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iPhone Battery Percentage Jumps? Find Solution Here

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Michael Watson

July 25, 2018 (Updated: July 25, 2018)• Filed to: iPhone Issues

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You have put your device on charge an hour ago or so and now notice that the battery is nearly full. You detached the charger from the device and start using it. All of a sudden, you notice your iPhone battery percentage jumps to a lower percent, let's say from 95% to direct 30%. Some people also find this problem after updating to iOS 12. Undoubtedly, this is really annoying! Isn't it? We understand that in order to use an iPhone in an improved way, battery life matters! Therefore, we have brought this article to the users who see their iPhone's battery percentage jumping randomly and have no clue what to do. Here are some solutions. Just scroll down and get your problem solved.

1. Check the Battery Wear or Battery Capacity

Here is what you need to do firstly when your iPhone battery percentage jumps when plug in or all of a sudden. We suggest you to use tools like CoconutBattery for Mac or 3uTools for Windows that can help you be aware of your battery health anytime. You can also consider simply going to the Apple Store to know about your battery wear.

Also, please note that if your battery capacity is below 70%, you may need to replace your battery to get the best use of your device. When your device is at 80%, you will find that the device is usable but not holding charge perfectly and when it comes down to 70%, it makes the device usage even worse. Therefore, replacing the battery when the battery wear is less than 70% will fall into place.

iPhone battery

2. If the Battery Capacity or Battery Wear Is Below 70%

Tip 1. Fix the Problem using iMyFone iOS System Recovery

iMyFone iOS System Recovery is a tool that helps the users in repairing their device suffering from wide range of iOS issues. The tool is highly professional and recommended to the users for its better performance and trustworthiness. If your iPhone battery percentage jumps, there could be some problem with your iOS especially after you update your iPhone, for example to iOS 12. You can get your device back to normal after using it.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Here are the steps to fix "iPhone battery percentage jumps" issue using iMyFone iOS System Recovery.

Step 1 – Visit the official website of the program and download it from there. Install and launch it followed by connecting your iPhone to the PC. Now, choose 'Standard Mode' panel as given on the screen.

interface of iMyFone iOS system recovery

Step 2 – Now, put your iPhone in DFU mode. For this, hit on the 'Start' button and go along with the directions the screen is showing.

 enter DFU mode under Standard mode

Step 3 – Now, your iPhone will be successfully get recognized by iMyFone iOS System Recovery with the help of which the program will provide you the matching firmware for your device. Just click on 'Download' button.

download firmware

After the firmware is downloaded, hit 'Start to Fix' button. Wait now until your device restarts to check if the battery percentage works normally.

fixing ios issues

Tip 2. Restore iPhone using iTunes (Erase Data)

Another option by which the problem can be easily fixed is restoring your device. You can iTunes for this purpose. After restoring with iTunes, all the data and settings on your iPhone will be erased. Firstly, let's understand how to restore iPhone via iTunes when iPhone battery percentage jumps.

  • Get your PC and open iTunes in it. Now, connect your iPhone with the PC using USB cable.
  • Enter the main interface of iTunes now and you will need to click on the device icon given at the top.
  • After this, hit on 'Summary' tab followed by 'Restore iPhone'. Your device will be restored now and we hope that iPhone battery percentage won't jump anymore.

restore iPhone with iTunes

Now that you've restored your iPhone, your apps are no more with you. In such case, we would recommend you to restore your apps that are vital to you instead of restoring a full backup. You can use a highly professional tool namely iMyFone iTransor (iOS 12 supported) which is designed to selectively restore your data from iTunes or iCloud backups. Using this tool, you would be able to easily and flexibly restore your apps.

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