlike iMyFone iOS system recovery, TinyUmbrella is not designed to fix iOS issues.
  • With TinyUmbrella, your firmware downgrade may be timed-out, meaning you would have to jailbreak the device to continue. There is no such risk with iMyFone. You can use it fix iOS systems anytime.

How to Fix iOS system issues using iMyFone iOS System Recovery

Follow these simple steps to fix any issues you may be having with your iOS system.

Step 1: Download and install and launch iMyFone iOS System Recovery, then choose Standard mode.

Launch the program

Step 2: Connect the iOS device to the computer using USB cable. Once the program recognizes the device, click “Start.”

 Connect the iOS device to the computer

Step 3: In order to fix the problem, you may have to download the latest firmware. The program has already provided the firmware. Simply click “Download” to proceed.

 download the latest firmware

Step 4: Once the download is complete, the program will immediately begin fixing the faulty system.

fixing the faulty system

Step 5: The fixing process shouldn’t take long. When it is done, the program will notify you that your device will not reboot in normal mode. You can now proceed to use the device as you normally would.

fixing ios system is done

Windows version      Mac version