iPhone Delete Call History Automatically? Here are the Solutions

Hundreds of iPhone user often face the issue with call history getting deleted automatically. In this way, the user lost his or her call logs which are very important for them. In fact, the iPhone store the call records up to 1000 but, what is visible to you is only the last 100, if you delete some, iPhone will show older call history. In iPhone, 100 calls included all incoming and outgoing calls and missed calls.

If any user does too frequent calls, it seems to him one day and if any user doesn’t have much engagement on phone it seems to them a longer call history. Sometimes iPhone deletes call history while user upgrading their iOS.

In short, these are the scenarios when iPhone delete call history automatically:

  • Call history increased more than 100
  • iOS upgrade
  • Jailbreak
  • Virus attack

Likewise, call history on your iPhone that contains both incoming, outgoing, and missed calls can reveal your privacy and cause problems. Therefore, to protect your privacy, many iPhone users choose to periodically delete their call history. It sounds good and protects your privacy from surveillance.

However, regularly removing the iPhone's call logs can cause problems such as forgetting to save important contact number. Users ask a lot of questions at this point. For example, can I view deleted calls on my iPhone? How can I retrieve deleted call history from iPhone and iPhone? Here are the solutions to rescue you in both types of cases.

Is It Possible to Recover Automatically Deleted Call History on iPhone?

Call history recuperation can be more probabilistic when lost/erased call history is to be overwritten by filling new information or switching off iPhone. These two factors gravely influence the information recuperation process. If it's not much trouble to take note of that on the off chance that you need to recover the lost information, you should quit utilizing your gadget in the wake of losing information. Any new information composed into your gadget may overwrite your lost information and make them unrecoverable.

So also, due to these and different reasons, no information recovery tool can ensure that they can recover call from iPhone 100%. That is the reason the product offers a free preliminary variant to clients so they can affirm whether this instrument is helpful for them before buy or not.

How to Recover Automatically Deleted Call History from iPhone

iMyFone D-Back is a standout among other great data recovery software. D-Back iPhone data recovery program can get back the data lost in various situations, similar to unplanned erasure, broken screen, water harm, iOS update, or infection assault dependent on which you require to pick diverse recovery modes. It is suggested that you download the free preliminary variant to see whether your data can be recovered through this product or not.

The utilization of this product is simple. You simply need to run this product on your PC and afterward need to associate your gadget with PC and hold up until the point when the product effectively recognizes your gadget after trusting. From that point forward, you have to pursue only these three straightforward advances.

Recover Automatically Deleted Call History Directly from iPhone

Step 1: After the iPhone connect with iMyFone D-Back software, the next step is to tab the button “Recover from iOS device” and click on start.

Recover from iOS Device Tab

Step 2: iMyFone D-Back as confirmed the attachment of iPhone, you need to select the data types that you like to recover.

select data types

Step 3: Select the documents which you need to recover, and afterward click "Recover" at the base right corner. Then you can pick the location to store the recovered documents.

select the missing call history numbers

Windows version    Mac version

Note: If you cannot perform the trust phrase, you need to try to recover with iTunes or iCloud backups which do not need your device.


  • The moderate interface makes it simple to utilize.
  • You can only choose to recover call history instead of other unnecessary data.
  • Free trial before purchasing.
  • 4 recovery choices - smart recovery, recover from iOS device, recover from iTunes backup and recover from iCloud backup.


  • You need to install it on a computer.

Recover Automatically Deleted Call History from iTunes

iTunes is another extremely helpful technique to recover deleted call history in the event that you have taken reinforcement on the iTunes application. You simply need to pursue these basic steps.

    1. Open iTunes on the PC or Mac where you backed up your device. Connect the iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. Follow the steps on the screen to request a device password or approval for this computer.
    2. When an iPhone appears in iTunes, select it and choose Restore backup in iTunes.
    3. Check the backup files according to date and size and select that you want to recover.
    4. Click Restore and sit tight for the reestablish time to wrap up. Keep your gadget associated after it restarts and sits tight for it to match up with your PC.

restore ipad from itunes backup


  • It is free.
  • It is offered by Apple official website.


  • It depends on the backups made by iTunes. If you do not have one, you cannot use the method.
  • Restoring with your iTunes will overwrite all your current data.
  • You cannot choose only the call history to recover.

Recover Automatically Deleted Call History from iCloud

If you have an iCloud account and you have taken a backup of your device, then you can easily download your call history that has deleted from the phone by following a few simple steps.

    1. Erase your device first and then set it up by choosing Restore from iCloud Backup.
    2. Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID. Then take a look at the date and size of each and select the one you want.
    3. Now you can finish your setup and enjoy your iPhone with an old condition which has all your deleted files.

restore iphone from icloud backup


  • It is free offered by Apple.
  • You do not need a computer to use this method.


  • The storage is free to 5 GB.
  • Restoring the iCloud backup will replace all your current data.

Bottom Line

Losing call history from iPhone automatically makes individuals insane. By applying the methods from this article, you can state farewell to this inclination everlastingly and effectively get back lost call history from iPhone in minutes. If you do not want to overwrite your current data, just try iMyFone D-Back which offers a free trial version before purchasing.

If you meet any issue on recovering lost call history from latest iPhone model like XR to oldest like iPhone 4,  please leave a remark in comment segments, we will answer to you at the earliest opportunity. In the meantime, be caring to impart this instructional exercise to other people.

Windows version    Mac version

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