3 Methods on How to Backup iPhone before Upgrading to iOS 11

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iOS 10.3 is released and you could be that iOS user who wants to go trendy. As you prepare to upgrade your iDevice specifically iPhone to the latest iOS 11, you need to ensure that you have done a backup of files on your iPhone since you may lose this data files when upgrading your system to iOS 10/10.1/10.2/10.3/11. In this article we will discuss different ways in which you can back up your files.

Method 1. Backup iPhone Data Using iPhone Data Extractor

The first method to backup files is using iMyFone D-Port iPhone data extractor software. This comprehensive tool works with Windows and Mac operating system. Once you have downloaded iMyFone D-Port software, you can follow these steps to backup your iPhone.

iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Extractor

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Key Features:

  • This software allows you to back up 18 file types on your iPhone and save them on your computer.
  • Before saving the files you can preview them first and then selectively back up the important data. 
  • The pro version of this software is powerful to fully or selectively transfer data from iPhone backup to your iOS devices.

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Step 1. Choose “Back Up & Export from Device”

Open iMyFone D-Port software on your Mac or Windows computer and click on “Back Up & Export from Device” button. After that you will need to connect iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. Next click on “Export” button.

choose export from iOS Device

Step 2. Choose a File Type

Now you will see a window where you can select the file types that you want to scan on your iPhone. To be safe click on “All File Types” button and click "Next" to proceed.

select all file types

Step 3. Preview and Save Files

Since this program is very powerful, it will be able to scan and display up to 18 types of files on your iPhone. Mark on each file type and view photos and videos and read through notes and messages to see the ones you want to save.  After that, tick on the appropriate file types and click on “Export” button. Next you have to choose a location for the extracted files on your Mac or PC.

Preview and Save data from iOS device

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Method 2. Backup iPhone Data Using iTunes

Even without a third party iPhone extractor software, you can backup files uing iTunes application on your computer. It is very easy.

Step 1. Launch iTunes program on your computer. If you don’t have then you need to download it.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable that you unboxed with your iPhone. If your iPhone asks you if you trust the computer click on “Trust” or give a passcode when requested.

Step 3. Your iPhone will then be detected, click on Summary Tab and click on your iPhone.

Step 4. Below your iPhone on iTunes is “Backups” option. Choose where to backup your iPhone data and then click on “Backup Now”.


iTunes will immediately backup your iPhone data. Be patient until the process is complete. To check iTunes backup go to “iTunes” on the main menu then click on “Preferences” followed by “Devices”. You will be able to see your iPhone backup.

Limitations of Backing up Using iTunes

With this method you will not be able to backup music, apps, movies and podcasts that have been sync to iTunes but not available on your iPhone.

Method 3. Backup Data on iPhone Using iCloud

For this method you can do the backup directly on your iPhone. However you should be connected to a strong Wireless connection.

Step 1. After connecting your iPhone to Wi-Fi, go to Settings and then tap on iCloud.

Step 2. Under iCloud Backup, activate the “iCloud Backup” button.

Step 3. Now tap on back and turn on data types that you want to back up and then click next.

Step 4. Next scroll down the backup screen and tap on “Backup Now”

The backup will commence immediately, just ensure that you do not disconnect from the Wi-Fi until the process is complete.

To check the backup you have done go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage and you will your backup including the date and time.

Backup iPhone using iCloud

Limitations of Backing up Using iCloud

  • It can do a backup of files that you purchased and deleted them from App store.
  • This method requires Wireless connection and it may not be efficient for people who have no wireless connection.

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