iPhone White Screen of Death? Here Is the Fix (iOS 12 Supported)

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For iPhone users, it happens a lot that they get white screen on their iPhone (including the devices running iOS 12) and the iPhone is just like a brick. You cannot use it and iTunes cannot recognize an iPhone stuck in white screen either, so you are in the situation where you may lose all the data on your device. That's really frustrating. iPhone White screen of death problem can occur for a number of reasons which we will explain next. This article will show you 5 tips on how to overcome this bothersome problem once and for all. All the tips offered below will work even when you have updated your iPhone to iOS 12.

iPhone white screen

5 Tips to Fix iPhone White Screen (iOS 12 Supported)

Why iPhone Stuck on White Screen of Death

There are many reasons that can lead to iPhone stuck on white screen of death, including hardware issues, damage from frequent falls, improper iOS 12 update, a jailbreak that didn't work, software crash, and so on. However, three of the most common things that trigger the problem are explained below.

Most of the times, when an iOS firmware update fails, you are likely to get the trouble. Putting simply, if you update your iPhone to the new iOS such as iOS12, and the device doesn't get successfully update, your device might get stuck to white screen of death. Another thing that could trigger the white screen problem is a jailbreak failure. Besides, system failures or system crash could also be a common reason that causes iPhone white screen problem.

If we talk about the hardware, the white screen problem can be the result of loose connection of the cable which is responsible of connecting iPhone's motherboard to the computer. Also, a damaged USB cable and the breaking of motherboard after your phone is dropped can be the reason too.

1. Check If Screen Magnification Is On

First of all, make sure to check the screen magnification is not enabled. This feature lets the users zoom the screen to an extra level. And maybe you have super zoomed the screen and it is stopped on something white giving you a wrong idea of white screen of death.

Hence, to fix this, get your three fingers together and double tab on the screen with those fingers. The screen will be back to normal in case it is magnified. Now, disable the feature if you want to. Go to 'Settings' > 'General' > 'Accessibility' > 'Zoom' > 'Off'.

turn off zoom

2. Hard Reset Your iPhone

A hard reset can fix most issues. Try it before attempting any more invasive procedures. To do it, press the Home button (Volume Down button if you use iPhone 7) and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time for no less than 10 seconds or until you see the Apple Logo.

The iPhone will reboot automatically and begin to work normally again.

Hart Reset Your iPhone

If you are using iPhone 8 or iPhone X, quick press the Volume Up and then Volume Down buttons. Then keep holding the side button of iPhone 8 or iPhone X until you see the Apple logo.

force restart iPhone X

3. Hold Three Buttons Together

Press home switch, up-volume switch, and power switch all together. Hold them for a short while or until you see the Apple logo show up on the screen. At the point when the logo shows up, your iPhone will reboot automatically and begins to work in the normal state.

Press home switch, up-volume switch, and power switch all together

4. Fix iPhone White Screen of Death without Losing Data

If none of the above solutions work, you can use a third-party tool to fix this problem. One of the best tools to fix the iPhone White Screen of Death or any other iOS related issue is iMyFone iOS System Recovery. It is a very professional tool in repairing iOS glitches. This program is 100% secure and easy to use. It was designed by iMyFone team which have developed several very popular tools and have been recommended by the famous media sites like Cult of Mac, Makeuseof, Macworld and so on. The program has a feature that makes it possible to fix the iOS issues without data loss. It has been proved to be one of the most efficient tool in the market.

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You can also use iMyFone iOS System Recovery to fix iPhone stuck in Recovery mode, iPhone stuck in DFU mode, iPhone black screen of death and other iOS problems. It is fully compatible with almost all iOS device and iOS versions including iPhone 8, iPhone X and iOS 12.

Steps to Fix Your iPhone using iMyFone iOS System Recovery

Step 1: Start iMyFone iOS System Recovery application after the download it from iMyFone. Choose "Standard Mode".

interface of iMyFone iOS system recovery

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer and follow the on screen instruction to put your device into DFU mode or Recovery mode.

 enter DFU mode under Standard mode

Step 3:You need to download the new firmware to repair your iPhone. The software will detect the device and suggest the latest firmware for it. You should simply press the "Download" button. Be patient until the software completes the firmware download.

download firmware

Step 4: iMyFone iOS System Recovery will start repairing your device automatically once you click "Start to Fix" after the firmware is downloaded. After completing the procedure, your phone will restart and functions normally.

your phone will restart and functions normally

If there is white screen of death problem on your iPhone after iOS 12 update, jailbreak or other reasons, download iMyFone iOS System Recovery now to fix the problem.

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5. Restore iPhone with iTunes (Erase Data)

Restoring the device has helped many times to users and can help you too when your iPhone is stuck on white screen of death. Make sure to have the latest version of iTunes in your PC. If iTunes is not updated, get it downloaded first. Now, follow the steps given below.

  • Open iTunes and get your iPhone plugged with the computer via USB cable.
  • Now put your iPhone into Recovery Mode because iTunes will not recognize your iPhone when it is stuck in white screen of death. You can refer to this guide to set your iPhone in recovery mode.
  • iPhone in recovery mode

  • Then iTunes will detect your iPhone in recovery mode. You will be offered with the option to restore your iPhone.
  • Lastly, click on 'OK' and then on 'Restore iPhone' and your device will be restored to factory settings. Once it restarts, you can set up your iPhone like a new one.

restore iPhone with iTunes