How to Turn Off Apple iCloud Two-Step Verification

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Apple values users’ security and safety which is one of the reasons why they have many ways to secure user’s Apple ID including strong passwords and two-step verification. While two-step verification is a great way to ensure security it does come with one disadvantage; the user is unable to log in to their iCloud account from third-party software.

If you have encountered this problem while trying to use iMyfone D-Back and don’t how to turn off two-step verification, here’s how to do it.

1 Go to My Apple ID ( and then sign in

Input your Apple ID

2 Go to the “Security” option and select “Edit”

Choose Security Option

3 Click "Turn Off Two Factor Authentication"

Turn Off Two Factor Authentication

Then you may need to create new security questions and verify your date of birth. After that, the two-factor authentication will be turned off.

Let us know if you’re still having issues and we’ll do our best to help.