Hey, I’ve got an issue with my iPhone. I found my app store disappeared from iphone 7. I’m not able to find it. I don’t know this is a common problem or not but this is strange to me. Can anyone help?

Apple phone users have many times complained about this issue. Many have claimed that App Store icon gets missing after updating the device to the latest iOS 16/17/18 beta/18. Yes, this is a weird one but it has fixes. We’re here to give some simple solutions for this problem.

6 Solutions to Fix App Store Disappeared

1. Make Sure App Store Really Disappeared

The primary thing to combat app store disappearing problem is to determine that the App Store has been disappeared in reality or not. This is because, many times the App Store just gets hide and therefore, here you need to do spotlight search. Here’s how you can do that.

  • If you have iOS 8 or 9, just swipe downwards from the middle of the screen. Please note that, it doesn’t work when you’re in any folder or app. Make sure to swipe when you’re at home screen.
  • If you have iOS 10 or the newest iOS 16/17/18 beta/18, swipe to the right from the main home screen. Enter the app to be searched and you will find the Siri suggestions.

2. Force Restart iPhone

If app store icon is really missing, forcing restart the device can surely help. This is a basic fix for any issue on the iOS device, not just the Apple Store not responding issue. To force restart:

  • Press the “Home” (for iPhone 7/7 Plus, press Volume Down button) and “Sleep/Wake” button and keep it hold for 10 seconds.
  • When Apple logo appears, release the buttons.

Force Restart iPhone

3. Turn off Restrictions

“Restrictions” is a feature in iPhone that helps in blocking some particular applications or features of the iOS device. You need to make sure of the App Store’s restriction is turned off. That may be the reason if your app store icon missing from the iPhone. Follow the below steps to make sure of that:

  • Head to “Settings” and tap on “General”.
  • From General, hit “Restrictions”.
  • The Restriction option will open and you can see everything is turned off or on. If you find App Store is off under the word "Allow", turn it on immediately. This will demand the same passcode that was created at the time of enabling restrictions.

Turn off Restrictions

This could remove the problem and help you get the App Store again.

4. Reset Home Screen Layout

If you checked the apps are hidden or not and tried to look for other screen or folder, the next fix that can help you is to go for resetting home screen layout. To do this, go after the steps listed below:

  • Firstly, from the home screen, go to “Settings” and tap on “General” after that.
  • Hit “Reset” and lastly go to “Reset Home Screen Layout”.

This method can make your app store appear again.

Reset Home Screen Layout

5. Fix App Store Disappeared without Data Loss

If the above solutions don't work, then there might be some problem with the software. Here is another effective fix in this case, iMyFone Fixppo --- a powerful tool that can fix various iOS issues like apps keep closing on iPhone. The best part is, it can provide favorable results and fixes the issue without any loss of data. This software provides many helpful features too.

iMyFone Fixppo

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Key Features:

  • iMyFone is powerful enough to repair any sorts of problems in iOS devices such as dead screen, apps not updating issue or iPhone stuck in recovery mode and many more.
  • This software affects no data and keeps it safe.
  • It is flawlessly compatible with number of generations of iPhone iPad or iPod Touch.
  • Developed by iMyFone company which has several products recommended by famous media sites like Makeuseof, Macworld, iMyFone Fixppo is a secure and reliable software. The privacy will also be protected by this software.

Steps to Fix App Store Disappeared with iMyFone Fixppo

Step 1 – Launching iMyFone Fixppo

To begin the process, download and install iMyFone Fixppo. Launch it and from the main interface, hit “Standard Mode”.


Step 2 – Connect iPhone to Computer

The next step would be to connect the iOS device to the computer and put the iPhone into DFU or Recovery mode.

dfu or recovery mode

Step 3 – Pick and Download the Firmware

After clicking on “Start”, the software will let you download the latest OS version. Click “Download” button and download the newest version before fixing the device.

Pick and Download the Firmware

Step 4 – Fix Your Device

Stay for some time while downloading is going on. Once done, the software will start fixing the device. After fixing, the device will restart and now the iPhone will be fixed.

Fix Your Device

6. Factory Reset iPhone Using iTunes

If still the app store icon missing problem persists, the last way out would be restore iPhone to the factory settings with the help of iTunes.

Note: Factory reset will wipe all the data so it is advisable to make backup of all the data existing in your device.

These are the steps to perform this method:

  • Open iTunes on computer and using a cable, connect iPhone to the computer.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions if you’re asked to enter passcode or to “Trust this computer”.
  • Choose iPhone when it is showing in the iTunes.
  • Now click on “Restore iPhone” option in “Summary” panel.
  • iTunes will warn you about the erasure of all the data and will ask you to confirm the action. Hit “Restore” again. When you click “Restore”, iTunes will erasing and installing the recent iOS version.
  • Lastly, you will be asked to restore from backup. Click “Set up as a new iPhone” and the device will be reset to the factory settings.

Factory Reset iPhone Using iTunes

To wrap up, we can state that app store gone has been a common issue with many people. Performing the given methods can help find your missing App Store. We hope that you finally solve your issue by these solutions.